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Weight Loss/ Fat Loss

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Losing weight and with weight loss, we of course mean fat loss; is not an easy thing to do. 

Especially the stubborn areas (muffin tops, belly area) are the hardest. 

The best way and also scientifically proven way of losing fat, is through a combination

of diet (clean eating on regular timings) and exercise (at least once in 3 days). 


You have to find out for yourself, which exercise suits you best. Just sign yourself up

for a few tryouts or enroll in a gym. 


A few tips: 

- Read "Don't lose your mind, lose your weight." By Rujuta Diweka.

- Start eating consciously, try not to overeat. 

- Add weights to your fitness regime (the more muscles you have, the more fat your burn).

- Try yoga: yoga gives you overall health benefits and helps you keeping a calm state of mind. 

- Eat at regular times. 


You have to keep in mind that there will be some bad days, but don't lose faith. 

Continue living healthy and you will get the body you dreamt of. 


Hope this helps. 



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