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Does Osama have a life threatening disease?

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On 60 Minutes II last night they replayed an interview with Osama Bin Laden from a few years back. At one point they say there were rumors among American Intelligence that Osama was dying of a life threatening disease. But they were real obscure on this, and didn't say what it was.


Just curious what the rumors are. Random you got any insight?



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Thanks for the info. re: kidney disease. I must say he didn't look ill, though he did seem a bit lethargic when speaking. I didn't know if this was his personality, or if Arabic is a naturally soft language, or perhaps the heat of the region makes one very sluggish or what it was. One thing they mentioned is that he is a vegetarian. Hitler wasn't but apparently Osama is.



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Hmmm not a good sign.

It's a very bizarre place Afghanistan, there are nationalities from all over the planet even English who have joined this guys sect and his cause. When it comes down to it, it seems he's just another charismatic fannatic

who has harnested a movement of rebelious spirit to overthrow what they see as an unsatisfactory system, only difference is that he has had the wealth to materialise a powerbase, that has caught the world by surprise.

There's every chance he and many that follow him may be smacked out, or at least stoned which may account for that placid look about him and much of the irrationality of many that follow this path. As we know this place is riddled with it and they all claim they are cleaning up to please the world community but itis almost their lifeblood. Personally I think wipe out the dope and a lot of strange behaviour pattens will disapear.

Hmmmm had a feeling he might have been vegetarian as there are many there who live on very simple vego. diets like the middle eastern vegetarians who live on dried fruit, nuts and milk. Better change your tac at work now folks if that info. seeps out.

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