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  1. Pranam to all, As a genaral thought. When the malefic planets like shani,rahu or kuja planets aspects directly their 5th,7th,9th,10 or 12th..etc., house based on their Character of aspects ,which contains benefic planets. Then we are Predicting like, since the malefic planet aspect the house you are getting bad result in that period like that. Suppose the same Benefic planet is placed 8th,or 6th etc., without the direct aspect from those malefic grahas, Then still we are predicting like 6-8,8-6 relation like that. For example, some say rahu as aspect on 3,5,9,12 houses like that. so if a planet placed in that house will get aspect from rahu and bad result. Suppose if the planet gets placed in 8th or 6th means then also It is said like 8-6,6-8 relation and bad result. if this is so, then however wherever the planet is placed, It is going to effect the person. need clarification on this... Thank you "ALL THE PRAISE GOES TO LORD"
  2. Thank u for Ayush and ravi ji for taking part in this discussion, Pranam to saisekaran Ji. I admire u a lot in predictions given by you. and i have studied and studying ur predictions in long run. In certain cases ur analysis gives a different way to look the chart. can u give some insight on "ghatak principles" and "how to identify break in upapada". JUST AN GENERAL INTRODUCTION NOT MUCH DEEP IS NEEDED. Also i have seen peoples much care about only mars while match making. Your saying of strength of venus inspired me. Is it like the both the chart should be matched with weak and weak venus. Or we have to make it balance like weak venus with stronger one. Also i heard while matching two charts,,One approach is to overlap boys chart with girls chart and see planetary aspect like that. If it is so, then whether we have to overlap and check on lagna basis or without changing any position.. Others also who have any different approach AnY idea in matchmaking can also share their views. Thank you 'ALL THE PRAISE GOES TO LORD'
  3. Pranam to all, I have seen many threads that started here deals mainly with 'martial discomfort' and problems after marriage. Why such things happen even if they consult for astrological match before marriage. This is because everyone only Check for star(Nakshatra) compatibile and say points like 25,26out of 30 etc., And I see nowadys people relay on softwares that available in market now. Which is programmed by the people in such a way it checks only for the difference between the placement of planetary stars. Not it pros and cons. Only learned astrological person can make decision logically and based on his experience. This knowledge is not spread within the people. People tend for remedies, not for prevention. "Prevention is better than cure" Is it not? I have seen many astrology learned peoples in this group discuss lot of topics in this field. Why cant they take this Marraige Compatibility and discuss the topic like How to analyse two charts for marriage compatibility What are the various approaches involved that. Note : Instead of copy and paste from other websites and fill the thread in pages. Learned members can discuss their own approach of comparing charts. This will be very helpful for the learners like me and others to have an idea. Also the persons who look for marriage can use it for worth while before taking their decision. Marraige is a 'Dharma'. if one throws light or preaches Dharma- he is doing a dharmic activity in this life and his past karma gets balanced. Thank you, 'ALL THE PRAISE GOES TO LORD'
  4. Hi, Rahu and ketu astronomically speaking are the eclipses formed by sun and moon shadows. They are chaya grahas(shadow planets).means they are not planet at all, But virtually they are believed to be so. Rahu in certain cases are regarded as Rudra form of lord Shiva. Since they are shadows they wont reflect. All soul needs light to generate energy.So under rahu or ketu u r lack of light u r in dark. so there is no concept of reflection.Only if other planet aspect it the dark gets light and U find a path. If its inner light u talk about moksha - thats kethu.if its outer - u find advance ment- thats rahu.so in astrological term, there is no aspect for rahu or ketu. Thank u ALL THE PRAISE GOES TO LORD
  5. Pranam to all astologers and learners, what the general effects of these combination and aspects. saturn with mars jupiter with rahu moon with kethu saturn aspecting moon rahu with jupiter sun with venus....Which has more bad priority??? also discuus what are the good combination and aspects of planets?? jupiter aspect moon venus aspects moon etc.,
  6. pranam, Can you be something specific about ur problem. This will be helpful for astrologers and learners to predict. Is ur marraige is love/arranged one?how was ur relation with father and mother! How was ur mars dasa, previous years before marriage. Do u have fulfillment in studies. What sort of job you r doing. How is ur financial status before and after marriage. thank u
  7. hi g.prasad, sani is exalted in ur chart its good for its placement aspecting 8th house. jupiter also aspecting your 8th house so its good for longevity and health. 8th house says about hidden things also.Do u like to earn by background works or via working? Please reply for the following Are you staying in ur own land or foreign? how is ur financial status is it rich and affluent or low from childhood and now? are u employed in any govt job or running your fathers business? how is the period of last 5 years(In terms of health!) general view of is it good or bad. any incident or changed u faced in after oct 2008 you like to spend but is it time making you to save more?
