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How to Identify your Ishta Devata

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1. I was told that due to my being born under Kumbha rasi for whom Sani bhagavan is adhipathi, I have to worship Lord Balaji. Lord Siva and other gods won't work for me.


2. I was told the temples i visited as a child and names in my lineage will indicate the Ishta Devata. As a child I was taken to Karumariamman temple and Anjaneya temple. I was born after my mother worshipped at a Shakthi temple.


3. As Asthika one worships all deities but as a true Bhakta one focuses on a Ishta Devata only? i am drawn to many deities like Narasimha, Ganesha, Subramanya and chant slokas as I remember them.


Please let me know your thoughts.

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ishta deva is the one you love the most, the one you are most deeply attracted to.. one can be attracted to many gods, but if you imagine vividly realistically and deeply for a moment that in the next remaining minute you are about to die, who is the one you will call out for above all others from the deepest most honest place in the heart.. that is your ishta deva.. don't worry what others say.. the ishta deva is a very personal thing.. it is up to you!!!

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I heard there is a way based on Charts.

DOB: June 1, 1975


13:28 PM

any guidance is greatly appreciated


Only an excellent Astrologer can determine your true ishta deva if your ishta deva wants you to know through that vehicle.. There are many divine forces for different purposes in the chart.. but your own heart will tell you the truth better.. One should make effort to explore the heart within a framework of real vital and desperate need, if you are having trouble hearing what the heart is saying under a passive relaxed approach.. .. and if that true sincerity of effort fails, only then should you seek an Astrologer, if you are humble and your desire is truly sincere you will know your ishta deva on your own, have confidence that your ishta deva wants to reveal themself to you.. Faith is a great power..

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At the present time most astrologers are simply expert at extracting money from naive people.


As to the ishta deva: it is a simple question of: "which manifestation of God do you love the most?"

Not: "which is the highest or most impressive". Do not worry if you can't clearly make such a choice right now. Just wait until it clearly manifests in your heart.

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If you have confusion about which form of Istha Deva is right for you, there is a possibility you should initiate the search with finding out knowledge of your true self and your relations with your surroundings.


Our fulfillment is a necessity. We find ourselves searching for fulfillment through means which are not fulfilling. We know we are whole, yet we search for the missing pieces of our identity through money, fame, power, honor etc. While we know this cannot bring us the fulfillment we require, we continue this effort. This is samsara.


Knowing who we are will afford us the knowledge of what we need for our fulfillment. Then we can move forward.

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the form that comes up in front o your eyes , in times of worst troubles is your ishtadevata . the form after praying onto whom you feel most relieved is your ishta .


and if there is no such one form then time has not yet arrived for ishtadevata . better not hurry and mess things up !

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