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Nothing working out...Feeling Suicidal...Please help

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My name starts with a J (Makara Rashi). Birth time is 10:25 AM. Date is 7 August 1979 and place is Rajkot, Gujarat, India.


Nothing in my life is working out. I am approaching my 31st b'day and I feel like a loser and failure in life. I feel like ending it all but do not do so because of my parents who love me the most in life. I can't do that to them but now a days, life has become so difficult that I find myself wishing for their death sometimes so that I can end my own life. I know I am a bad daughter but I can't take it anymore. The last 12-13 yrs (since 1998) have been hell for me. Loss, Death, unhappiness and misfortune has hounded me. I lost love, best friend and got married to a guy who I love very much and he loved me a lot in the beginning but has changed a lot.


All I had dreamt of in life was to find one true love, get married, have kids and have loving family around me but seems like death is my only option in life :(

My hubby wants a divorce from me but I do not. I want to be happy and settled and rich like all of my friends. Please suggest a remedy. Someone once told me that there is a Shapit Dosh in my horoscope. Is it true?


Here are my hubby's details:

His name starts with H (Karka rashi). DOB is 09 May 1981, Time is 15:30 pm and place is Ahmadabad, India.


Sometimes I feel some people from his family are doing black magic on us :eek3: They do not want us together but am not sure. Please help me. I will bless you with all my heart. I want to be happy and loved. That's all I want from life and that's exactly what I am not getting. Please please please

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hey J...dis is not the end...life would b full of joys to you...definitely


first of all....be positive

,,worship lors shiva

and remember wat ever you want from life..give it to your nearones, nature would give it back to you in multifolds and try to give food to children by reaching them at orpanages or any other place in ur city..


Good luck

..winners never quit !!

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Hey Rajkot Girl,

I have been there where you are now! Believe me! Me and him have gone to our extremes (don't even want to say the word).

Then suddenly something happened, we both sat in our basement after the huge crying and shouting...were so tired and laid on the ground exhausted......then came the clarity, now we are glad that we cried, cried and have let all the steam/stress out. We realized we love each other so much initially what happened in between? It's basically the purpose of married life lost focus now was the reason. I know that in married life, the LOVE moves from physical to mental, the physical push/pull will have to become a mental trust between the couples (for this a kid is a big helper), once that gets established, they need the other one around for ever, that's why when one of the old couples die, the other dies quicker, because the life purpose focus is lost. For us to be frank, we delay to have a baby, that was the reason for all, once we started to work on it, things changed. I guess you don't have a kid yet, that's the fundamental issues I would think, you feel you have a pressure on you socially for this. Don't worry if you have issue on having kids, lot of scientific means are there too.

Ok coming to your side, you are young and glad you have knowledge to express yourself and long for a solution, this itself is sufficient that you can come up with a solution with small hints. So let's start with the solution not keep whining with/on the problems. Problems are there to face and be solved, that is what life it. Just imagine you get whatever you want and you are given, you get bored! Life is just collection of problems and solutions, not just problems. Since you have access to internet, I assume that you have all the basic things one should have in life to survive like water, food, shelter, etc. They are so many without even this, still they can joke and laugh :). You should be in the giver end not a getter end for having this knowledge and life style. As other user told, just go and do a volunteer service to a old age home or a orphanage home, you will have better understanding of life and would see that your problem is million times smaller than those....I am serious, give it a try for such volunteer service, I did for old age home, we both became close mentally very much after that.

ok coming to the solutions, I think you need a diversion and your husband also needs diversion. Anything monotonous messes up guys mind, so he will get frustrated, even you expecting him to always cheer you up and run around you is not practical, remember he still has two worlds, work and home, not just home, give some time and space too, that is what called being matured!. I learned all this on the job training you know! a home maker.

I did see your couples matching marks it's 28 and far better than us, 22, FYI I am not an astrologer like others here. You both have more matching than us and am sure it's just matter of being calm and hold tight until a good tide comes. To be frank, you husband might expect more co-operation in sex, they might have been bored by monotonous style here too. I don't want to go deep but you can understand what I am talking here. Don't do it as a service but you too be creative in this. I am coming to this point after seeing your husbands horoscope. He has mars in 8th place. He might have problems at work or so, so try helping him in that or don't even talk about it and remind him of those problems when he comes to you. You know we, women are shown as mother nature, mother land, mother tongue, etc just for a single reason, we are the base and we have more tolerance than others. So just come out of the problem cocoon and come see other great things in life and your life will catch on!

Here you go...

Mars in the 8th House


You have very strong desires, and once you decide to possess something, you usually succeed in doing so. You may experience shortages of love and money to encourage you to be less possessive in these areas of your life. You have the ability to see through the false pretenses of others. On the level of karma, you can make up for past lives of greed and abuse by sharing your resources with others in need. There may be some sexual trauma in your early life that you struggle with as an adult.

With Mars in the eighth house, shades of the sign Scorpio can be found in your desire nature. You may not experience true passion until later in life, but when you do, it is magical and infectious. You have some fears of betrayal and loss that compromise your trust from time to time.



I hope to hear a sincere response from you, a sincere forum friend of mine.


I created the id just to respond you, felt your pain in your words, so wanted to help you out, as I have been there. Good Luck J!

Rajkot girl ki J :)


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No matter what astrologers say, I will pray to my god that you get some of my good fortune.



Practice compassion no matter whatever someone other than you does. One thing I've learned throughout all my years is appreances can be very deceiving. Don't dwell on them. Reside in dhyaan on God. Don't even believe the disciples. Believe in only God. Engage in compassion. So much compassion that every other emotion just melts away in your love towards God. You will automatically make good decisions after that. You will not dwell on the negative and you will automatically slowly start to get out of the rut you're in.


:) Good times lay ahead. Don't give up yet.


♫♪♫ Bolo Radhe Radhe Radhe Govinda ♫♪♫

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