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  1. thank you riaz ji..thanks a ton....
  2. waiting for other learned astrologers to analyze my chart.....
  3. thank you raviji for replying me..please if you can throw some light on my ques i asked...god bless you..
  4. Respected Astrologers, i have completed my engineering in may '08 and finding it very difficult to find a job since...... I'll be very grateful to you if you can take some of your precious time to analyze my chart and advise me for the same.... 1) when will i get a good job or job atleast? 2) should i go for higher studies i.e MBA? 3) anything else that i should correct according to my kundli? I am wearing yellow sapphire(pukhraj) ,hessonite(gomedh) are they ok?, should i wear anything else (gemstome)? this is a tough time for me as i am unable to do anything nothing is going right for me.... hoping all you great astrologers will help me ..... thanking u in anticipation. MY DEATILS: D.O.B :: 14-may-1985 T.O.B :: 5:05 AM P.O.B :: Lucknow
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