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does mars in 7th house always cause breakup or death ?

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Dear mruduls(prsna)


Mars in the seventh house means that your relationship with the outside world/partner will be like mars, \

that is with lot of fire. If mind (moon) is not disposed well in such charts, anger , arguments, ill conceived

logic will find its place in relationship with the outside world. This will lead to breaks. If other factors

like dasa period and transits help, the event will happen.


Instead of asking with limited data, why dont you post your birth detail along with that of the person you

married,, and also date of marriage.





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Needed birth details, place, time and date of birth.....



hi all,


i have mars in 7th house (Gemini).many astrologers said I have good horoscope but after a late marriage,my marriage didnt last even 3 months.


I started praying to Sri Hanuman and started reciting Lalitha sahasranamam.will it help.



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respected madam, i am addressing you as 'madam', becasue of the name being 'mrudula'. Sure, mars in the 7th house need not alone always be dreaded. Gemini in the seventh, makes the ascendant as Sagittarius. In the absence of the full planetary positions, it may be not be possible to discuss the question at length.but, according to one opinion, mars in the seventh for sagittarius lagna does cause 'kuja dosha', this probably being the reason for the unfortuante happening of the breakup of the marriage in a very short period. if the horoscope has got the combinations for more than one marriage, it may be adviced that p[roper horoscopic matching be done and remedial measures to mars be followed. the other afflicting planets also ned to be pacified, if the need be. Ofcourse, prayers to Lord Hanuman and Goddess Lalitha will defenitely help. But, the knowledge of planetary configuration is a must to think of an astrological remedy.Good luck...

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Mars in 7th causes Kuja dosha.In Gemini it has no cancellation of dosha.Generally prior to marriage if shanti puja is done to Kuja and regular prayers to Lord Subrahmanya are done the said seperation might have been avoided.

Now also they can be done.Donate sea salt in Lord Subrahmanya temple and go round the deity 108 times once in a week on tuesday.Don't wear corals.

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Mars in the 7th house (Gemini) is definitely a Mangal Dosha. How to counter this, I would say, drinking of Mango Lassi with your spouse, at least 3 to 7 times a week will improve married life. I have seen this remedy work for clients in more than 25 years. I am sure it will work for you too. Good Luck !

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