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  1. Mahaprabhus Sankirtan Spirit Ki Jaya! Thanks for these links Prabhu, this kind of relief news keeps the home fires kindled in a devotees heart. Whatever party it may be coming from we can see who's at the centre. Those who give.... live!
  2. Samsara-davanala-lidha-loka tranaya karunya-ghanaghanatvam praptasya kalyana-gunarnavasya vande guroh sri-caranaravrndam Cool down Mahak, I'm grappling to make the connection between Maitreyas pilgrimage and the firefighters etc. and I can't crack the the code on 'gnoght'. Excuse my ignorance!
  3. From what I understand Prabhu he was going far longer than that. I guess he did leave his laptop at home and is now so absorbed in Holy rememberance that cyber association has faded into a blurr. I'm not surprized, but I just thought someone else may know his whereabouts. Here's wishing him all the best. I think it could well heighten his experience going in these very uncertain times. As the world gets crazier it just makes those far shores look all the more sweeter.
  4. Don't worry Darwin, Krsna has bbeen fullfilling everyones wishes from time immemorial.
  5. Maitreya, Where fore art thou? Did you fly straight to Radha Kund? Did you join the revolution? Have you been abducted? Dematerialized, seen thru all the nonsence, odeed on caranamrtam, joined BB on the battlefield? Are you still Maitreya? Please write home we can't stand the suspense. Your family misses you. We want tales of nectar, and bloodcurdlin' close calls maity.
  6. http://www.blservices.com/ In the 'Books by Previous Acharyas' section
  7. No rules for the Holy Names to dance upon the tongue But may not the tongue host the Holy Herb unless all the songs are sung ? . . .
  8. Ancient boomarang philosophy say. 'The smile you send out returns to you.'
  9. SOFT RAIN OF MERCY I bin drenched in the lava of a Golden Volcanoe And tryin’ to see the friend in the foe Bin riding the waves in the eye of the hurricane Tryin’ to see how we’re all different, still within we’re the same Drowning in the tsunami of babble and confusion Trying to feel the hot breeze on His way to Gaur arati And hangin’ out for for an invite to that eternal party I’ve been waiting for the chariot to bum a ride An I bin prayin’ for the ocean to turn its’ tide I bin tryin’ this, and tryin’ that and it’s bin tryin’ me An it’s a soft, it’s a soft, It’s a soft an'gentle shower‘s a’ gonna sprinkle An what did I hear my doe eyed son ? And what did I miss my lotus eyed one? Heard the sankirtan drummers whose hands were a’ bleedin’ I heard a sprout cry ‘freedom’ from a crack at ground zero I heard a fiddler on the roof imitating a sad swansong Heard the ‘Song of God’ sung by a saint fall on deaf ears Heard a childs’ laughter drown in a raging river a’ tears And a message of faith transformed to a chorus of fears I heard the sound of one karatal searchin’ for its mate And I too heard the jester to the thief stress, ‘The hour’s getting late’ And I heard an unsung song still coming this way And it’s a soft, It’s a soft, It’s a solf shouwaaaaaaas gunna sprinkle. And who did I meet my doe eyed son ? And who did I meet my lotus eyed one? I met a Dravidian King in the guise of a gardener An’ I met a young maid who gave me the holy breath Then I met another who took it away I met a very blue boy with a heart a’ gold And a few rare souls who’ve not yet been sold I met a rainbow warrior, who gave me the pulse of the Earth And a babe in the woods, who taught me what it’s all worth An’ it’s a soft, it’s a soft, it’s a soft voice ‘s gonna call And where will I go now my lotus eyed Lord After travellin’ so long and I’m no longer awed Like cataka I’ll stay fixed on the monsoon of ambrosia Where the saints divine mercy gives this heartburn closure Where the holy names heard from each dawn to dawn Where nobody dies and nobodies born To the evergreen pastures, by sweet singing streams And our life is a fullfillment of His wildest dreams Where the dear and the tiger together gracefully graze And where all speech is a song of Their purest praise And it’s a gentle, it’s a gentle, it’s a gentle showwwwwaaaaaas’ gonna sprinkle. I jus’ bin here! No matter how hard I try to go elsewhere I always remain HERE! How’s life in the Great Divide, and what does a tootlin' flute sound like?
