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  1. Dear Gurus, I am currently wearing 9,12 & 5 mukhi rudraksha combination. Can you please suggest if it is a good combination and what can be its effect? I also have other rudraksha as below. Can you suggest best combination of 3 Rudraksha for career & wealth ? 1 mukhi chandrakar 4,6,7,8,9,12,5,3 mukhi Rudraksha. *I only want to wear 3 Rudraksha at a time among all these so this confusion, Please suggest. Regards...
  2. Well, Is earning money or saving money is what you are sad about? Working with machines, computers or a lawyer? Married to someone from other caste or religion? Have to work away from birth place most of the time? Well not all combinations are so bad in your chart: sun + mercury is a good combination for leaders and policticians. moon + ketu makes one sad about few things in life but makes one pious, spiritual and kind. Jupiter + Rahu although may give bad effects and you may have some litigations regarding ancestral inheritance or health problems. Mars + Venus gives a good energy in your work sphere and at the same time presence of venus makes you creative and tend to makes you attracted towards a person in your work sphere.
  3. Characteristics: you may be tall and slim or short in stature, slim and very small waist. red eye, look younger than the age. You are creative and often opposed by other people who do not fit into your plans. qualities: -Very Energetic, interested in astrology, interested in writing or other arts, can overcome and defeat enemies through well judged arguments, chance of entering to politics if you want to and also to any managerial position. Problems in career may be due to some person acting as a teacher and misguiding. malefics: May be more possessive or attracted towards opposite sex even in work sphere leading to distractions from work. Marriage: -marriage may happen to someone related to the same work you do or in your work sphere. Your spouse may act as your teacher or guide many times. More chances of arranged marriage or love marriage that is arranged willingly by parents. Medical field: Although if you might have been now working in medical field you have more creativity in some areas (may be writing, singing, music etc.) that suits you well and gets you fame among friends. Remedies or suggestions for negatives: Distribute items related to sports to kids.
  4. Let me brief few things: -You may marry someone in other caste or other religion. -May face some marriage problems such as the girl you like earlier now you feel that you should not marry (indecision in marriage etc.) -You have good benefits in Real estate if you work in that field. -You may tend to be very attracted towards opposite sex but it may sometimes result in getting cheated in affair if not taken care or chosen a wrong person based on outer appearance. -You have budha-aditya yoga and surya-mangal yoga that serves you good for profession and property. Do not worry, the yogakaraka mars matures at 28 years of age and starts giving good results slowly and gradually after that. Wait for 6 months or so and everything will be fine. Chant Maha mrityunjaya mantra everyday and pray to lord shiva.
  5. You may marry someone working with you or somehow connected to your work. Avoid wearing so many gemstones. You can wear BLUE SAPPHIRE if you want to. Remove other stones. Chant the following mantra about 40,000 times within 45 days and pray to Goddess Durga: Patni manorama dehi, manovritti anusarneem tarneem, durga sansarasya sagarasya Kulodh bhavam.
  6. -If she is working she may have a good job and will be earning good. -sun , mercury and venus presence shows inclination of a person towards not marrying sometimes and its presence in dharma shows that she is more inclined towards spiritual rites. -Jupiter in 6th house may show problems of cough and accidents. -presence of lord of 7th , Mars in 5th house with presence of saturn shows delay in marriage and even marriage to younger person is possible. Perform following remedies: -Perform Durga pooja everyday and distribute sweets to young childrens.
  7. No THIS IS NOT KALASARPA DOSHA. For kalasarpa dosha, all the planets should be placed between RAHU AND KETU. Even the presence of a single planet outside or with Rahu or ketu cancells or milds the kalasarpa dosha.
  8. Well not that unlucky.... You need to provide complete details for better results but following is general view. saturn with moon is said to be permanent sade sati.. although the problems are created by mind. We tend to think about the unjust people do to us more and more. Jupiter in 1st house is good (but need to know whether its is exal/deb or neutral). mars in 12th house suggest trips to foreign probably ater 30 years of age. sun in 10th shows that the native is honest in his work and also gets a good name in work sphere. -Benefits through maternal uncles is possible. -ketu in 12th gives spirituality and may be this spiritual inclination will be due to loss of a girl in life (broken relationship probably).
  9. Well no horoscope is so bad that nothing exists... God has something in it for all.... Vipareets raja yoga caused by Mars (8th lord in 6th) may give delayed results but in the end helps in overcoming all difficulties. saturn exalted in 7th house alone is a very good position for delayed but good married life. Planets in 6th house suggests debt, disease, litigation, enemies etc. -Here it suggests not so good going with mother sometimes, disease due to overindulgence of food etc., By the way there is also parivartana yoga between mars and mercury that helps in cancelling few malefic effects. -Check out the horoscope of Actor VIVEK OBEROI sun and mercury in 8th house may led to some sort of humiliation in public but in the end there are cancellations that helps in recovering towards better.
  10. Boy... you have something in common with my horoscope.. NO PLANETS IN KENDRA (STRUGGLES IN LIFE AND YOU ALWAYS FEEL SOMETHING MISSING... Nevertheless, good position of planets for remembering god and doing good to others.. though u do not get acknowledged for your good work.). -NO DO NOT WEAR BLUE SAPPHIRE... (GEMSTONES FOR PLANETS IN 12TH HOUSE NOT RECOMMENDED). -you can wear emerald if you want to or diamond. Avoid ruby, coral and yellow sapphire. -Keep your instinct and desires for girls in check. -Chances of travelling and settling to foreign countries are possible. -You need to create an urge or desire to work as no planets in kendra and even in 9th house shows initial cold nature towards work. But planets in 5th house helps. -Pray Lord shiva and the best remedy above all gemstones is to chant 108 times MAHA MRITYUNJAYA MANTRA of lord shiva everyda.
  11. Perform Vishnu pooja for health based on the Ascendant. She may be facing some sorts of health problems.
  12. Yes indeed. complexities are there in predictions for marriage as well as career. Marriage delay cannot be ruled out but more than delays there are dellusions and indecisions about marriage. -Venus placed in the sign of saturn suggests some delay but JUP and SUN in the house of saturn further gives bad results. -Mars and ketu in 7th house creates problems and there are changes of quarrels with spouse. -Manglik dosha has many cancellations and not all mangilk people suffer through loss of spouse, ill health etc. but presence of Mars in 7th house gives tendency of indecision about marrying someone. One thinks a great deal before committing to serious relationships. -Jupiter in the girl's chart in 10th house debilliated is suggested by many for the reason of 2nd marriage but it may mean: cancelled marriage, postponed marriage, broken relationship etc. -Venus matures at 25th year of age and that may be the best suited time for marriage. Marriage is possible to someone in worksphere (collegue, father's collegue's son etc...). Remedies: -Although selfless service to someone is the best remedy, perform the following for removing obstacles: -Fast on Saturdays and chant Lakshmi stotram everday. -Red coral may be worn after trial.
  13. Placement of mars in 7th alone cannot tell everything. Post your birth details to know complete details.
  14. provide complete details about the birth chart.
  15. To find ISHTA DEVTA: Find the ATMAKARAKA in your horoscope (RAHU & KETU not included). In your Navamsa chart find the 12th house from the position of your ATMAKARAKA. The planet in this house or the lord or aspecting planet suggests the ISHTA DEVTA.
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