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  1. Hariom Devotees ! I Have few questions - Q1. In Krishna Mohan Ganguly's english translation of Mahabharat Shanti Parva, section CCCXLII, Page 4765-66, lord krishna states that he is supreme & when he worhips shiva , he actually worships himself. But in Drona Parva of Mahabharat, section CCI, page 3092-94, lord shiva is declared superior as he gave boon of invincibility to Narayan. Secondly, whatever offerings Arjuna gave to lord vasudev were going to lord shiva as per Drona parva of mahabharat , section LXXXI, Page 2740 1st three lines. Again , in Anushasan Parva lord Shiva declares lord Hari as supreme ( SECTION CXLVII, Page 5383 ) So which section to beleive ? All are contradictory .... for details you can refer Krishna Mohan Ganguly's english translation of Mahabharat which is available at internet. Q2. Was Shiva sahasranam inserted later into Mahabharat ? Was it an attempt by Anti Vaishnavites to reduce the importance of lord krishna ? Or was Shanti Parva & vishnu sahasranam an interpolation ? Awaiting your kind reply. Hare Krishna
  2. Hare Krishna to all devotees, I have come across many questions by some Anti Vaishnavites on internet who refute lord krishna's supremacy . I am not against lord shiva but specific answers of questions below are necessary of to protect the new devotees from getting confused or bewildered. Some of the questions are as follows - 1. Was Shiva sahasranam inserted later into Mahabharat ? Was it an attempt by shaivites to reduce the importance of lord krishna ? 2. Secondly, how can Bhishma declare lord krishna & shiva as supreme at the same time ? Means, there is some interpolation in Mahabharat also ? 3.Thirdly, story that lord krishna did taapas & obtained boon from lord shiva in harivamsa.. I feel that this may also have been interpolated into Mahabharat. Pls shed some light on this. 4. Padma Puran which is considered as a Satvik Purana consists of Shiv Gita which mentions Lord shiva to be supreme. In shiv Gita, lord shiva claims his supremacy on lord Rama. How is it possible that one purana can declare two Gods as supreme ? 5. Why did lord krishna asked Arjun to pray upon lord shiva to get weapons & pray to shakti before starting kaurav-pandav war ? 6. We have heard about the pre vedic images of lord shiva found during excavation & phallus worship. But we have not found any thing of such period in excavations on lord vishnu. So , was lord vishnu's worship not popular or prevalent? 7. Somewhere,on internet, i found written that lord krishna had forgotten gita when Arjun asked him to repeat again later and when he spoke Gita during war , lord krishna was in connection with supreme brahman. So, is not lord krishna or vishnu supreme brahman but someone else? 8. Secondly,on some internet blog, i found that lord krishna preached Anu Gita to uddhav but there are many differences in that compared to Bhagwat Gita & it is not in synch with Bhagwat Gita. 9. Some renowned people in kailyuga do not believe on bhagwat Gita & claim that such large text could not be spoken in such a small time during war. It will take many hours to speak it. Therefore, gita might have been just an imagination of vyas. 10. What is Nar- Narayan concept ? Were lord krishna & Arjun Nar & Narayan sages in their past lives ? Did they obtained any boon from lord shiva for invincibility ? Why should lord krishna or Narayan pray in his past incarnations to lord shiva ? 11. Did lord Narayan gave boon to lord shiva that he will pray to lord shiva in his incarnations ? 12. Did lord vishnu's head severed off in his Haygriv incarnation ? Was severing off his head his lila ? Did he retained his original form later after severing off his head ? Pls reply with " To the point & specific answers " Hare Krishna Note to Anti Vaishnavites : Kindly don't take advantage & PLEASE don't post your comments on this thread.
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