  10. I hope you will find this laboriously unpoetic response useful and enjoyable. Now I have three favors to ask: 1. What is the name of the Gopi who is most expert in herbal lore? 2. When Lord Ramachandra had an emergency /b] illness why did He not accept some Tulsi instead of requiring some fruit that resulted in poor HanumanJi having to bring Him a mountain ? 3. What is the name of the Gopi who is most expert in argument ?
  11. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All glories to Sri Guru & Sri Gauranga ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INVITATION for SRI VYASA-PUJA 2001 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE 106th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL of THE APPEARANCE of OM VISNUPAD PARAMAHAMSA CHURAMANI SRI SRILA BHAKTI RAKSAK SRIDHAR DEV-GOSWAMI MAHARAJ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math Road, Kolerganj, P.O. Nabadwip, Dt. Nadia, West Bengal, Pin 741302, India ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'Gaura-Srirupa-Siddhanta-divyadharadharam Gurum, Sri-Bhakti-Raksakam Devam Sridharam pranamamy-aham' Honourable Vaisnavas, Godbrothers and Sisters, Devotees and Friends, The ninth day of the waning moon of the Karttik month is supremely purifying and all-auspicious for the world because the son of Lord Nityananda, the Personification of Hari-Kirttan, Sri Virachandra Prabhu, as well as his non-different representation, our beloved Divine Master His Divine Grace Ananta-sri-vibhusita paramahamsa-kula-churamani Jagad-Guru Sri Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj made their holy Appearances in this world on this very date. This year the day mercifully manifests on 8th Damodar, Friday, 9th November, 2001. This day is the 106th Anniversary of the Appearance of our most worshipable Spiritual Master. Under the guidance of our exalted Sevaite President Acharyya, His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj, there will be held from 8th to 12th November 2001 special worship and revered offerings to His Divine Grace Srila Guru Maharaj and to the Temple Deities, Sri Sri Guru-Gauranga-Gandharvva-Govindasundar-Giridhari-Laksmi-Varahadev and Gopaljiu, as well as Kirttan, lectures, glorification of Sri Guru-Vaisnava, Prasad distribution and many other devotional activities that will be conducted here at the Math, and at Sripat Hapaniya, and at Dum Dum Park, Calcutta. We will be much obliged to have the kind company of you and your friends on this Grand Celebration to enhance this great Festival of Pure Devotion. Yours in the service of the Divine Master, The Secretary for the Trust-Board & Members, Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Nabadwip. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ANY SERVICE-DONATION-CHEQUES in the name of "Sree Chaitanya Saraswata Krishnanushilana Sangha" will be accepted for this glorious occasion of Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj's Vyasa-Puja Festival. Service can also be sent by Bank Transfer, please see the page on our website: scsmath.com/events/service.html or write for details. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE BRING WITH YOU appropriate bedding for the season, e.g. light sleeping bag and inner sheet; mosquito net; flashlight; personal essentials and first aid items. The normal programme and arrangements are subject to change by the will of providence... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ R.S.V.P.
  12. Whatever one does in the holy dham is illuminated 1000 times prabhu so my selfish request of you is to whisper a favourable prayer for the lowly dasanudas so he might stop terrorizing others. By the time you see this you'll be in the land of wonder you lucky bhakta. Jaya Sri RadheGovindasundara.
