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  1. dear nancy ji, yes your sister can have kids. just ask ur sister to plan her child after 20-aug-09.ask her to keep taking advice from the doctor. i m writing down some remedies that she should follow:: 1) worship the SUN.. just offer water to rising sun. 2) donate some honey and fruits in charity. (as per ur wish , doing it on tuesdays & wednesdays is good) 3) donate some rice to a poor girl ,below 13 yrs on Fridays.(must do) 4) feed cow everyday with wheat flour and sugar or jaggery.( if can't do everyday then tuesdays and fridays is a must.) 5) ask her to start drinking water in a silver glass for entire life. 6) WORSHIP LORD HANUMAN JI. (this is must do if she want a safe child birth and her overall well being). 7) if she can offer water to peepal tree daily will also help.(can do on saturdays only also.) well every remedy written above is important for her but which r in bold is a must with no exceptions. Just want ask few question nancy ji if u have no problem in replying them.. does ur sister has scars on his head and face, if yes which side right or left? how does your sister walks? i.e does she walks with quite a gap b/w her feet or does her feet points outwards when she walks or walks with more weight on one feet? i am not an expert nancy ji so please take advice from other respected astrologers on this forum.thank u regards, jai shri ram
  2. dear shweta ji . can u pls provide your spouse deatils also... regards, jai shri ram
  3. dear anuradha ji, now talking about your grand daughter..... as you hv mentioned she is adamant and angry... she will always have short temper, will also be confused ..about decisions etc, always be in dilemma i.e whether to do this or do that... health wise:: prone to - stomach ailments - cough and cold diseases - injuries to head n legs - can have breathing related problem too. - will be lazy as she grows up. rest is all good in her kundli.... writing down some remedies which should be done for her overall well being:: 1) apply chandan(sandalwood) tilak on her forehead,ear tips and Adam's apple daily. 2) make her drink water in a silver glass for her entire life. 3) deficiency of Calcium is clearly shown in her chart .. give milk and milk products n other calcium enriched product (pls don't go for calcium tablets) 4) avoid giving her cold and sour things(minimize there use) 5) follow the saying "early to bed n early to rise" with her 6) make her worship LORD VISHNU(any avatar) anuradha ji as i m not an expert so pls seek advice from other expert astrologer on this forum regards, jai shri ram.
  4. dear anuradha ji, i m sorry i wasn't able to reply 2 your other queries as i m having problems with my computer. now talking about your son's chart... your son is not willing to marry ... after analysis i came to the following results:: - there is a sense of insecurity, feeling in him. due to which he usually gets/remains depressed. - it may be he likes someone... love marriage (a weak yoga in his chart). may be this is the controversy ur local astrologer told/warned u about.please talk with him about these above pts. apart from this there is no problem in his marriage or married life. it seems ur son has short temper also. good marriage time in near future is from 27-06-09 to 29-11-09. btw i just want to tell you that ur son is passing thru SHANI's SADE_SATI ask him to visit hanuman temple regularly n light a deepak under peepal tree every saturday atleast. regards, jai shri ram
  5. Dear anuradha ji, analyzing ur daughters chart for health i came to following conclusions:: - she use to get depressed easily i.e on smallest of matters also she loose her heart. - she is prone to cough and cold diseases. must be having them frequently - she has a weak stomach esp liver and intestine ..there must be upset stomach frequently & must have had jaundice once or twice till date. her recent problems are due to ASHTAM SANI. it will there till sept this year. writing down some remedies... ask her to do these as per her faith.. 1) feed cow with flour and sugar mix on Fridays. 2) feed cow with jaggery (gudd,raw sugar) on Thursdays. if she feed a cow everyday with roti etc nothing better. 3) ask her to avoid cold and sour things in eating. 4) worship lord hanuman ji everyday for her overall well being and prosperity in life. i m not an expert so if i am wrong pls forgive me and correct me too regards, jai shri ram
  6. dear ash, can u pls tell approx date when this injury happened ? does this happened a couple of months back? regards, jai shri ram
  7. the budh antardash ends on 18-09-10. reagrds, jai shri ram
  8. dear harishpise no you don't have kal-sarp dosha. regards, jai shri ram
  9. dear shoa ji, i am also confused why someone has recommended you these gemstones, for me i won't be recommending you these 2 gemstones and that to together never... as far as green cloth is considered it is for BUDH... i don't know what were ur queries for which he\she recommended you the green cloth it can be for strengthening ur decision taking power or to resolve some family matter etc reasons can be several... u r undergoing budh antardahsa can also be one of the reasons.... take suggestions of other expert and more knowledgeable astrologers than me on this forum...may be they can come with some good reason for ur query. regards, jai shri ram
  10. dear neethasandeep ji, place of birth and deatils of ur spouse also. thank you regards, jai shri ram
