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  1. Hiiiii, yup Mars affects on 7 & 8 house it's true but before marriage do KUMBH LAGNA it will help you. As your panditji about KUMBH LAGNA ...........
  2. Namaste Guruji, Plz forward me more Devi Worship for my business, Gud Family life. Now a days m sufuring from money problem n want 2 cum out from this and want to start my hotel business so plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me.
  3. Namaste Guruji m Nitin my Date of Birth is 14th May 1979 at Pune 11.00 AM now a days i suffering from Financial problem & still not settle well, plz tell me which dash m suffering from & also wanna start my Hotel business but can't. So plz help me .........
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