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  1. Plants are demoniac species, thereby lacking concentration, awareness over existence and emotions in opposite of physical beengs. Thereby it is not the same as meat eating.
  2. a sugar known as stevia sugar contains no fat.. if u use alot of sugar then i would suggest it.
  3. I would guess that they will have a good life, as the moon is higher than the divine sun and rules it so good things happen to bad people and bad things to good people.
  4. All predictions are negative as of fear, as with astrologt. Why? Cause it is a creation of the future that does not exist. If you plan your day you are in fear. Why? Because you don't enter into the mystified unknowness. If something is void let it be void, dont be afraid of it. Cause even the stars are in fear cause they choose what to happen and deny something.
  5. "Those who stay detached from dreaming are very very very very very very dear to Me" - Krishna. Now that would be kind of nice. To be so x 9 dear to someone who has power. Offcourse I am thinking selfish, but life is too hard not to. The reason why Krishna states this is cause he states that those who seek for the absolute truth are very dear to him and dreaming is instead insanity. When a person is attached to dreaming he might perform negative things in states known by psychiatry as psychosis. But, In dreaming, like the dark heaven of the dreaming moon, is where it contains toxics and sexual energy. Water is an element like sperm and when the water is heated not to say the moon it expresses first air when the water is coming out. After the energy of air and water, toxics appear, as the mountains expresses dust of poison. It is our lifestyle: Breathing, then eating, then duying. The thing here is that attachment to dreaming is not chosen. One becomes "attached" actually by sleep. As poison contains gravity and as the mountains contain poison, so when the mountains fall downwards they crash into eachother and create sparks of fire. So "trying-to-stay-detached-from-dreaming-knowing-it-in-concentrated-energy" becomes as well attachment to dreaming. An action done to stay detached will need concentration in the state of dreaming. So what is the solution? The solution is using opposite psychology to the Source of that causes attachment to dreaming. "Knowing one is not the doer of ones actions..." - Krishna. Why did he say that? Cause we are controlled by the heavens. First water comes from the heavens, then to the earth. Same as sunrays. Stars are spiders, look alike and in astrology they are used to realize future incidents. The sun is red and light a symbol of the physical race, the moon is a symbol of the white race. So what is this opposite psychology to the "Source"? The moon is the source and it is by many down to earth people known that it is a magical element. It actually does something with the waves of the sea and some people before some years ago when the moon showed as super big warned us. A bit later the earthquack in Japan happend. So it is magical and contains magical powers. By, when the water falls downwards after the moon is attached to dreaming, meaning in light, heating and giving light from below that area one can actually balance the moon so it does not "over-express" the attachment to dreaming. Opposite of the opposite of sun, the moon that is, that falls in sleep downwards and creates fire is light and heat giving it upwards making darkness. The fire will make the steam go upwards and the "mixed darkness and light moon" will seeze from excessive heated concentration, in other words, evil. In this way not only this galaxy but similar ones will live much better life.
  6. Emotions like cheated stone and water is of the moon so it is of illusion when thoughts appear in suchs emotional state.
  7. The sun is eternal, as a realization of concentration, a non-duality like the moon. The moon kills the sun with water, because it itself dies through the moon been mixed with light and heat that destroys the stones by them cracking into eachother, creating sparks of fire. This happens though through gravity, the sun has nothing to do with that. When the moon is mixed with light and heat, then it sends out water andpoison. As all that happens in the world happens first in the heavens so by removing the excessive heat and light in the moon one escapes from been given the evil of the moon, food and attacks. In such doing we as well remove general dishonours, as food makes one smell bad and shit, one removes the general death symbol of the poison attacks and attains eternal life. Now, first of all air is created with a water drop, when it falls. After air, food, water comes, but the need to eat is there cause of the air decreasing energy, like in a fire, when air removes some of the fire and light. An alien would, after sensing air movement, as is the first element of the moon, send devices of heat within seconds from below the moon for then the moon receiving back the steam to release itself from excessive heat and light. It is a matter of balance, it is a matter of peace, it is a matter of eternalism. Now what remains for us is removement of past memories that we don't want to have, as all physical activities are a law from the stars of the spider moon - and for some a solution to the problems.
