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  1. Pranam Gita is full of word I , people wonder that how Krsn addresses himself as Vishnu and also at one place he says that he is Vasudeo in Vrashnish . Just we try to look into these Vedmantras…. Urugayay vrashne…Urugayasya vrashnah 3,6/154/1mandalam rig veda . We find that veda prays for vishnu as vrashnah , same as krsn hints him to come from vrashnish . Again take another vedmantra …. Aa Krsnen rajasa vartmano niveshyanmratam martyam cha 43/33 yaj Follow the path as the sun follows and as krsn directed . Now that krsn is coming on the midnight [ I think rohini nakshatra falls and good time to come for a chitchor ] of 2nd sept 2010 ,so all krsn lovers be awake . Jai sri krsn , the international makhan chor .
  2. Ishtaan bhogaan hi vo devaa daasyante yajnabhaavitaah; Tair dattaan apradaayaibhyo yo bhungkte stena eva sah. The gods, nourished by the Yagya[ yajna], will give you the desired objects. So, he who enjoys the objects given by the gods without offering (in return) to them, is verily a thief.
  3. Tattvagyan is enlightenment and Atmagyan is devotion . See..... Upanishads , shashtras , puranas and many more scriptures explain ..what is contained in Vedas…of course many views differ . Similarly as we think of our birth living and struggling and lastly come to death . Is it not thinking like, that there is a NEEDLE in ocean ? Actually this thinking is Enlightenment and this thought is contained in Vedas . Now the question is , where is that needle and how to find it ? Veda says…uddvayam tamasaspari…..jyotiruttamam 24/38 yaj Our goal should be to find that highest high Parmatma , here some people talk of achieving Moksha , but mind it , if moksha is there then Aham brahmasmi stands null . Gita says the way to find the parmatma…. Bhaktyaa maamabhijaanaati yaavaanyashchaasmi tattwatah; Tato maam tattwato jnaatwaa vishate tadanantaram. By devotion he knows Me in truth, what and who I am; and knowing Me in truth, he forthwith enters into the Supreme…55/18
  4. Thank you Hindustaniji for remindering me of my chance , it is expected to be the point no. 1 to a Vaishnav for everybody giving his chance for noble cause and treating politely .This is very right as said by Thiestji, senior member….. How can you separate being a good human being from understanding the goal of human life when achieving or at least striving to achieve the goal of human life is what makes one a good human being. No we should not wait to get a vision of our ultimate goal because without the proper vision we will not know what direction to strive towards. The supreme goal of human life is to come to a point of pure love for God. For knowing about god I quote my topic from hindu forum portal… One point of philosophy in my mind , a. I bought a mobile latest to the best of my knowledge , today is obsolete, means technology is not said to be perfect. b. I , to best of my integrity perform work f or others, but is not fruitful most of the time means my effort is not perfect. c. I had a 7hr. sleep last night , but was somewhere else in dreams means my sleep was not perfect. d. Our saints are referring Vedas, given by somebody 10,000 yrs back , when nobody thinks of proper speaking, still do not cover the soul of literature means translation is not perfect Summarizing all nothing is perfect , so who else is there ,certainly is somebody who interrupts all these activities . I think if we try to know , it is gyan . If we ignore it is agyan . And if we surrender to him , it is bhakti. Lord krsn when completed his studies in Sandipani guru ashram , wife of guru told , that this krsn has got some divine powers , so my husband , ask him to take back our son and this will be his gurudakshina. Things happened and the dead son was back with krsn . Now knowing krsn , still guru did not realized the fact , so gyan was not been converted to bhakti due to Ignorance . Now what is said about parmatma …. Sahastrashirsha purushah sahastrakshah sahstrapat . Sa bhumim vishvato vratva atyatisthaddshangulam….rig10/90/1 Gita confirms it as……. Sarvatah paanipaadam tat sarvato’kshishiromukham; Sarvatah shrutimalloke sarvamaavritya tishthati. With hands and feet everywhere, with eyes, heads and mouths everywhere, with ears everywhere, He exists in the worlds, enveloping all. Sarvendriyagunaabhaasam sarvendriyavivarjitam; Asaktam sarvabhricchaiva nirgunam gunabhoktru cha. Shining by the functions of all the senses, yet without the senses; unattached, yet supporting all; devoid of qualities, yet their experiencer, Bahirantashcha bhootaanaam acharam charameva cha; Sookshmatwaat tadavijneyam doorastham chaantike cha tat. Without and within (all) beings, the unmoving and also the moving; because of His subtlety, unknowable; and near and far away is That. Avibhaktam cha bhooteshu vibhaktamiva cha sthitam; Bhootabhartru cha tajjneyam grasishnu prabhavishnu cha. And undivided, yet He exists as if divided in beings; He is to be known as the supporter of beings; He devours and He generates also. Again gita says that who is Vishnu, krsn etc.and they are not the para brahma Aadityaanaamaham vishnur, Among the (twelve) Adityas, I am Vishnu, Vrishneenaam vaasudevo’smi, Among Vrishnis I am Vasudeva means krsn . We shall discuss the word NETI…means [ na +iti ] say it is not the end or the vedang or translation of Vedas by Upanishads etc. is not perfect again neti means interpretation by vedant or puranas etc. is not sufficient . Now in my my view again neti means all available literature for defining Vedas is not sufficient and it in whole, do not put the soul of the divine material . Now I request you all to try and explain and I request from Theistji specially . .
