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Software-- is it worthful for marriage compatibility?

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Pranam to all,


I have seen many threads that started here deals mainly with 'martial discomfort' and problems after marriage. Why such things happen even if they consult for astrological match before marriage. This is because everyone only Check for star(Nakshatra) compatibile and say points like 25,26out of 30 etc., And I see nowadys people relay on softwares that available in market now. Which is programmed by the people in such a way it checks only for

the difference between the placement of planetary stars. Not it pros and cons.

Only learned astrological person can make decision logically and based on his experience.

This knowledge is not spread within the people. People tend for remedies, not for prevention.

"Prevention is better than cure" Is it not?

I have seen many astrology learned peoples in this group discuss lot of topics in this field. Why cant they

take this Marraige Compatibility and discuss the topic like

How to analyse two charts for marriage compatibility

What are the various approaches involved that.

Note : Instead of copy and paste from other websites and fill the thread in pages. Learned members can discuss their own approach of comparing charts.

This will be very helpful for the learners like me and others to have an idea. Also the persons who look for marriage can use it for worth while before taking their decision.

Marraige is a 'Dharma'. if one throws light or preaches Dharma- he is doing a dharmic activity in this life and his past karma gets balanced.


Thank you,



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Dear Raj_an,


Software can do the calculations which a pandit does using his books. While matching horoscopes various attributes are considered and they have their fixed ratings. Hence, you can trust the software as the total points is what is considered.


However, there are certain charts which are complicated to be matched. The calculated points maybe good or bad and the actual compatibility may also vary. In these cases it is always advisable to seek help from professional astrologers who consider many prospects of match making.




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Aum Gurubhyo Namah




dear shri.rajan


The softwares are worthless.


If you go through some of my earlier postings, you could easily

observe that i was always sceptical of horoscope matching as done

today. The matching proceedure continues be to the same for over a

century atleast. In the earlier days, the kuta matching was adequate

for the simple reason majority of the weaker sex were unemployed .

They were economically and socially forced to remain with whomever

they married. Hence it appears that such a matching is adequate

even now. Awareness and communication has since then improved,

we come to know of the marriage failures and divorce cases. Even

in the olden days divorce was there, but the percentage was less.


One real reason is that women have starting moving higher up both

in education and economy. This has certainly widened their freedom.

In such a scenario, many factors have come into play. One factor

that too often comes across is 'EGO'. We do not know which sex

really starts that , but it is the causuative factor for igniting the

first spark. Then comes the usual 'INLAWS' factor. The third one

is the breakage of marital 'DHARMA'. Some more factors come in for

final breakup.


The question now is , will the kuta matching give all informataions

about all the above things ? Ofcourse not, even if a plethora (a lot)

of matching principles are brought in. A sizable quantity of minds

are corrupt in one way or the other. How do you find a matching partner

for such a person ?


First, one should analyse the longevity factor. It is a ocean by itself.

If you go through some of the recent threads, you could notice it was

about the loss of partners. One thread starter posed a real question

as to why the longevity factor was overlooked ? How many of the

astrologers and learners like me are qualified to talk about the longeveity ?


The kuta matching is certainly not enough. matching of Lagna, Lagna lord,

upapada, strength of venus and jupiter etc should also be seen.


Apart from the above any break in upapada should be seen along with the

timing part.


The panchanga elements of both should be seen. Then comes the ghatak

principles to know about the differences between the couples.


Then the santana bhagya should be seen for progeny issues. The list goes

on like this. No single software is available for checking all these factors

for the simple reason that no astrologer is a programmer and no progreammer

is a complete astrologer. Possibly there may be a few who satisfy both,

but they are far away in sharing their knowledge with the community.

The reason could be because of certain vultures who are ready to make money

from the software !.



It is best to take charts of known married people and apply all these principles

and understand why such couples are leading a united life. Are they happy ?

or are they just pulling on ?


may mother bless all



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Thank u for Ayush and ravi ji for taking part in this discussion,


Pranam to saisekaran Ji. I admire u a lot in predictions given by you.

and i have studied and studying ur predictions in long run.

In certain cases ur analysis gives a different way to look the chart.

can u give some insight on "ghatak principles" and "how to identify break in upapada".


Also i have seen peoples much care about only mars while match making.

Your saying of strength of venus inspired me.

Is it like the both the chart should be matched with weak and weak venus.

Or we have to make it balance like weak venus with stronger one.