  13. Although I'm not a 100% astrological faithful to those who stear by the stars, this perspective may be of some interest, below it is a link to their site which offers some services. The Vedic Sky in October -- By Satrajit Majumdar The Vedic Sky in October is full of retrograde planets, and this matches the somber and uncertain global picture of the world. First, Saturn the ruler of 10th house, the house of king in the natural zodiac, and also the ruler of 11th house, the house of gain and fulfillment of desire, has already become retrograde on 27th October 2001, and will remain retrograde till 8th February 2002. Then, Mercury, the planet of intelligence and communication will become retrograde in Libra on 2nd October 2001- marking the end of rational thinking. Mercury will remain retrograde till 22nd October 2001. As a result, a lot of threats, allegations and conflicting statements as well as confused thinking will rule the day. Sun will move from 6th house Virgo in the Vedic Sky, to its sign of debilitation in Libra on 18th October 2001. This may prompt the signal for the end of military preparation stage to the stage of direct action: Possibly, a military action as well as a special UN resolution, which would allow the coalition led by USA to make military strikes in Afghanistan. But Sun represents the King and the Leader, and when Sun itself is debilitated, it becomes a challenge for the King to remain just and fair. That will be the challenge in front of our political masters across the Globe. Mars will move to its sign of exaltation Capricorn and will become extremely strong and powerful: It will act like a gun in the hands of trigger-happy military Generals. With Sun being in debilitation, political masters will have little control over trigger-happy generals. Finally Venus the planet of grace, beauty and love will move to the fiery sign of Leo, whose ruler is Sun, an enemy of Venus, and who himself is drowned in debilitation. And finally as the month comes to an end, Jupiter the planet of wealth and wisdom will become retrograde on 3rd November 2001. By the Hindu calendar, 23rd October of this year is the day of Vijay Dashami Celebrations. In mythology, it means the Victory celebration on the 10th day of the battle when the Goddess Durga kills the demon Mahisasoor. Goddess Durga is the image of female power or Shakti. In Hindu mythology Durga was conceived and empowered by all Gods to fight their battle against the evil demons. Ma Durga has 10 hands and each hand carries some form of a lethal weapon given to her by the different Gods to help her in this effort. As the story goes, the demon goes into the battle changing its appearance many times in deceit, and is finally killed by the Goddess Durga while it assumes the shape of a buffalo. In East India, particularly in Bengal this time is marked by a 4-day elaborate ritual of worship, and on the 10th day the image of Durga is immersed in the water. In Northern India, it is called the Dussehra celebration. And the tradition here comes from the Indian epic Ramanya because Lord Rama invoked the blessings of Goddess Durga before he embarked on his battle with Ravana, an evil demon who had kidnapped his wife Sita and kept her as a hostage - a terrorist attack. To mark this, on the 10th day, gigantic bonfire effigies representing the 10-headed demon Ravan, his son Meghnath and his brother Kumvhakarna iar built. Human actors then dressed as Lord Rama and his brother Laxman then shoot burning arrows into these effigies depicting a mock battle. Fireworks also are a part of this tradition as these huge bonfires burn into cinders. Will the Vijay Dashami day on 23rd October be the Victory celebration day in the fight against Global terrorism? That is the question the world will be asking in October. Will the free world emerge victorious? Will George Bush get the divine blessings in his battle against terror? Will there be clarity in the executive action during October 2001? Will the world have clarity and agreement on WHO IS THE ENEMY? Just as in mythology, the demon here can take many shapes. Will there be Celebration of Victory on Vijay Dashami day? My answer is -NO. However, the many speculative rumors that circulate today, will probably will get cleared a bit by 18th October 2001, when Neptune becomes direct and by 30th October, when also Uranus becomes direct. The confusion will probably end, and a strategy will emerge on how exactly the war will be fought against Global Terrorism. IMF has already issued warning for Global recession. Will the OPEC be far behind to increase the price of oil? I am afraid, I sound like a dooms day prophet but astrologically October 2001 will be the cruelest month of the year. I conclude with this sobering prayer for all of us. Thinking about sense- objects Will attach you to sense-objects; Grow attached, and you become addicted. Thwart your addiction, it turns to anger; Be angry, and you confuse your mind; Confuse your mind, you forget the lesson of experience; Forget experience, you lose discrimination; Lose discrimination, and you miss life's only purpose. The Bhagvad Gita It gives us great pleasure to bring you this special service. Please log on to our website at http://www.cyberastro/com and make use of the many other free and paid services that are available to you as a member of this special community.
  14. Destination obvious, When thinking of the womb for males at the time of death, our whole consciousness can then enter another body and take shelter in one more womb completely. For females they may feel somehow the strength of their male counterpart will allay their fears, but for how long? Only real faith in the most beautiful male and female will give us the protection from the jaws of death we really need. Also I've been thinking recently, for those of us who are conditioned to swear when disaster happens in our life.What is our prospect if our last utterance in a car accident, is one of those four letter words. Other than Rama that is, not a very trannscendental destination, if the Lord claims "whatever one is thinking at the time of death we attain to that goal"
