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House at fire - please help

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Hari bol!


I was living previously in a building. But

it was destroyed in a big fire. You know I was living in the middle flat. There were so

many flats in that building. I never counted how much flats were there.


Please hear in detail what happened and help me. In the house which I lived you know, there was not only concrete base support but also we had some side support so that if the bottom flat collapsed, still the top flats will not be affected. Can you imagine such a thing??


So, I was living happily in that flat. One time the house owner came and told us that the house was somehow got fire and it is better to escape the house. In that house I kept so much valuable jewels and money. If you go upper and upper flats all the facilities would increase. I enjoyed a lot of facilities in that flat.


I was sharing with 4 brothers that flat. When the announcement came I decided to use the saftey jacket and jump from the building.


My first brother qucikly wanted to run to the upper flat thinking of its facility. My

second brother was doing research on how the

fire got spread and how to quench the fire.

My third brother thought let me be here and die. Fourth brother tried to stop me from jumping calling me as an coward as if I am running from the life.


All of my four brothers were died in that fire. What can I do? I worried for them much.


Many persons are living in this universe. Caitanya Mahaprabhu who is the real owner came and told this place is "full of

misery" and vacate this place as soon as

possible. Some persons try to do some

research about moon planet and this planet and that planet and try to go there. Some are trying to avoid this material problems without the help of Krishna.

Some persons try to live happily here.

Some persons impede others who are follwing

Caitanya Mahaprabhu's instructions.


What do you think who is best

- one who is doing research on the universal


- one who is trying to live happily here

- one who is trying to go from here as soon as possible by following Caitanya Mahaprabhu's instruction?


Please answer me this question, then we can

discuss about how the universe came and where the moon sits and sun sits or whether war will come or not.




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Guest guest


Caitanya Mahaprabhu who is the real owner came and told this place is "full of misery" and vacate this place as soon as possible.


That is indeed an interesting remark on Caitanya’s instructions. Someone has told me that Caitanya was teaching that bhakti is the 5th purusartha, ot the 5th goal of every soul, far beyond mukti, or liberation.


So, he wasn’t actually postulating liberation from this world, as he was not a mumuksu, or someone who was seeking after mukti.


Where did exactly Caitanya has told that this place is full of misery that should be vacate as soon as possible? What verse from his Siksastakam states this?




[This message has been edited by Satyaraja dasa (edited 10-09-2001).]

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Condolences in regards to the house fire and the death of your brothers. it must require incredible strength to even type out the message on computer. In my understanding, we have come to this world to understand who we are, who God is, and what is our duty. Bhaktivinode Thakhur saw a vision of the planet transformed into Goloka. Chaitanya said that wherever there is remembrance of Vrndavan in the heart, wherever that person (absorbed in internal meditation of the spiritual land of Vrndavan) travels, the land becomes transformed into the spiritual world.

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There was a huge estate. The owner of the estate

had constructed a big house on that estate.

There were so many servants in that building.


One fine morning, the house owner

wore a blue shirt and told the servants

about the work the servants had to do.


Since the house owner was very rich, in the

evening he came in the golden color shirt

and asked the servants, whether they have

completed the work or not.


All the servants properly responded.

One of the mischievous servant asked ," how

can I believe that you are my house owner.

Morning you came differently ( in blue

shirt ) and now you are coming in

different shirt ( golden color ) ".


Do you think that the servant is a

intelligent fellow?



hari bol!!

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The answer to the first question is one who is trying to be happy here, as Satyaraja pointed out. By happiness, devotees mean devotional service. One can only be truly happy by complete surrender and service.


Regarding your second question I would say that the analogy is lacking quite a bit with regards to the actual situation of people misidentifying the Lord. In your analogy the servant was mischievious, but he knew the truth. In our experience of life those who wave a particular banner of the Lord and decry another form do so without true understanding of the form they 'worship' and honestly do not see divinity in the other forms.


Now here is one for you. Narayana appeared before the gopis and they recoginized him and payed obeisances to him but they were not interested in him. They went about their business of searching for Sri Krsna, reality the beautiful. Here is a type of transcendental discrimination. Some would say this is not very intelligent just like the mischievious servant in your story. What say you?


Your servant,

Audarya lila dasa

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Dear Sundaramuraridasa,


You know the truth.life is eternal do not worry for your brothers...they are in brahmajyoti now experiencing extreme happiness and total bliss.please visit www.near-death.com to read profound near death experiences who have seen the truth.thus we see all that we learned from gita and www.krishna.org is true and life itself is eternal.the problem is if we dont prepare to go back home in this lifetime then will have to reincarnate again to make ourselves perfect.I am sorry to hear about your brothers may krishna bless their souls...and again PLEASE DO NOT WORRY THIS IS MAYA THEY ARE NOT DEAD>THEY ARE NOT DEAD>THEY ARE NOT DEAD!


may be you have 40-50 more years left so prepare yourself to go back home back to godhead...your brothers are very alive now...waiting for you.They are very happy...now they know the truth...and they will feel pain if they see you suffering...so my friend do not loose hope...

god is there...your brothers are there...and you are here...its only a matter of time before you will get liberation...


thank you and god bless I will pray for you my friend...



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Originally posted by ificouldtellu:

oh is this analogy?


Dear "ificouldtellu",


Are you in any way familially related

to "sundaramuraridasa."

Hope you can tell me

but you are under no pressure to do so.


Yours, curious enquirer,



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Liar, liar, house on fire

Your nose is longer than a telephone wire


Ask me, Prabhu, why I'm sad

You been out all night, know you been bad

Don't tell me different, know it's a lie

Come kill me, DevI, see how I cry


Why must you hurt me, do what you do

Listen here, strI, can't you see I love you

Make a little effort, try to be true

I'll be happy, not so blue


If you keep on tellin' me those lies

Still goin' out with other guys

There'll come a day I'll be gone

Take my advice, won't be long


When that day comes, won't be mad

Be free of you, but I'll still be sad

In spite of your cheatin', still love you so

I'll be unhappy if I let you go



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My father is having a lot of affection towards me. He loves me so much that I often

climbs up on him and play with him ( I am 6 years old boy ). I am very unhappy when

my father has started to go to work.

When he is ready to go to office, he

will wear his shoe, tie, formal dress!

Why, I wondered. IT is irritating for me

to see such a thing. Though he looks so

good in that formal dress, I no longer can

play with him. But I can play with him, when he is relaxingly sitting in the house.


Once my father took me into his office also.

I was very unhappy to go to his office, beacuse he was very strict in the office. So I decided not to go to father's office.


I love my father so much when he is in

the house in relaxation mood.


Gopis and Krishna's love is also like this.

(son and father in house ) Father in office - Visnu... Hope you understand now!


Hari bol!

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