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terrorist nations

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Terrorist nations are anarchies whose govts are too weak to fight the bribes or bullys. The following are ones we may war with before it is all over.





All ex-SSRs




N. Korea


Europe is too liberal to care about the cells in every city, Cophenhagen, Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin, all have policies that if they dont blow up the neighborhood, they stay. Even metropolitan Canada, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver have terrorist cells.


This war cannot be fought. Camp X-Ray is a disaster that the military must learn from, i.e., take NO prisoners.


later, mad mahak

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what about northern ireland?and what is this axis of evil?the holes are starting to show in dubyas lies and the american people are slowly waking up to the fact that all is not well hence the speed of events to gain control,who is going to be demonised next?@now that osama bin laden is not so wanted,come on lets get real fella.

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iran could be next as rumsfield reckons bin laden and al quaida members may have slipped into iran, here we go, good excuseNOT.china and russia are starting to get very peeved at americas arrogance,so am i and alot of people i know and how do you defend the effect sanctions on iraq are having on children there eh?

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Ask Geronimo & Chief Seattle which Nation was/is most terrorist.

Chaingang Cheney sighed: "We need another boogy-man!"

To which the Kinks replied: "Who'll be the Next in Line?"

To which our White House think-tankers supplied...

#1 Hmm. Should we try him again?

#2 Don't know, not sure.

#3 Think he'll go over better this time around?

#4 Could be, could be.

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