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  1. Why do we blame god for everything? Whatever happens to us is a result of our own deeds, whether past or present. So if i follow your reasoning... humans mess up and god has to sort things out all the time? Is god our order supplier? Like a father, God is stern.. why? Because he wants what is best for us.
  2. And to enhance iron absoption, we best make sure we get enough vitamin C as well. I am allergic to citrus fruits (so i have to consume other fruits)... but citrus fruits are one of the best sources of Vit C for those not allergic to them.
  3. Lord Krishna accepted a guru - so why not us? =) If you don't wanna risk it, approach Srila Prabhupada...the founder acharya.
  4. about iron supplements. I am vegetarian too and the only supplement i take is a multi-vitamin tablet. I make sure my meals are varied : whole grains, salads, fruits, cereals, vegetables (example spinach: good source of iron!) and some dairy products.
  5. It's the same as when you read Bhagavad Gita - you never get bored reading it over and over again. You actually hanker for more. It's as if you're discovering something new each time. When we were asked this particular question at the temple, i was unable to answer... and in doubt... I'm like: 'How can one choose?!' I couldn't digest that so that's why i asked for the devotees' comments... Thanks. Now i know i am not the only who thinks this way! =)
  6. but i'm not looking for a date and i do not live in the temple. I was asking for some advice for a friend of mine who happens to be a temple devotee and who approached me for guidance. But i appreciate the thought. =)
  7. I was really curious to know... as i can't find ghee anywhere where i live and thought maybe i could prepare some at home. =) I'll get the book.
  8. So i got it all wrong! I read the story and probably got mixed up with another. Oh well... Thanks for posting it.
  9. My apologies if i was quite tactless in the way i addressed or if i offended either you or vanamali with my comments. That wasn't my intention. Peace. =)
  10. You didn't offend me at all! You're free to glorify the lord as much as you want. =)
  11. The saying: Learn to walk first before running! Sound. So many people get all enthusiastic about KC (I've seen it!) and then stray from the right path... I sincerely consider myself unfit to be even the servant of the servant of the lord.. I'm so degraded really... so attached to my petty little life... but i have hope. Hope is a wonderful thing. A quote i especially like (very inspirational): Appeared on the website of the Brain Tumor Research Center at Duke University. It is credited to Ellen Stovall of the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship: "With communication, comes understanding and clarity; With understanding, fear diminishes; In the absence of fear, hope emerges; And in the presence of hope, anything is possible."
  12. Ghee is clarified butter, right? Anyone know how ghee is manufactured or made traditionally? =)
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