  8. "That which pervades the entire body you should know to be indestructible. No one is able to destroy that imperishable soul. " (Bhagavad Gita 2.17) "For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain." (Bhagavad Gita 2.20) "The soul can never be cut to pieces by any weapon, nor burned by fire, nor moistened by water, nor withered by the wind.(Bhagavad Gita 2.23) "Water is eternal, though through steam appearing not. Even becoming unseen the steam after attaining cold can become again rain. The dead stones, the sulfur, can not be killed as they are in cold natures, making them undestructable by the help of water as cold water is sustainable. The sun is seen.. Not the dark stones, but water in darkness is seen. In darkness nothing is seen, if you were to see only darkness you would see nothing.. That is the answer to the great colour question of american science but not only, it is the answer of what the soul is. "Some understand the soul, others do not understand it at all." - Krishna. That is why it is so difficult. Cause it is poison of insanity! So.. It is the attachment of the demoniac souls fruits of his labour that has not allowed us into elimination from the degraded existence of the Father of the Universe and that only. I speak only through the law of karma, I speak only through the law from what I have received as suffering." - hoLKaPoLka
  9. Here, note purification is a law and mystic so it is difficult to seeze from it and as well understand it.
  10. The destruction of the soul is something I sensed in Crete, when I was a child. It feels like a hard emotion that burns and makes you dizzy and sick. This has been done since long time ago. The place where the terror is is at my previous hometown Ierapetra. "The demons kill the soul from within." This was said as a prophecy (prophets appear honoured, but internally they, before attaining the yellow, white or so moon, sleep and through gravity in coincidental behaviour become photosynthesized and stars appear in the heavens, like spiders, that control life in fear) before it happend and it falls down to angels and not faultfinding demons. Each material city reflects the energy of the beengs living there since a living beeng is opposite of his name, cause self is not the world and the "we" identity, it should be within. Holy stone, the name of the city, is fire and stone mixed together, as holy is light. Burning the stones one kills the soul. Apostel Paulus said that cretes are dirty, impure. Since the sand there is brown the impurity has been destroyed, so he must have sensed the skulls of the dead. Why this happend to them? Cause they wanted to live, as prophets are magicians who have no social qualities. The cretes were white and came thereby from the secluded mountains of the north and were closest to the light. This is solved with cooling down the brain, drinking water, ice rocks and if possible with an ice machine entered into the brain and as well spiritual masters who can do this through the spiritual energy.
  11. I thought Kali was the last age before the destruction of the world..
  12. Why would you want to know your future? Doesn't it get boring then?
  13. Good to you! I was raised eating meat.. I tried to become.. I managed 6 years eating maybe 10% meat but I got bad and started again.. Id like to try again when my form is better.. One good thing to say to people for turning into vegetarians is to not put the fruits and food cold but let them warm a bit so they actually can taste.. in the "let us freeze all food - west" many people dont do this and so no wonder people dont want to eat fruits.
  14. I dont think such relations can be love as there is a force and law to it.. only when a person is free can his actions be defined as self chosen and thereby one can define them as love, evil or whatever. But good luck to you..
  15. Krishna said that he comes in the end of times to save the world from unjustice. Now, Christ says the same.. Do you believe this is a internal thing or more of a worldy thing where everyone will see him? "The kingdom of God is within you.." - Jesus "The supersoul helps from within.." "..and the demons finally attain peace.." - Krishna Hm?
  16. Galaxy. That word is greek and I believe originates from India as many words like maya is taken from indian language and copied over to greek, in ancient times. In greek it might mean: The value of milk! *hehe* What type of advanced society was there really when you have people naming the whole space around this planet only to be defined as milk value? ...Or I might be wrong..hopefully..
  17. Hi.. Why should people believe that Krishna stated himself as God? Bhagavad gita means: "The song OF God" So how and why come to the belief that Krishna spoke of himself when he could as well spoken a song TO god.. Like, if I write a song about my friend Peter I could title it: The song of Peter..
