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Dear members,


Could anyone please for Love of God provide me or atleast guide me to getting 15 Khadgamala Mantras in english or sanskrit or malayalam?


When I searched in the forums I found a page with the title 15 khadgamalas and some members had translated and posted it in the following thread.



but I cannot find the file or any links to download it and that thread is a bit old. 


Does anybody have this 15 khadgamala mantras file?


Moderators if you have it in your computers please could you kindly upload it again. 


Thank you for reading. Hope someone helps.


Take care.

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Oh my Lord. I never thought I would get a reply to my post this soon. 


Thanks a million.  


I cannot put into words how important this mantras are for me and how much you have helped me.


May Almighty be always with you.


Pray for you brother.


Take care. Thanks again.

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Guest Guest

15 Kadgamaalas mantras are mere few variations of main Khadgamaala mantra which is required to be chanted regularly from 1st day (Paadyami) upto Full-Moon day, in the same order, which one is expected to be very irregular, which is not practicable in these hectic days. Instead daily Morning and Evening regularly recite the Main Khadgamaala Stotra ( only after bath) which is quite sufficient, to purify you fron all past karmic affects. This is a Maha Vidya, and as you advance further, you will be more enlightened about ths vidya. Slow and steady is always better. Remember the wise saying 'Medium path is the golden means'. May God bless you. Thy own Self.

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Hey thank you guest for your valuable input. Today morning when I woke up i had this doubt about that file you know. And I asked Goddess to show me a way cos the pdf was really difficult, and time consuming etc etc. 


And man I already got the answer. Thank you guest. I dont think you know, but Goddess worked through you to answer my prayer. 

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