  8. Hi please provide following details for better analysis when is ur marriage date.Is it arranged marriage? where is ur first meeting place of ur husband..,eg:home workplace temple etc., Are you Financially strong from child hood days or after marriage? ur aim for higher studies fulfilled? mention important incidents good/bad in ur life.
  9. dear sylvester, rahu in Gemini lagna conjunct Venus- please answer following questions. whats your view on opposite sex. Do u like like to give them the equal support view on marriage and do u have some doubt on them looking their movement in society
  10. Dear ceetee, please provide you birth details for better analysis. are you male or female? also clarify the following queries. Whats your age.How was your previous 'MARS' dasa? Can you split the same as first 3.5 and next 3.5 years. if any major incident happened in that period.... Is your rahu dasa started or about to start. Apart from this psychologically whats your view regarding marriage or opposite sex!!!
  11. namasthe vipvats ji, first of all thank you for showing interest in my question.i cant get what youare saying... as per your view do i frequently has to change my living and work place? But i have seen from past that doesnt happened. always it takes long time for me to see a change... could you please elaborate on this and other issues to.any remedy from ur side thank you
  12. Namasthe , Im feeling bad these days. feeling bad in living place. also not satisfied with the living place and work place. astrologer said im in atmakaraka dasa. which is under stress from moon. Is rahu placement in 7th house makes me feel lonely and no support? please read my chart and details: dob : 4 / jan / 1983 time : 6:36 am place : coimbatore pls suggestme any remedy. thank u
  13. I have a general query. Heard that in vedic astrology , It is possible to categorize a Particular persons HEALTH,WEALTH,LUCK,SERVICE.. percentage using their horoscope. If its so!! whats the method called? please predict the percentage for the below mentioned bith detail: dob: 4th january 1983 --- time: 6.36 am ---- place: chennai(Tamil nadu) Thank you.
  14. respected astro gurus, Need Generic prediction about marriage life.Details are DOB : 22 Oct 1977 TIme : 5:30 pm place : Chennai gender : male thank you
  15. Hi all, i have a friend with these query How will be my marriage life.Am i manglik! Is there any problems seems in my chart DOB : 22 Oct 1977 TIme : 5:30 pm place : Chennai gender : male Thank you
  16. Respected Classic72 Ji, Please find time to analyse.. Need your prediction... Thank you, Rajan
  17. Respected Classic72 Ji, Please find time to analyse.. Need your prediction... My birth details are : Date of Birth : 4th January 1983 Time of birth : 6:36 AM Place : Coimbatore, TN Sex : male Thank you, Rajan
  18. respected Classic72 Ji, Please find time to analyse.. Need your prediction... My birth details are : Date of Birth : 4th January 1983 Time of birth : 6:36 AM Place : Coimbatore, TN Sex : male thank you, rajan
  19. respected Classic72 Ji, Please find time to analyse.. Need your prediction... My birth details are : Date of Birth : 4th January 1983 Time of birth : 6:36 AM Place : Coimbatore, TN Sex : male thank you, rajan
  20. Thank you ravi Ji.... if possible answer for my 2,3 and 4 th questions too.... i have a doubt Is mercury malefic too me or venus ?
  21. Pranam Classic72 Ji, I need your analysis and prediction and any remedies to be followed regarding 1) When will i get married. Will my married life be good. 2) Will there be a chnace for love or arranged marriage 3) Details regarding Profession and Chance of going abroad. 4) Any remedies to be followed for both if any problems faced My birth details are : Date of Birth : 4th January 1983 Time of birth : 6:36 AM Place : Coimbatore, TN Sex : male Thank you, Rajan
  22. Respected astro gurus, What is the impact of Gurus aspect on UpapadaLagna?Placement of Malefics like Rahu,Saturn,Sun in UL,what it signifies? What the Second from Upapada lagna signifies? please throw some light on this.......... Thank you, Rajan
  23. Respected Astro gurus, Please throw some light on this..... What is Virodh-Argala? How do we define it. What is the impact of 6-8, 8-6 aspect of the planets. Thank you, Rajan
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