  15. Hope springs eternal-- thru the divine Grace of Sri Guru and Gauranga.
  16. With faith and a generous conviction in this movement of Mahaprabhu it is easily approached for all beginners. From that, many other aspects of the infinite will manifest to our understanding. It will put an end to all the troubles I am experiencing now and may have to experience in the future. Faith is the only instrument for the finite to measure the infinite. To survey the infinite, all other methods are futile. Faith is the most spacious substance within us. It can cover a long distance. In the infinite what faith can we have in faith? We fear blind faith, yet in the infinite, the impossible becomes possible. Everything is possible, but only faith has the possibility of connecting us with the infinite while all other methods are useless. Sraddha can go a long distance and we shall be able to feel and conceive that faith is not merely imaginary. It has its tangible position, a most efficient position within us and when we can disconnect from all phases of perceptual experience, we can live in faith alone. When all the wealth of our experience deceives us and makes treachery with us, our faith will save us. The whole world of our experience will vanish one day with the final wholesale dissolution. janma-mrtyu-jara-vyadhi-duhkha- dosanudarsanam Bg. 13.9. But faith will remain, faithfully attending us, that is the innate thing with our soul. And with the wholesale dissolution of our body, mind and senses, the whole world of our experience will go where? No one knows. The sun, the moon, the ether, the air, everything will vanish in wholesale dissolution. Only faith will live, even at that stage. Faith is eternal substance within us and we are told that with the favorable circumstances of faith we can go back to God, back home. Back to home sweet home! Such highest prospect is given to us who are in this world of mortality, which is a burial and cremation ground. Here everything is bound to be buried. “The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power, All that beauty, all that wealth e’re gave, Awaits alike the inevitable hour; The paths of glory lead but to the grave.” - Gray’s Eulogy This is the world of experience, everything leads but to the grave. But faith is not treacherous, it will remain within, with the soul and grant hope, prospect and sustenance. And what kind of sustenance? Home comfort. When there is the proposal of such an alternative, who would be such a fool to run after the experiences of this so called ‘civilized’ atomic world? Sense experience and material science are all merely the jaws of death. SSM Thru surrendering to the transcendental realizations of an enlightened soul we too can awaken to the beautiful reality of Sri Haris all merciful existence. Our whole divine prospect is to be found in the living word emanating from the heart of Sri Guru. In their Grace we will find everything we are lacking, if we truly want it, otherwise He will allow us to continue living out our long conditioned illusions.
  17. The clarion call Hello, is anyone there?
  18. I'd design one out of ether in the hearts of all so envy can't conspire to demolish what it can't touch Sri Rupa already tried mixing all elements but still ole Aurangatang could'nt stand Krishna at the centre. The city of Revelations sounds good to me Back to Chintamani dham the only safe Home Sweet Home
  19. Where all speech is a song and all movement a dance
  20. Oh no! not another setup Who could it be she asked? But a beggar in disguise. Methinks the poetry is coming to us from another dimention.
  21. Seems there's someone there self-pep-reciprocating.
  22. May FD Sanjay, like all of us, have the vision to extract the nectar from the 'yukky stuff', and understand the difference in false renunciation ie withdrawing from the world of action and what is called yukta vairagya, utilizing everything in the service of the Lord, which is what our guardians have come to give us, Bhakti yoga, not mere withdrawal from the negative but to positively fill up our whole heart with sweet nectar, and who is the reservoir of such substance but Akhila Rasamrta Murti-Sri Krsna the personification of all nectarean rasas. And that association who are devoted to giving us this is Sat-sanga, the company of the Absolute Truth, those servants of the servants who constantly delight in His Names and pastimes. These are our true-blue associates. May we be blessed to always keep such beneficial company.
  23. Ahhhh! now here is a golden opportunity to please Their Lordships. Yes all glories to the assembled and unassembled devotees, not as some would have us think...... the assembly line devotees. You can wish all glories to some devotees all the time, some glories to all of the devotees some of the time, but it ain't easy to wish all glories to all the devotees all the time, but that shouldn't stop us from trying cause if they are devotees they deserve them, and have most of them anyway. But if they ain't quite, then they need them, and if they arn't at all then they might just learn to be, by someone else giving them some. You give all your glories away and it only makes you more glorious. Northern Western Eastern Southern up devotees, and the down devotees Ki jaya!
  24. Thank God for gravity. Who would want to live in that high air space? The hot air we pass would'nt know if it were coming or going. What argument can defeat silence?
  25. dasanudas


    Still here prabhu, thank God, I thought you may have had some secrets you were'nt sharing!
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