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  1. Hello my learned friends, What results will I incur during the specified period. Please find the details below: Maha Dasha: Venus Antar Dasha: Venus DOB: 29.08.1971 Time: 00:18 Place: Kadi District: Mehsana State: Gujarat.
  2. My Dear Learned Friends, Can you please can let me know, where the stone viz. Firozaa is worn and for what.? I am looking for the answer desperately, Please help
  3. Hi VipVats, No the Raj yoga is not weak in fact the previously posted argument, I found in parasara's sloka in parasara hora shastra. Also I say it from my e xperience, presently if the relations are good they will spoil in course of time or such natives may never meet their father.
  4. Dear hindustani bhai, I am not at all good at mathematics also would like to respect your knowledge of Astrology and very humbly ask, what is kemdruma and kalpadruma? Secondly I want to know from you is, I have a retrograde mercury in the 4th house from lagna. What is the effect of that mercury? Thirdly I want to I want to know from you is, I have an exalted and retrograde mars with rahu in the 9th of from lagna of my horoscope. What result this mars is suppose to give? Very eagerly awaiting your reply.
  5. Please advice me, when will I be able to purchasing a home and a car of my own. My details are as follows: DOB: 29.08.1971 Time: 00:18:20 Place: Kadi District: Mehsana State: Gujarat.
  6. Please advice which stone should I wear, for professional prospects, for purchasing a home and a car.My details are as follows: DOB: 29.08.1971 Time: 00:18:20 Place: Kadi District: Mehsana State: Gujarat.
  7. Hi vipvats, The combination is not good. Also lagna lord in 12th makes one a jail bird sometime in life but if sixth lord in the 12th makes a vipreet rajyoga therefore is good. But Sun-Saturn conjuction anywhere in horoscope denotes that the father and son were enemies of purva janma and are born to settle there scores in the present janma. Thus not good for relations with father or father of the native either will be short lived or will suffer. Thanks and regards
  8. Can anybody help me in knowing that, where Firoza can be worn and for what Firoza is worn.
  9. Dear Richa, I suppose Neelam should not be worn in you case because saturn is 8th and 9th lord for Gemeni ascendent, hence a marakaa also. But tell me where is your 7th lord viz. Jupiter. Thanks and regards Rajiv Bhardwaj
  10. Dear Soni, Further to go with, I see sangharshaa and death of a near relative will come to pass.
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