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Who is a Vaishnav?

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Thank you Hindustaniji for remindering me of my chance , it is expected to be the point no. 1 to a Vaishnav for everybody giving his chance for noble cause and treating politely .This is very right as said by Thiestji, senior member…..

How can you separate being a good human being from understanding the goal of human life when achieving or at least striving to achieve the goal of human life is what makes one a good human being.

No we should not wait to get a vision of our ultimate goal because without the proper vision we will not know what direction to strive towards.

The supreme goal of human life is to come to a point of pure love for God.

For knowing about god I quote my topic from hindu forum portal…

One point of philosophy in my mind ,

a. I bought a mobile latest to the best of my knowledge , today is obsolete, means technology is not said to be perfect.

b. I , to best of my integrity perform work f or others, but is not fruitful most of the time means my effort is not perfect.

c. I had a 7hr. sleep last night , but was somewhere else in dreams means my sleep was not perfect.

d. Our saints are referring Vedas, given by somebody 10,000 yrs back , when nobody thinks of proper speaking, still do not cover the soul of literature means translation is not perfect

Summarizing all nothing is perfect , so who else is there ,certainly is somebody who interrupts all these activities .

I think if we try to know , it is gyan .

If we ignore it is agyan .

And if we surrender to him , it is bhakti.

Lord krsn when completed his studies in Sandipani guru ashram , wife of guru told , that this krsn has got some divine powers , so my husband , ask him to take back our son and this will be his gurudakshina. Things happened and the dead son was back with krsn .

Now knowing krsn , still guru did not realized the fact , so gyan was not been converted to bhakti due to Ignorance .

Now what is said about parmatma ….

Sahastrashirsha purushah sahastrakshah sahstrapat .

Sa bhumim vishvato vratva atyatisthaddshangulam….rig10/90/1

Gita confirms it as…….

Sarvatah paanipaadam tat sarvato’kshishiromukham;

Sarvatah shrutimalloke sarvamaavritya tishthati.

With hands and feet everywhere, with eyes, heads and mouths everywhere, with ears

everywhere, He exists in the worlds, enveloping all.

Sarvendriyagunaabhaasam sarvendriyavivarjitam;

Asaktam sarvabhricchaiva nirgunam gunabhoktru cha.

Shining by the functions of all the senses, yet without the senses; unattached, yet

supporting all; devoid of qualities, yet their experiencer,

Bahirantashcha bhootaanaam acharam charameva cha;

Sookshmatwaat tadavijneyam doorastham chaantike cha tat.

Without and within (all) beings, the unmoving and also the moving; because of His

subtlety, unknowable; and near and far away is That.

Avibhaktam cha bhooteshu vibhaktamiva cha sthitam;

Bhootabhartru cha tajjneyam grasishnu prabhavishnu cha.

And undivided, yet He exists as if divided in beings; He is to be known as the supporter

of beings; He devours and He generates also.

Again gita says that who is Vishnu, krsn etc.and they are not the para brahma

Aadityaanaamaham vishnur, Among the (twelve) Adityas, I am Vishnu,

Vrishneenaam vaasudevo’smi, Among Vrishnis I am Vasudeva means krsn .

We shall discuss the word NETI…means [ na +iti ] say it is not the end or the vedang or translation of Vedas by Upanishads etc. is not perfect again neti means interpretation by vedant or puranas etc. is not sufficient .

Now in my my view again neti means all available literature for defining Vedas is not sufficient and it in whole, do not put the soul of the divine material .

Now I request you all to try and explain and I request from Theistji specially .


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yes , i accept . its simple really ..




So you accept Bhagavan has a spiritual body which is eternal and Bliss itself.


Now,the bhagavatas also KNOW this.So they criticise the mayavadis WHO say that Bhagavan has a sattvic body.


So,from now on,kindly make it a point to reflect on this chain of facts...There is no question of the Vaishnavas being wrong in criticising....(if you consider the above facts i.e.)


I never expected you to answer straightaway.Thank you.

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Ranjeet why to keep a fix mindset?We are not in any war zone or fighting for existance problem is Ego which must be killed including my own self.How to know Vaishnavas should be?Why not set an example by ourselves and take our standards as high as possible and then let someone ask who is he,reply will follow as he is Vaishnava!Good work need not any words,it speaks of itself.


I never expected you to answer straightaway.Thank you.
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^ but isn't it wrong that you side with 'the said category of mayavadis'


even after knowing it in your mind that Bhagavan is a Spiritual Person ???






There is Bhagavan.He has kripa shakti.Only He removes our maya.So those who surrender to Bhagavan ALONE are mahatmas.


