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  1. Hi All, This is a real tragedy happened in my friend's life. My friend ( neighbourhood ) went to Newyork sometime back. He went with his family and with his only son. When they were seeing the beauty of Newyork's city, they somehow lost their child in a park. That son's father ( my friend ) became mad out of not finding his son. He kept on crying. Tears rolled down from his eyes. While I heard this happened to him, I also started to cry. He used to tell about him, how he crawled and how he would eat.. touching stories. Some wicked man found his son in the same park and trained him as a thief. THat son learned all the bad things. The son's father would send a number of servants or whoever goes to New york to find about his son. Oneday one of his servants found that son. He advised him properly and told him about what his father says" Please come to home, I will provide all the facilities to you". But this son was very adamant and didn't come. The servant was very clever and brought that son somehow to parents' house. The father got so much happy. He gave a full feast to the entire street. He called me and introduced me to that son. He told how he was happy with his son in early days. My tears found no bound. I wondered how much affection this father has for his son. The son seeing father's affection chaged completely. He became a good son. Moral : The father here is Krishna. We are all sons. He is more affectionate to us. We are trained by Maya to behave opposite to God. But God sends His servants to this earth and call us to go back home back to Godhead. He is having more pain in separation than we have. So, it is not proper for us to cheat our father and stay here. First I thought I would go to Goloka vrndavan by following His servant's instruction. Then I decided not to go there but to live here eternally and make others to go there.
  2. My father is having a lot of affection towards me. He loves me so much that I often climbs up on him and play with him ( I am 6 years old boy ). I am very unhappy when my father has started to go to work. When he is ready to go to office, he will wear his shoe, tie, formal dress! Why, I wondered. IT is irritating for me to see such a thing. Though he looks so good in that formal dress, I no longer can play with him. But I can play with him, when he is relaxingly sitting in the house. Once my father took me into his office also. I was very unhappy to go to his office, beacuse he was very strict in the office. So I decided not to go to father's office. I love my father so much when he is in the house in relaxation mood. Gopis and Krishna's love is also like this. (son and father in house ) Father in office - Visnu... Hope you understand now! Hari bol!
  3. Hari Krishna to all! I entered into my house on last wednesday. My child was playing in the center hall of the house. He was playing with toys. I don't know, suddenly he started crying... " Ooooo... Ooooo". Why ? I went near and gave him a bell, but my child somewhat deviated with the bell stopped crying for a moment and then again started crying " Oooo... Oooo". Why? I asked my wife to see why the child is crying? My wife gave him a bottle full of milk. Now my son looked the bottle for a moment and threw it away and again cried..."Ooooo".. why? I asked my wife who was very busy in kitchen, to look after the child. Finally the child stopped crying after getting the milk from the mother. Similarly we are also chanting... "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare..". Krishna is seeing from there and gives some good position in the society.. The less intelligent person will try to settle in life forgetting chanting. But intelligent person doesn't give up chanting... Again "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.." chanting continues. But this time Krishna is giving him a good house and other opulence.. Less intelligent person will give up chanting and got deluded by seeing the facilities. But intelligent person continues to chant and finally gets the real mercy of Krishna! your servant, sundara murari dasa.
  4. There was a huge estate. The owner of the estate had constructed a big house on that estate. There were so many servants in that building. One fine morning, the house owner wore a blue shirt and told the servants about the work the servants had to do. Since the house owner was very rich, in the evening he came in the golden color shirt and asked the servants, whether they have completed the work or not. All the servants properly responded. One of the mischievous servant asked ," how can I believe that you are my house owner. Morning you came differently ( in blue shirt ) and now you are coming in different shirt ( golden color ) ". Do you think that the servant is a intelligent fellow? .); hari bol!!
  5. You know the story of Camel and ass? One time one he-camel meets a she-ass. The ass after taking bath in the mud in the fresh morning came to meet its boy friend he-camel. I think I no need to describe about the beauty of he-camel and she-ass. He-camel took bath in the hot desert sand and came to meet the she-ass in the particular time. At that time an interesting thing happened. The she-ass told the he-camel , "O you are the most beautiful creature in the whole world I have ever seen - I love you so much ". The he-camel told the she-ass " O you are the very nice singer in the whole world I ever met - I want you to hear your singing constantly ". Both he-camel and she-ass are glorifying each other like this. Finally he-camel told she-ass "I will marry you - nobody can stop us marrying" They decided to marry at the night time. All the relatives of she-asses came and sang nicely. All relatives of he-camel attended the marriage also. Think how nice it would be to see such a wonderful thing. Without Krishna Consciousness, life is like this - marriage is like this - bride-groom and bride are like he-camel and she-ass. thanks for reading. your servant, sundara murari dasa.
  6. My grandfather name is TNE and my grandmother name is TSJ . My grandfather told me how he got married. First TSJ got some information about TNE. Then she got attracted to TNE. Her love kept on increasing as she was remembering the name of my grandfather ( TNE ). My grandfather gave a phone number to TSJ to call him at his home. The number is 4747774444444444 ! TSJ kept on calling him thro phone. But nothing happened? Everytime, someone else will take phone and this TSJ got so much excited and finally she was able to talk with my grandfather. My grandfather told my grandmother that he would come and marry her soon. And this is exactly a romance marriage. TSJ was kidnapped by TNE and marriage was over. After 10 children now TSJ and TNE are sitting on both end of the corner in our house. - both are hating each other now. MOral : How much TSJ got attracted to TNE? you see, she kept on repeating the names of TNE. So much attachment. IF the same attachment is shown towards Krishna, how much beneficial that would be. This is what is expected. We should chant Krishna in that mood ( like TSJ wants to meet TNE ). TSJ got the number to call TNE. and she kept on calling TNE for help. Finally TNE came and married TSJ. Similarly Krishna is also giving us the phone number ( "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare " ). And 20 years TSJ and TNE are hating each other. But this will not be case in Krishna, if you love Krishna, Krishna will never hate you and you will also never hate Krishna - Krishna is always young..
  7. Hari bol! I was living previously in a building. But it was destroyed in a big fire. You know I was living in the middle flat. There were so many flats in that building. I never counted how much flats were there. Please hear in detail what happened and help me. In the house which I lived you know, there was not only concrete base support but also we had some side support so that if the bottom flat collapsed, still the top flats will not be affected. Can you imagine such a thing?? So, I was living happily in that flat. One time the house owner came and told us that the house was somehow got fire and it is better to escape the house. In that house I kept so much valuable jewels and money. If you go upper and upper flats all the facilities would increase. I enjoyed a lot of facilities in that flat. I was sharing with 4 brothers that flat. When the announcement came I decided to use the saftey jacket and jump from the building. My first brother qucikly wanted to run to the upper flat thinking of its facility. My second brother was doing research on how the fire got spread and how to quench the fire. My third brother thought let me be here and die. Fourth brother tried to stop me from jumping calling me as an coward as if I am running from the life. All of my four brothers were died in that fire. What can I do? I worried for them much. Many persons are living in this universe. Caitanya Mahaprabhu who is the real owner came and told this place is "full of misery" and vacate this place as soon as possible. Some persons try to do some research about moon planet and this planet and that planet and try to go there. Some are trying to avoid this material problems without the help of Krishna. Some persons try to live happily here. Some persons impede others who are follwing Caitanya Mahaprabhu's instructions. What do you think who is best - one who is doing research on the universal cosmology? - one who is trying to live happily here - one who is trying to go from here as soon as possible by following Caitanya Mahaprabhu's instruction? Please answer me this question, then we can discuss about how the universe came and where the moon sits and sun sits or whether war will come or not.
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