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Puppies,me and my daughter

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Before I start let me tell that my daughter is very much scared of dogs and she grabs me or my wife when she find any Dog comming nearer to her.


Yesterday when I was relaxing a known sound came up from kitchen ordering me to leave my daughter for tutions around 5 pm,all grihasthas must obey this sound so I did and decided to drop her for tution.It was 4:30 and being a weekend I was reading some books.

Exactly 10 minutes before her scheduled time me and she both set on my Kinetic,place where she goes is not far just 1 km from where I live.I decided to take a short cut passing from a small street to save time.That street is narrow with lesser traffic,I entered into that street with a speed of hardly 10-15KMs per hour and suddenly I saw 2 small puppies on the road.

I almost stopped and waited to pass them over,they went to another side of road so I rewwed the engine and started again.Suddenly one of the puppy ran towards us and came nearer to the front wheel of the scooter I jammed brakes with a noise ch............hhhhhhhhhh but it gone under the front wheel before I could do anything!Puppy was shoting with a pain and in just a second I saw 4 or 5 big dogs running towards us barking hard at us showing their scary shiny teeth.


My daughter started shouting and suddenly from a mirror I saw another Dog running at fast speed approaching towards us,during this time I was sitting on a scooter and trying to balance it with the help of rotating my legs ,that dog must be a mother of puppies and with full force she grabbed my left leg in her mouth,seeing this my daughter stopped crying and perhaps went into a shock as I could only hear her fast breaths and not any sound comming from my back.


Situation was turning horrible,I was not worried about me inspite of one of my leg stuck up in the mouth of a sheDog but my duty was to save my daughter from these wild street dogs.


Suddenly I felt that all dogs moved back,what exactly happend is still a mystery for me and this is the first time I am writing any personal experence of mine in ANY open forum.Seeing them going little away from us I little moved my scooter and by that time I realised that my leg was already freed from that horse mouth,puppy came out under the scooter with shouting and running towards her mother who grabbed my leg.


My daughter was in a big shock I told her sweety we are going back and I shall leave you for a tution is just a minute,she smiled with a pain but she was speechless,finally I droped her for a tution at 5:05pm.


While comming back I reanalyse the situation and stopped on a point why all dogs went back suddenly when puppy was still under my front wheel?Only we two were on the roads and I saw few faces of humans watching this sad show from their homes nearby.Was this happend because of Rudraksha mala I wear?I know that here we see many hot arguements between followers who are desparate to prove their worship is superior than others so let me tell openly that the combination I was wearing at that time was -

1 mala made of two nos of 7 mukhi who represents Maa Lakshmi and 1 no of 10 mukhi which represents Bhagvan Narayana.

Another mala is having 14 mukhi Rudraksha who stands for God Shivji.


So now I ask those who fights here trying to prove their points who saved us from those wild dogs?Shri Laxmi Naraya or Shri Shivji?OR BOTH?Who came first to rescue us?Can anyone answer to this query of mine?


I am still visulizing that tragic episode while typing this post and I can tell you that there was something invisible force who took those dogs away from us inspite of puppy still under the scooter,will you call this a miracle Or a power of my Rudrakshas?My reply is God sitting in Rudraksha saved us.


Remember when all look dark,some invisible hand is always there to save you and tells that my child you are not alone.Shraddha aur Saburi is a master key to win your battle in this mrityuloka so when we find time we should thank God for what he gave to us,he is kind and always around us.So let's stop comparing who is God and spread a sense of Godhood around us.

Om Namo Narayanayay.

Om Namah Shivaya.


Today morning being a Sunday I decided to Drop her again at 9 a.m she looked at me with a puzzing eyes so I told her dont worry I shall not take you on a kinetic this time,she relaxed.


After dropping her I decided to come home by that street full of Dogs,I stopped at a place and looked around and found those puppies,one was limping a little while walking,their mother was sitting and relaxing,other volenteers did not take a notice of my arrival and departure!

So me,my daughter and dog family is fine.My Leg was not cut atall inspite she grabbed it in her mouth mad up of with giant sharp teeth,only thing I found that there were few holes on my trouser,belive me not a single scrath is there on my skin!

Namste to all.

warm regards from


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Respected Hindustani Ji,


The incident that you have experienced does convey a message or two to people out there. Rudrakshas are powerful indeed. I must also say that, not all will have divine help like this in their lifetime. You are one of the many people that have seen and felt the benefits of wearing rudraksha.


There are many people who wear rudraksha as a fashion statement, showing-off they are pious and there are some that even do not know why they wear it. But I do think if the rudraksha is given the proper respect, the wearer behaves in a respected way in life, then the effect of wearing it, is prominent. If not, all efforts are futile. Namaste.

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i am not sure if what happened can or should only be seen as an impact of a single factor like the rudraksha. it is nice that you recount in detail the incident and are trying to see divine presence in it, but then that presence is omni-present. It could be the good karma of your daughter, for instance ... it may be so many factors that brought that moment together, where rudraksha may have added a positive influence. but seeing it as the only factor on play makes it all owing to one thing - a material thing of sorts and to me it seems it takes away the responsibility from us about reflection on our karma. and takes a little away from seeing the blessings of God.

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