  5. Thank you gentleman for citing beautiful quote . It is right to say that as per Vedas the character of Vishnu shown resembles the noble one , means neither so ordinarily brave as Indra , nor so destructive as Rudra and of course most suited to be a Vaishnav for human beings , still ….neti ..neti. Also aham brahmasmi or tattwamasi , make no proper sense as it is mere prayer. See… Yagne syamaham twam twam va gha sya aham . Syuste satya ihashishah..rig 8/44/23 Only the Parabrahma or parmatma is to be prayed, which is one and not the else .It is not me not you and not the anybody . See…. Apra dyava prathavi antarikshim surya atma jagtaststhusashcha….rig 1/115/1 So it is not Vishnu , Indra , Rudra etc. etc. For neti ..neti…we can discuss further.
  6. No problem...compare my friend. Mata sita says to Hanuman... Ashish dinh rampriya jana. hohu tat bal seel nidhana. Ajar amar gunnidhi sut hou . karahu bahut raghunayak chhou. Lord rama says.. Sun kapi tohi saman upkari . nahi koi muni koi nartanudhari. prati upkar karo ka tora . sanmukh hoi na sakat man mora. Sun kapi tohi urin mai nahi. dekheu kari vichar man mahi. All from ramcharitmanas... PL. tell something about meerabai .
  7. Good Idea...but comparision between human and divine character ... not possible
  8. Sarve bhavantu sukhinah ….is this veda declaration loosing it’s charm due to selfishness of humans OR the people have become coward to play behind the curtain ? Is prakrati disbalance going to finish the universe as described , the pralaya. Can anybody explain ?
  9. Hand over all worries to him and be free, Gita confirms as Veda says...Tatra kah mohah tatra kah shokah . Ishwarah sarva bhutanam hradyeshe arjun tishthati . Bhramyan sarva bhutani yantrarudani mayya...
  10. Comming to the topic , what has been said for Vishnu in vedas... Purush evedam sarvam yadbhutam yachcha bhavyam . Similarly the Vaishnav is he , who changes the cloudy sky of ignorace to the originality of Vishnu as blue . Are we trying for it ?
  11. Close the eyes, pronounce with devotion raam......you will find pronouncing aum.... Ramcharitmanas relates this raam to aum of vedas . Goswamiji has confirmed it as...... Ram nam ko kalaptaru kali kalyan niwas. Jo sumirat bhayo bhang te tulsi tulsidas..
  12. World is full of professionals , they are sitting in safe places and befooling the common and poor man in the name of religion , taking the whole world to terrorism . What the intelligent people from all religions doing? Are they making good use of this internet forum technology or just making fun of each other ? Actually this is the topic to discuss and above all other topics we post .
  13. Thank you Om hari for referring aum as said in gita , as I remember this word aum contains three letters described in yajurveda . I am surprised to note that the discussion is moving from the essence of vaishnav . As vaishnav has been derived from Vishnu in Vedas , therefore if we focus ourselves to the point that 5000yrs b.c.e.rishi muni have done the disclosure of such a divine literature , which contains the mantras and not the language , and going so fast in developing science, we are zero in spirituality . See what we have done till now , only translating the mantras in our words , challenging each others views . Does it shows our skill anyway …no. I dont know , how many of us have heard about Kailash mansarover , this is the place described in puranas as lord Shankar tapasthaly .I have seen in video…I can not describe , so beautiful is it. Similarly we have learnt much about parmatma described in different shashtras etc. But what is NEW done by us in this field , can anyone pl. tell ? I know that 99% are not able to visit kailash but are there not 1% who can put the real soul of Vedas before Hindu Vaishnav World .
  14. I think , last time I wrote , the glory of word AUM is illustrated in vedas. I dont know , why it not appeared. Anyway... Can you pl. relate the word aum with vaishnav, or it can not be ?
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