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  1. Hi All Can anyone tell me the detailed procedure for ending the vratam of Antha Padmanabha swami ? After 14 years of following the vratam , on is supposed to end it with alaborate rituals. I am not able to find the details anywhere. Only procedure for doing the vratam is available but not the procedure of Udyapana. Regards....
  2. dear hare.krishna ji, Regarding Moksha, no living soul can tell you about ur moksha, please stop consulting for this purpose. renunciation is only a path towards moksha and not the end. astrological indication cannot guide you . its self realization and only you can realize in this birth or after... no one is eligible to indicate moksha.. as your ID suggests that your are an ardent follower of ISCKON ... follow that path...or any path... May God Deliver You
  3. yes, one method is based no palmistry as you said about mount of saturn, mount of mercury etc.. the result of that is as said by riaz ji... based on friendship also could be worn as said by rishi ji. for example--mount of venus is located at the bottom of Thumb, but generally no one wants to wear a ring on the thumb. Saturn is a friend of Venus. so its worn on middle finger which is of Saturn's mount. Traditional astrological method prescribes another method.. The purpose for which one wants to wear the Gem i.e. Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. For Dharma- Ring finger Artha - Middle Finger Kama - Little Finger Moksha - Index Finger There might be other methods too....
  4. Sir, continue doing the remedies for Shani that you are doing i.e offering water to Pipal tree on saturday, Offering chola to Sri Hanumaan ji on Tuesday additionally on thursdays spend more time at gurudwara, fast on thursdays and try to donate whatever you can afford to a priest. try to be vegetarian. Horoscope is a manifestation of past karma, so we cant avoid certain happenings. am sorry for you and mishaps but you will do well. keep faith and keep praying.
  5. hi can you tell me what you meant by "No remedy has worked for him." ? can you list the remedies done so far.. when did he do and how long?
  6. i am not a guru nor i am learned, but welcome to the forum.. hope you will learn well.. and your punchline is great , it makes me laugh.. sure we are katputlis in god's hands..
  7. dear soul300, Vedic Astrology is more indicative than predictive. it shows the probability and not the exactness(atleast in current yuga). a seer with a third eye vision can only exactly foretell such a event. there are people who could point at a possible time of such an event but they have to specifically look at the horoscope of the individual concerned. looking at children's chart is an alternative but not very reliable. although dasas and antardasas of certain planets indicate certain events of blood relations but you should not worry about such things.. also the person who told you about it, u should consider her credibility... thats what i feel.. do not worry much without any reasonable grounds
  8. dear preacher, i would like you to tell me what is the traditional method you know about fingers. is it palmistry based? mount of saturn etc....
  9. dear preacher, in my opinion the shape of the stone is as per the fancy of the wearer. the only exception is of Emerald. the shape of the stone is called "Emerald Cut" its usually rectangular and flat. the most important qualities of a Jyotish Gem are, it should be Natural in origin and Unheated
  10. nikita ji, u could mention for what purpose u want to wear a gem , then some one could help you decide ..... goodluck..
  11. i am not trying to discourage you.. but atleast 2 carats will be effective in gems... so if u may afford u can wear along with the current gem, some more carat neelam.. just think and act .... no hard rules....
  12. rima ranjan ji, often people get different replies when it comes to gemstones... as per my opinion jupiter is your 3rd lord and 6th lord and also malefic for your lagna. so its not good to strengthen.so i said not to wear yellow sapphire... emerald is for mercury..ur 9th and 12th lord.. thats why i said its your second choice ..also u r running mercury dasa.. it your decision.. Neelam is important for you.. so consider it as first choice.. its is overall good for you...
  13. dear amit mars and saturn are enemies as you know and together they create trouble in a given house, in ur case 10th and saturn is strong and also its mahadasa is going on .so showed its malefic effects.. they are also malefics for your lagna also now ur mars antardasa is going on... it is very important for you to worship lord hanuman every day with devotion.. also pray to shani and mangal on saturday and tuesday , try to visit navgrah temple even if u are already doing the above, it is the best possible way also if possible wear a emerald ring in silver for good career goodluck
  14. rima ranjan ji you should not wear yellow sapphire . jupiters' gem is not good for you.. neelam is good for you and also you can wear emerald as second gem.. minimum carats is 2, the more the better but before making ring, try and test neelam for few days if it suits you
  15. dear Moderator, if you are watching this thread i think this thread by classic72 is very helpful for seekers.. I think it is possible for You to keep this thread always on the Top. please do if possible...
  16. can we recommend Red coral for career and ruby for wealth for the following native.. 26th july 1972 7.05 am eluru, andhra pradesh if not please tell me why not... please
  17. sachin ji, sorry for late response.. it was my doubt to hareram ji, so based on doubt dont decide regarding tourmaline... so finally did you decide on which gem to wear or not? if you decide to wear any, then i could give you one good place in hyd goodluck
  18. rishi ji when you said malefic planet , did you mean natural malefic or as per chart? if in first case for example Sun is a natural malefic and ruby's chemical composition is aluminium oxide and chromium... please explain how this explains the malefic nature of sun.. i am not into much of chemistry, so... P.S. also if Medical Astrology ji could throw some light? if you read this
  19. as sreeram ji said it is LAUNG(clove) it is not about beid( it is bheint= loan) as per the script it says "you have to take the number of cloves equivalent to your loan(i am not sure if it is thousands or hundreds or just the double digit number of ur loan) and put it on burning raw coal and stand by until the smoke stops and during this you have to think about the person who took the loan..so that your debt will be recovered.." FYI: lal kitab remedies are said to be out of the purview if vedic astrology and they are tamasic remedies but they are believed to be effective by many as people are desparate to solve their problems asap ... good luck
  20. thanks for your response rishi ji... i too have read about the Ankul Vad and Pratikul Vad in pga.org website.. i fail to understand how wearing a malefic planet's gem can reduce the malefic effect.. it will be never clear to me... there is one more method of prescription i heard which i am not sure how it works. i dont know the source also.. it says that the gem for the lord of the star in which the lagna is placed is all round beneficial....it doesnt take into consideration whether its malefic or benefic
  21. dear hareram i suppose green tourmaline is for mercury.. can a stone of baadhaka be worn ? as ME is baadhaka for dhanu rasi?
  22. also i dont mean that 6 months is good time. i know a life time is not enough.. but i have to start somewhere...
  23. dear riaz i agree with you that gemstone prescription is a sensitive thing. thats the reason why i am being careful in learning.. i have done some ground work in learning from past approx. six months but now i want to actually take some examples and try if i am able to get any right answers .. thanks for your input
  24. rishi ji, i have understood about the second point you mentioned.. but in first point you mentioned about the yogi star method is also applicable. but i find in the other thread started by vivek nigam, you mentioned that you are not aware of what these guys are discussing... please clarify.. can you please suggest any good book which specializes in gemstone mainly, i couldnt find many.. i have shri. pvr narasimha rao's book with me which gives a small part reagrding gemstones as remedies but not in detail...
  25. dear preacher it would be great if you could tell what are the other things that have to be considered as i am trying to learn.. is it that whether the trikona lords also own a dusthana ?
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