Also i heard while matching two charts,,One approach is to overlap boys chart with girls chart

and see planetary aspect like that. If it is so, then whether we have to overlap

and check on lagna basis or without changing any position..


Others also who have any different approach AnY idea in matchmaking can also share their views.


Thank you



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Hi Rajan,


You are right in mentioning the overlapping method, one of my friends uses this by just placing the two charts (boy and girl) side by side on a table and then comparing the planets in each of the 12 houses in both charts. It does not matter if both have different lagna rasis. Just what each of them have got in each of the 12 houses against each other.


For example if the boy has Jupiter only in the ascendant with xyz rasi and the girl has Moon only in the ascendant with xyz rasi, then you can say that since both Jupiter and Moon are friends, this marriage can work and same goes for the remaining 11 houses.


Not sure if this is a reliable method, but seems interesting too me. Thanks



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Aum Gurubhyo namah




dear shri.rajan


i do not do matching for the simple reason that my knowledge is

incomplete. When i know that it is so , and if i do the matching

i will only be inheriting bad karma in this janma, which is out of

my free will. Knowing fully well that our knowledge is incomplete,

i feel it is bad on our part to give someone to go ahead with the

marriage. Can those two souls be used as specimen or a testing ground

for our knowledge ? Are they ginny pigs ? However sincere we may be,

incomplete knowledge is always dangerous.


Coming to the Ghatak principle, i give you details of persons posted

in this very same forum. I am sure he would not mind.


Husb: 2/12/1980 at 6:55pm in Bangalore

Wife: 17/10/1987 at 10.49pm in Bangalore


The moon sign of husb is in dhanus, star is moola. The moon sign of

the wife is simha, star is magha.


For dhanus moon sign, mithuna is ghatak. the wife's lagna is Mithuna !

For simha moon sign, moola star is ghatak. The husband's star is Moola!


Does any one see the above while matching?. There are more ghatak in

these horoscopes. They are much deep and subtle.


Roughly the break occured in oct 2007. A divorce case has been filed by

the wife. It occured in sun dasa and ven antar for the husband. Sun is

the Atma karaka. Find out why an exalted venus caused problems ? Venus is

lord of 'ul'. venus is in neecha navamsa. ul placed in vrihaba brings in more

than one wife. Does the kuta mathcing give any clue on one of these ?

Emphatical 'NO' is the answer.


For the lady the break occured in venus dasa and saturn antar. Saturn is

Atma karaka of the wife. Venus is placed in 8th from 'UL'. Saturn is placed

in ninth from 'ul'. Saturn wants to teach her a lesson because of her past

karma. Saturn is associated with sun, who is the darakaraka of the wife

and atmakaraka of the husband ! Look at the terrific link of the past

karma. Does the kuta matching give any clue on any one of these ?


May mother bless all



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Dear Sasisekaran,


Interesting analysis.

I do not have much knowledge to do match making however what I see from the software over analyzing charts of many married couples is always true to some extent.


When I tried to check Ashtkoot Guna of the above mentioned couple the software came out with 16.5 marks. Ain't that enough to signify that this is not a good match. I've seen charts of a couple close to divorce some years back but now living in harmony, they had marks somewhere above 20.


I presume for a common man to understand astrological compatibility match making software that analyzes Ashtkoot Guna does the job fairly well. However, in cases like the one where in I mentioned the couple was close to divorce there was a different pattern in husband's chart, he was going though a tough phase and that cause trouble to everyone associated to him, which includes his wife.


The Bhakoot Maha Dosh indicated by you about the above mentioned couple is also indicated by the software(s). However the analysis which you made concerning the AtmaKaraka was not considered by the same.


I think software is only for assistance. To make an astrologer's job easily. Following it blindly is not good, however, discarding it completely is also not great.




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Aum Gurubhyo Namah




dear shrI.Aysh


if you have the details of those couples, try to analyse what brought

them close to divorce and how they escaped from the clutches of

malefic grahas / transit.


For kuta matching one does not need the software. The funny part

nowadays , even to find the product of 7 * 8 people are using caluclators.

It is because they fail to memorise even the basics and the reason

behind the basics.


may mother bless all



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For kuta matching one does not need the software. The funny part

nowadays , even to find the product of 7 * 8 people are using caluclators.

It is because they fail to memorise even the basics and the reason

behind the basics.


Dear Sasisekaran,


I understand what you wanted to highlight. This is the reason why I appreciate your knowledge and mental capacity.




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