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  1. Namaskar I have recently come to see a horoscope where all planets except rahu is in 6th, 7th n 8th. More precisely 3 planets (venus, moon, mars) in 6th house n 4 planets(sun, saturn, jupiter, mercury) in 8th houe n only saturn in 7th house with aries ascendant In my view, wht i can predict it that this girl can never have happiness, will always endow with problems of health n will have all sort of problems as all good planets are in 6th n 8th house. Only one yog that i see is only vipreet raj yoga. Some people say it this situation of all planets in 3 houses as vidhi yoga but i could not find any such yog on net. KINDLY throw some light on it DOB: 29/11/1983 Time: 16:20 hrs Place: delhi Sex: girl
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