This is given in the vedas.Svetashvatara muni Himself says,"By His grace,you will achieve liberation."


If it is gyanis or bhaktas...mahatmas are those who are unaffected by maya.AND this state is possible only by surrender to the Lord.


So,yes I WILL keep a fixed mindset.Anyone who refuses the truth that "Bhagavan's grace alone will remove maya" is subject to criticism and he is ved-virruddh.


His staements are against the vedic statements.

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May God save you in this case.



The day you mark ^ for others(giving respect to them) you will win a battle of your life.Remember while using ^ always use v for yourself which is absent in your case.

By the way do you call yourself Vaishnava?If so you are grossly WRONG because you even dont deseve to fit in that catagory.Those who can't use mouth, eyes and ears in proper manner and use tapori language CANNOT be Vaishnava,sorry buddy.

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A true vaishnavite is a true saivite or a true christian or a true musalmaan or a true sikkh, or a true whatever faith he has been raised...


These words are mere words coined as per the language and the culture and society. But the ultimate philosophy is same...

Technically one who empathizes, one who see things equally and one who does not discriminate.

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I'm not a Vaishnava...if being a Vaishnava means smiling in a dumb manner when a materially conditioned person(mayavadi or otherwise) actually insults the Nature of Godhead.


You seem too stubborn or maybe you just can't link it properly.


Bhagavan is Sat.Chit.Anand. and that means anyone who says He has a material body is a fool.


That's the link...It's a CLEAR connection...If establishing this means I'm a non-Vaishnava...so be it.

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And if your gonna reply...try to focus on the issue that is under discussion...No use trying to show me down,seeing as how it is not affecting my stance even a bit.


Or is it that you have no reply ?? Obviously,you can keep calling me names..but atleast accept the universal fact that Bhagavan has a spiritual body.

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Lotus eye wrote:

A true vaishnavite is a true saivite or a true christian or a true musalmaan or a true sikkh, or a true whatever faith he has been raised...


These words are mere words coined as per the language and the culture and society. But the ultimate philosophy is same...

Technically one who empathizes, one who see things equally and one who does not discriminate.



Wrong: Vaishnava is absolute. An Absolute proposistion.

The Absolute proposistion is Krishna is Krsihna as he is revealed in the Vedas ---to those who are ready to recieve the revelation . . . after so many near attempts birth after birth . . . Krishna is absolute!


Butter is butter ---but, Ice Cream is Ice Cream. It takes great great great Technical ability to "discriminate" the absolute difference!


Overlooking such details ---is to demonstrate the one's mind is multi-divided and not focused on absolute real, lasting entities.


It is like saying YOUR possessions are ALSO MY possessions ---so give me your wealth. What do you need YOUR possessions for? Ans: For YOURSELF and not for others. This is an example of an absolute truth. So, Krishna similarly owns all real existence ---while we live during the passages of time and places and once upon atime(s).


Viashnava is an absolute truth that can be revealed after all the dust settles.

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Of course Krishna is absolute truth.

We are not talking about is Krishna a Vaishnavite here.


A true vaishnavite is someone who follows the absolute truth without any contamination of anything.


Jesus was a vaishnavite, Sankara was a vaishnavite, Buddha was a vaishnavite, Ramanuja, Madwa etc etc all those people were absolute vaishnavites.


If you really understand the core meaning of the word, you will know the truth..

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My secret to being in the zone:


I play electric guitar like a person possessed [ie: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Van Halen, Malsteen, etc] ---so inorder to NOT wipe-out & crash & burn, I begin by bowing to my right and then I say, "Jai Shree Balarama"

and then,

I bow to my left and then I say, "Jai Shree Krishna"

and then,

I bow forward and then I say, "Jai Shree-Shree"

and then I proceed. [remember that Arjuna had Krishna Driving the chariot and While Arjuna looked in all directions --he had Balaram's fighting skills ie: The Gada (mace) at his side too] ---as he, Arjuna, speedily headed straight into the fray.



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Also, when seeing karmi strangers ---look for a subtile marking of Viashnava Tilak marking on the foreheads of the karmi strangers.


Yes all are Vaisnava's who worship Visnu in eternity as that is the natural function of the awakened eternal soul.


A self realized Vaisnava sees one type of soul (minute particles of Krishna) in two conditions of life. Awake to Krishna or asleep to Krishna. The word karmi just relates to the present predicament that the sleeping souls find themselves in.


One Father and one family of life. The vaisnava feels the oneness of every living being therefore no hatred can be found in him.


He who sees everything in relation to the Supreme Lord, who sees all living entities as His parts and parcels, and who sees the Supreme Lord within everything never hates anything or any being. Sri Isopanishad 6

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