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Found 1 result

  1. The destruction of the soul is something I sensed in Crete, when I was a child. It feels like a hard emotion that burns and makes you dizzy and sick. This has been done since long time ago. The place where the terror is is at my previous hometown Ierapetra. "The demons kill the soul from within." This was said as a prophecy (prophets appear honoured, but internally they, before attaining the yellow, white or so moon, sleep and through gravity in coincidental behaviour become photosynthesized and stars appear in the heavens, like spiders, that control life in fear) before it happend and it falls down to angels and not faultfinding demons. Each material city reflects the energy of the beengs living there since a living beeng is opposite of his name, cause self is not the world and the "we" identity, it should be within. Holy stone, the name of the city, is fire and stone mixed together, as holy is light. Burning the stones one kills the soul. Apostel Paulus said that cretes are dirty, impure. Since the sand there is brown the impurity has been destroyed, so he must have sensed the skulls of the dead. Why this happend to them? Cause they wanted to live, as prophets are magicians who have no social qualities. The cretes were white and came thereby from the secluded mountains of the north and were closest to the light. This is solved with cooling down the brain, drinking water, ice rocks and if possible with an ice machine entered into the brain and as well spiritual masters who can do this through the spiritual energy.
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