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Coral in index finger????

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Pranam to all the Astro gurus,


I have seen many people wear coral in the index finger or white sapphire in the index finger or pearl in the middle or ring finger.under what conditions can one wear these gem stones in fingers in which they are not meant to be worn traditionally?

Anyone who can suggest on this topic is welcome .


Yours truly,

The preacher.


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yes, one method is based no palmistry as you said about mount of saturn, mount of mercury etc..

the result of that is as said by riaz ji...


based on friendship also could be worn as said by rishi ji.

for example--mount of venus is located at the bottom of Thumb, but generally no one wants to wear a ring on the thumb. Saturn is a friend of Venus. so its worn on middle finger which is of Saturn's mount.


Traditional astrological method prescribes another method..

The purpose for which one wants to wear the Gem i.e.

Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha.

For Dharma- Ring finger

Artha - Middle Finger

Kama - Little Finger

Moksha - Index Finger


There might be other methods too....

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