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Spinal injury please suggest remedies

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Aum Gurubhyo namah




dear Ash


full recovery is possible from march 2010. as requested earlier can

you pl provide the date as well as time of accident.? The person was

running Rahu dasa and mars antar since march 2009.


Rah: 2009-03-22 - 2009-03-29

Ven: 2009-03-29 - 2009-04-09

Sun: 2009-04-09 - 2009-04-13

Moon: 2009-04-13 - 2009-04-22

Mars: 2009-04-22 - 2009-04-27 >>>> most likely period

Merc: 2009-04-27 - 2009-05-06

Sat: 2009-05-06 - 2009-05-12

Jup: 2009-05-12 - 2009-05-23


may mother bless you



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Aum Gurubhyo namah




dear Ash


Thanks for providing the details. I just assumed the incident was very

recent and hence took the natal chart along with the yearly chart for

analysis. While the natal chart speaks about the whole of your life,

the yearly chart helps to focus on any particular choosen year. I choose

the current year.


The past is for people like me to know the 'why ?' and understand the

chart and the subject of astrology. It is a continuous learning

process that keeps the learner tunning his knowledge towards the truth.


You having said the year and month of accident/incident, i am trying to

analyse the date of incident( or having come to notice it) Is it around

may 16 ? Can you also explain in short how it happened.


you have asked for remedies. Are you seeking any mantra ( verses

addressed to the Deities ) or other forms of remedies?.


may mother bless all



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