  18. What is it with this phychiatrist business? If you think the child has something uniques or has a gift from the Devine, surely the child would know how to save itself for the clutches of the evil one. Right now ... a child needs to worry about escaping from cluthes of phychiatrists and fanatic priests rather than some "evil one". I lived for over 30 years and I have YET to come across any signs of any Evil One. Who is this child? I am myself in this position! Hear my story /images/graemlins/smile.gif A time of my life I was very distressed and got even more by marihuana intoxications and I prayed to Jesus for a good summer. That I did receive and I was in bliss all month. When I returned I was searching for this light or whatever it was and was questioning about God. I came across one of srila prahbupadas books , perfect questions perfect answers, and I remember reading it every day all the time even at night I could not stop sleeping because I found it so interesting, especially the part with other planets. I a great schoolar never thought of that possibility!! I remember looking at the stars one night counting them but I did not see how there could be other planets , I was 10 only offcourse so. In my need to discuss this subject I talked with many friends and family members about this, as if quoting fromt he book to see what they will say even though I had no idea, no real concept. Ehm, India IS special in that way, I mean, very different from the western world (living in Norway) here they are creating material things while as I read mystics trie to gain mystic powers. That itself is judged as crazy here, something you only find in movies and so. My father took the book from me after I bombarded him with subject matters from it and I recall I became aggresive and blasphemed against him for doing so. I became extatic and I actually begun desiring for bhkati yoga or living close in nature and doing worship and such. My parents emailed Krishna devotees in Denmark and asked if that was natural and they said no, a krishna devotee can be in the world with its new technological advancemtn and still do bhakti. So my parents became afraid of my mental condition, it was a time when I cried in front of my mother, I really wanted to go to nature, I wanted to read more, I wanted to learn how to chant as I was talking trips outside my house and chanting. . . One day the police came and they committed me in a mental house , giving me pills to slow down and I became JUST AS A WEED PLANT!! I needed a lot of water because I was dry. I am still on the medicine and now they want to give me needles. My father sent me to a psychologist in Greece as well, where he gave me NEW medicine, harder and stronger than Ive tried ever before. Maybe this is a karmic reaction, as I was smoking drinking and such and when at that period was close to God, God was affected by this earths medicine and said: hey lets give him the same medicine right back! I doubt it My psychologist is on medicine pills himself, my mother a psychologist too is taking different medicine tabletts, my father is living in Greece planning where on the hill above the house he will be buried so he can look down at the city after he dies /images/graemlins/confused.gif and the last thing Id wanted was God to be against me as well. I have still not found the book. It is if as just by mentioning the word GOD, all of my souroundings started beeng against me. Kali Yoga. Makes me wonder in what mode of nature this norwegian land is. /images/graemlins/frown.gif
  19. "So why are you, like Satan who offered the Kingdom of Man to Jesus in the desert, have come to offer Eternal Life when we seek His accompany? " Because of your faith. You are willing to almost kill yourself, by this I mean, the answer has come and eternal life in this planet is possible, but still you are willing to die because of your faith. This is as suicide to me. What if we advance ourselves with UFOs or other transportation possible to go to other planets and even though anti material galaxy we PASSS THROUGH the "other side" concisoussly KNOWING IT and therefor thinking of God. Wouldnt we become spirit? I am interested though to learn about your type of traveling that is possible from the mind itself. sun light and so. . .
  20. HOw do I find out about my task? Asking is meaningless as there is no contact whatsoever. Once, when I was a child, I walked along the road in greece with a couple of friends and something struck upon me and I walked like as if automated into a butcher house where they sold meat, pig meat, and I spitted on the ground. Considering I was always a good child this is strange. Laterwards they scared me by pretending they were cutting the meat. I also saw something a previous night, 2 eyes or so in the dark when I was playing hide and seek. Can this be somekind of a mission? Or how then can one realize ones obligation to God?
  21. It is written in the Gita that demons always are busy with killing the supersoul from within. Now how is this when the supersoul can not be killed by either weapon water fire and so?
  22. I believe that when one is not happy, one dies. But heck, all died right, so whats the point of hoping for it.
  23. Faith is personal Anyone who can say anything conserning the modes of material nature these 2 lands are in, greece and norway? Passion, ignorance or goodness?
  24. Who said Im a christian? I was baptized as orthodox (the real christian faith) and know that the other two christians divisions are lower, protestantism and katholic, they were actually the ones gaining money from people. My question is based though on a finding I found. I started thinking about how a child is and how an adult is, before dying. This has nothing to do with blind faith in going to heaven. You will notice an old man is not standing up towards the sky but rather looking down. I have read in yoga scriuptures that one has to hold ones neck up and not crumble. I also know that when many people practiced yoga and religion in the old days they lived longer. THats all I have found out.
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