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Lord Chaitanya took2 principles from each sampradaya - what are they?

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I do know that this information is in the book called "A Ray of Vishnu" by Stephen Rosen (apologies for forgetting his real name, ?Satyaraja dasa?). It is a wonderful biography about Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, his grandmaster. Unfortunately it is not close to me now, but if nothing appears in a few days I can locate the book and the quote for you.


I think it was Braveheart who mentioned the book a few days ago here. There was also a thread that revealed this very information in the last few months, but I forget the author and the thread title.



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Srila Madhvacarya - his refutation of the Mayavada doctrine and the worship of the form of Lord Krsna, knowing it to be eternal.


Srila Ramanujacarya - pure devotion and service to the Vaisnavas.


Srila Visnusvami - the attitude of God being one's all and all and the raga-marga path of spontaneous devotion.


Srila Nimbarkacarya - the raga-marga and performing bhajana following in the footsteps of the gopis.

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Yes, Steven Rosen was possibly "The Six Goswamis".


So, Braveheart Babhru, I should confess why I can never call you Stonehearted.


It happened when I first met you here, when you returned from hiatus. I was filling the server disk drives with post after post eulogizing George Harrison. I guess it did maybe get a little out of hand after a few months, and you made a comment that we should perhaps get on with our lives. I wrote a silly comment (that I shortly removed) which praised your name as most appropriate.


Some third party decided "Let's you and him fight" and posted that I had insulted you. Without seeing the mild foot-in-cheek slight, you could only imagine the worst, and we've seen some pretty ugly stuff on the net, here included I am ashamed to say. Well, well. You didn't bite at his baiting. You then expressed your fondness for George, at length! And I never could again call you Stonehearted.


I am sorry the incident happened, and apologize if you suffered any mental anguish. So never again will I take mango.



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I have some vague memory of chiding members for appearing to have a sense of proprietorship over George, but I don't remember anything unpleasant between us. I've already admitted that stonehearted is a rather stupid username and explained how I came up with it--it's a nod both to my nasty nature and to my sweet Thakurajis. I get a little kick out of Braveheart, though I don't really know why (I actually never saw that movie). But Babhru is just fine.


And, just for the record, I often regret things I say and write. One thing that helps is rereading what we've just written before we click the Continue button, keeping in mind how others are likely to feel and respond. And if we still wonder, we have (here anyway) 24 hours to go back and edit our post.


I have a confession, too (although it may be more appropriate on another thread): Some time ago I posted as a guest something harsher than I would care to be known for. I felt really creepy and cowardly afterward. I don't remember who I was sniping at, but I apologize to all for it.


Anm hey, gHari--it's mango season here! Go for it!

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