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2008 years prior to 9-27-2001, (7 B.C.), was the appearance of Lord Jesus Christ. Combined with the fluctuation of the solar ejecta as well as the blood red full moon, I was calculating this date as eventual. On this date there was a serious plan to unleash HAZMAT upon unsuspecting citizens, but the US is very fast and is rounding up the culprits all over the world.


However, there is another date to consider, that is on 10-18-01. Another solar flare, and battle lines are being drawn, canisters are being prepared. Mindinao is a center of the offenders to Allah and the most ruthless fanatics reside there.


Out of the 3500 organizations that are dedicated to the fanatic viewpoint that is now newsworthy, only 11 of these groups have the dedication to use suicide in their heinous quest. But these unholy eleven are very large groups and are located in about 40 countries, with large contingencies in US and Canada. Some of these groups are now at war with each other because the WTC was a financial backbone to many of them.


BTW, there are large Vaults in the basement of WTC containing $250,000,000,000 in gold bars and boullion. The La Cosa Nostra is diverting many refuse trucks working on the clean-up operastions. WTC debris also contains many state secrets, as it was the main office of US Secret Service. There are documents and mind boggling intelligence info waiting to be found.


By the way, the cloud of smoke covering lower Manhattan for days contained high levels of PCBs and asbestos fibers, so the actual toll of human destruction is unfathomable.


October 18, I hope Im wrong like the 27th, I hope prevention takes place like the arrest of the demons with their designs on HAZMAT trucks and were incarcerated on the 26th.


Divine intervention is always possible, as western scripture prophesizes a battlefield where the combatants forget what the war is about and lie down, unable to move. Sounds like ELF or loss of magnetic field to me, the result of solar flare or Tesla weaponry gone awry.


How do ya kill a man in a cave? Striker weapons will blow his brains out in his sleep, but I hope their aim is good.


Be good, this is very important now. Hey BB, son got a good commission, small boat with big guns, protecting Puget Sound. Twofold orders to craft with ill intention, stop and allow capture or go to allah immediately.


haribol, mad mahax

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Haribol, well, I hope Im wrong about 10-18-01, but I was hoping that India and Pakistan could bury the hatchet in favor in furthering the cause of religion in alliance against the sacriledge called terrorism. But no, their idiocy is bringing them to the brink of war tomorrow, something that is not needed and will muddy the waters greatly.


US Security? Dont bet on it. Where I work, there are sleeping sentries, white powder being "swept under the rug" without analysis (Yeah, there are many hoaxes out there, but maybe the one you see is the weapons grade stuff, yeah, the kind that hits you in six weeks, right during flu season, and youll say "it cant happen here, to me". So, youll have the flu, be really sick, and then the next day, youll feel much better. The third day, youll wake up gasping for breath, with water in your lungs, but dont bother calling 911, by ther time they arrive, youll be dead.) Today, there was a suit inspecting the vent system, and when a friend asked him for a badge, he showed him a NIS badge (Naval Investigative Service). He had a name plate without photo ID, and the NIS badge had no photo, but my friend did not push the issue because his boss previously told him it is not his job to check badges. Well, I can get a NIS badge from any paramilitary magazine Mail Order, and it is our job to check badges, especially when we handle nuclear warheads every day. I would have not only told my boss that he was giving absurd instructions to his subordinates, I would have pushed the issue until he was run out of here for good.


The world as we knew it ended on 9-11-01, and though it may have been sweet to live in naievity, the war is on our front lawns. Yall can say that bush and bin laden need Bhagawatam, but without us to give adequate example and follow the ORDER to become guru and save the world and instead spend our lives discussing how everyone else is not guru, no one will ever come to their senses, and Kali Yuga will exert itself until we live in caves and draw crude pictures of what our world used to be on the walls for future anthropologists to analize our primitive cultures........


mad mahax


Hope to be writing more positive stuff soon.

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