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  1. wat more better is..appease venus..by doanting to poor girls or get urself associate dto NGOs
  2. do not worry dear... give food and clothes to girls below 18 years of age and make this your habit,everything would be great there ia andh-viadalya in Vikaspuri-outer ring road-try to visit taht place..gud luck..
  3. hey J...dis is not the end...life would b full of joys to you...definitely first of all....be positive ,,worship lors shiva and remember wat ever you want from life..give it to your nearones, nature would give it back to you in multifolds and try to give food to children by reaching them at orpanages or any other place in ur city.. Good luck ..winners never quit !!
  4. nothing to worry..thins would be very rite soon,,,,worship you lord and do donate bannanas or anything to children specially on saturdays.follow this for life time.good luck !!
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