  11. dear loser(quite a name) , you have a good kundli just there is time factor associated with your success. i'll give a detailed reading later.hope u don't mind. regards, jai shri ram
  12. dear astroshishya, i have seen ur kundli ..ur lord of 10 th house is SHANI it is with conjunction with KETU. this is considered as a dosha in kundli..it becoz of shani+ketu yuti you r not able to get a job or became sucessful in a profession.it is like u want to climb a ladder but someone is holding your legs. you yourself must have seen that there r lot of hindrance or problems, whenever you r finding a job or working in it. well you under GURU MAHADASHA and SHANI Antardasha...... shani is giving trouble to you..... from current transit position(gochar) you r going thru ....SHANI'S Ardha Sade-sati (Half-Sade-sati) or Dhaiya, Panoti, or Adhayia this is tough phase of life it will last till sept this year. your good time has started from 19-05-09 work really hard to find a job and stay in it acc to me you will find a decent job within 6-7 months (this is the upper limit).... i am writing down some rectification/remedies/upayas which u should do:: 1) ask a local pundit to conduct a pitra shanti pooja...as it would not be possible for you to do this in USA(i think) ask parents/relative of yours back in india to do this pooja on your name.if you can do it yourself that will be very good. 2) shani-daan (donate black cloth,black til,black rai(mustard seeds),black urad, mustard oil.) to Dakot (A Person who accepts the offerings forwarded on Shani Dev). 3) read shani chalisa or shani strotam(as per ur command over hindi or sanskrit) 4) light a deepak under a peepal tree on saturdays(if possible there). 5) worship Lord Hanuman ji daily. read sundar kand on tuesdays and saturdays. 6) donate fruits in charity on wednesday. 7) give water to tulsi plant daily. 8) feed cow with fodder on wednesday. 9) for overall well being and prosperity in life ask for blessing of Goddess Durga. 10) wear a iron ring in middle finger left hand on any saturday. all the above remedies are a must for you. i have not written the above things to discourage you but to get you more strong to face the forth coming situations.I am not a pro if i am wrong please forgive me and correct me too. regards, jai shri ram
  13. dear ravi ji, acc to my calculations you have a good career in IT field ... u can also work in a bank as an IT officer. the main problem in achieving your goal is RAHU mahadasha.... rahu will give SPEED BREAKERS AND STOMACH AILMENTS to you. surya+rahu yuti shows low will power,low confidence,indecisiveness finding yourself always in dilemma.it may be few of your decision may have proved wrong for you(major decisions). i am writing some rectification/remedies/upayas for you, do it as per your wish:: 1) give strength to your SUN(it is must for you.it will you to get success in your profession) 2) do remedies fo RAHU & SHANI .(start it immediately ) 3) worship Lord Hanuman ji. please do read sundar kand on Saturdays (it will give you courage,patience and increase ur immunity level) 4) for overall well being and prosperity worship Goddess Mahalaxmi ji(or any DEVI of ur choice). i can give a detailed version of remedies also if you want.... "ravi ji acche logon k saath kabhi bura nahi hota" i have personally seen ur dedication on this forum and ur willingness to help others.continue the good work. at last, i am not a pro soif i am wrong pls forgive me and correct me too... few ques for you ravi ji need ans: 1) are you ill i.e suffering from some illness?is it related to ur stomach or back bone? if yes what type of illness? 2) in recent years do you have temperament problemsi.e you get irked easily? do feel headaches frequently? i will really appreciate your help, if you answer them. regards, jai shri ram
  14. dear srinivasa ji, i hope you must have read my post above ..... i am proving my pts acc to ur kundli... i have already written above that strength to 10th and 11th house shows success in one's profession.talking about servicemen(engineers mainly) , taking no other outside factor-----sun,mercury,jupiter,saturn when placed in 10th house give it good strength(not talking about their aspects).sun+mercury(budh-aditya yoga) is considered best in it(controversial).Mars in 10th is considered in some special cases. one and all planets in 11th house give good results w.r.t 11th house. like in your case exalted sun in 10th show that you can and will reach in one of the top positions in your profession. now for s\w engg.... 1) Shani aspecting 4th house by his 3rd aspect. 2) well placed venus(swa rashi)..aspecting 5th house 3) support of Rahu.. see ur navamansa(d-9 chart) rahu aspecting 5th house by his 9th aspect. Shani+rahu+venus association with 4th & 5th house. you can see a very clear picture from ur NBCC (Nirayana Bhava Chalit Chart).One must consider D-1,D-9 & NBCC even chandra kundali before giving one's prediction. as you have mentioned in your post that you have seen many s\w enggs kundli .... please bring fwd some kundlies who don't have SHANI+RAHU+VENUS combination and still r computer engg.i would really appreciate your help as these would be good subject for my analysis. As i always say that i not a pro so if i am wrong please forgive me and correct me too. regards, jai shri ram
  15. dear raiz ji, very nice article thnx 4 sharing it with us regards, jai shri ram
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