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Need Mental Strength

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MahaKavi Bharathiyaar song on Mind stableness - The Vyraaghya in acheiving things .


This song especially praised by everyone , when sung it gives lot of hope to acheive things . Its a great boost to human mind , words are simple meaning is high ! , It is like praying to God to offer us Mental sturdiness. Fortunately krishna offered him everything that he wished for ! .


The one more special thing about his prayers is that

he never asks for him alone , he asks for everyone , the grammer is handled in such a way that it conveys common prayer.


Title - Need Mental Strength ( Mental Sturdy)


Mental Strength is needed.

Sweetness ( kindness ) is needed in speech.

Good thoughts are needed.

Should get things for which we are striving for.


Mental Strength is needed.


Dream needs to come to true

And that should reach our hand soon.



Need prosperity and happiness

Need pride in this World !


Eyes of knowledge should open.

Need strength and dedication in job that we do.

Need women liberation

The Superior God should save !


This land should be useful

That heaven should be visible


Truth alone should stand !



let krishna give all Mental stableness to stand for truth !


Jai sree krishna


Madhava kesava Madhana Gopala !


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Guest guest

Has this been translated via the Bablefish translation engine? Or is it just incredibly bad poetry.


It seems to me that clinging to these endless parodies of ‘sacred’ verse is just an extension of the materialism most Westerners seem to think is sapping us of our Godly selves. I’ve been very touched and even taught by some of the postings to this forum, but the verses and prayers are instantly-forgettable, if not unfathomable. You can open a dialogue with The Divine in everyday language while attending the toilet, if needs be. Are the beads and mind-numbing chanting anything more than window-dressing? Listen to Krishna. He is the strength, and our materialities are not the path to him.

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are u indian ?????,

You know one great poet called Mahakavi Bharathiyaar, dont think yourself you are on the top of everything , there are numerous peoms wirttern in soo many languages by great poets , its just that most of them cannot be common to whole world, but some of them are amazingly common to everyman in the world , i thougt its one of such kind and posted it , if you dont like it , dont degrade it.


your words are not good . if you are true devotee of krishna its hard to expect such word from you. Please live life without hurting others. Try to respect whats there in other peoples mind. Then only you can improve in spirtualism. I am not coming over here , but your reply knocked my mailbox with hurting word , i just cant hold it .


Moderator please delete my ID .



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Dear Srivats,


I think you should not feel bad about the reply of the 'Guest'. Maybe, he has not understood the poem. Many of the westerners are still in the learning process.


We need to be tolerant. Well, if he has understood and pretends to be ignorant, you need not worry about it. He will learn in future that he should not degrade any teachings.


"If you find somebody who has misunderstood, you need to educate and ignore. These are two words you must remember. Just ignoring is not good; that's arrogance. "I'm just trying to educate and see whether they have got it," is also no good. Because then you put all your strength to make them understand---that never happens. So, these two should go hand-in-hand. You should educate and ignore."

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