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  1. i like your dedication to Divine.. It's wonderful.. Best of Luck Veno
  2. the interesting thing about planets, is that everybody thinks mantras will sort it all out.. there's another way to please planets.. attitude.. the more patient, the more saturn is happy, will be on your side.. it shows humility to saturn, another tick in your book, 9th lord, take time to absorb what someone wants to teach you.. things might not be expressed in many words, but those very few words carry meaning so you must look at those small words, something is being said,saturn likes to be limited, there's no lots of this and that.. learn what saturn's attitude is and embrace it within yourself. this is the key.. and propitiate your moon. Honour Divine Mother.. She has been waiting for long time now,i think in your chart.. exchange is always trying to push your attention onto the other planet.. don't ignore that.. Kind Regards, Veno
  3. Namaste, I am just going to say it once more to you before I leave this forum for awhile to take care of my own work, just to help you understand. You like to point the finger at Saturn, Saturn is in an enemy sign sure, and Saturn is gonna take its time about giving you its results. Patience is a virtue. Exchange is gonna give some very positive results after 36 and as you get older. Nobody can ask Saturn to hurry up. Nobody should It's fine to do some things for Saturn, but Saturn is not so unhappy. Saturn is the one who sits strong in navamsa.Of course Saturn will be beneficient through your worship. But when it comes to Propitiation to fix some serious issues understand something very important about your chart. It is not the masculine in your chart which is getting the bashing. It is the feminine. You must do something for devi on Monday. She will respond to whatever form you like to see the Mother. You must do fast on Thursday. Your Jupiter causes many problems for you. You already worship devi on Friday. Good. But give devi ALOT of your time on Monday. PUT your attention on her. Shiva wears a crescent Moon on his head, but that doesn't mean he's the one, who is screaming for your attention. You can give your Saturn attention , because you are running Saturn Dasa and Saturn is in enemy sign, and Saturn is giving you couple of challenging transits right now and next couple of years. But do something for Devi on Monday. Honour the Mother. Nobody needs to do thousands of mantras to everybody, but if you like to that's wonderful. Do as much as you like But make sure in that practice, you do include the ones that are vitally essential. Wear your emerald in Mercury sub.And Be Patient. Kind Regards,
  4. Namaste, I'm sorry i just don't have the time to answer everyone's personal queries in a forum setting.... but i will just say this.. don't get too caught up in the gemstone thing.. ok.. that is not the thing..you know venus is friend of your ascendant lord and your saturn is exalted.. if a gemstone is feeling good then wear it, if you notice it is not feeling good, take it off, one can feel these things by themselves.. the chart is a map of karmas that's all, we are ourselves beyond the chart, our capacities as sparks of divine are infinite in many ways.. , so let's not blow the chart out of proportion.. the chart just shows how much work we might need to do to, to align more harmoniously with a particular type of archetypal energy that exists in the universe.. because of the power of the 10th house, you should seek an organization whose teacher you respect and are attracted to and try and be a part of that, to assist you in your growth in learning. there are many no doubt who offer many free opportunities to learn and participate.. you should put in the work and search.. take that responsibility.. you will find something that gives you an opportunity in the venus mercury time..you have intelligence to find that without needing someone to hold your hand. empower yourself , your chart possesses something great in it, if you apply your effort many greats things are certain, do not indulge in hopeless feelings, that's all...
  5. thanks, one does not need to feel negative because saturn's way is harder than everybody else..a tortoise runs slow but it's still a fine thing.. truth is saturn gives mastery.. and there is no greater feeling of satisfaction and no joy quite like the one saturn can give, so you have things to look forward to especially exchange in the chart has power and it is involving your rajayogakaraka planet.. of course there's some flaws, but nothing is perfect... saturn is like shiva, and shiva is a true master..
  6. your sun is fine and it is helpful.. we were only talking in the context of jewellery and the wearing of gemstones.. one reason is your mercury is on the borderline of combustion, that's why i would not recommend strengthening the sun through jewellery. gemstones are a very complicated affair . i can't go into why alls of my judgement, just because i don't know how really.. many things i take into consideration, i learnt jyotish a certain way, my teacher is unique.. ..... i give advice i feel is going to be helpful
  7. Namaste, safest stone is green emerald.. you can wear green emerald over next couple of years while mercury sub is running..sun is not a friend of your asc. lord from either moon or lagna so wear silver... you can wear diamond sometimes when you feel weak in body, but not continuously.... you are running onset of saturn dasa, and saturn has exchange with moon.. this is very good and will manifest in some kind of career .. you will have to be very patient.. saturn is very slow and takes a while to get going..even still only usually after mid 30's, but things will get moving when you enter your saturn mercury end of july this year...it's more about tapping into your creativity along with creativity with money making.... your moon although in angle from jupiter is a little bit alone, and your jupiter causes many problems.. you should honour devi on mondays and do some fast on thursdays from sunrise to sunset..you need to learn to use your intelligence more to follow your own ideas rather than influence from friends or elder sibling, you also need to work on your diet, i feel that your parents advice is helpful... . i'm sorry i can not offer more advice here, but i do offer readings at my website..
  8. this is extraordinarily lovely...
  9. this is seriously beautiful praise of krsna
  10. this is really very beautiful... please take a look.. [url=" "]
  11. singing vishnu's praises i have to say this is really very beautiful [url="http://www.venoastrology.com"]
  12. "Kali is black because her ways are secret, invisible, one does not know what maya is up to in her ruthlessness to destroy.She creates all kind of chaos to help establish order. She can take any form, she can dazzle, confuse, terrify, entice. She does not discriminate using singular logic, her comprehension is all consuming, she does not miss a thing. She is Krsna's weapon, she works herself up into a frenzy in her divine hunger to coax out the demon's crowning weaknesses of lust, ego, pride, greed until she can no longer contain herself and in an ecstatic moment blasts the enemy with the universal powers of annihilation.. When the universe is in the state of collapse,Shiva has to pacify her. By this point Kali is so drunk on the blood of her victims, and her mocking laughter and screams can be heard far and wide. With Shiva's help in pacifiying the great queen the world is restored to order once again until Kali's roaming tongue tastes another qualified victim. It is a dance of ecstasy and surrender to the lord many times over, a beautiful divine play. She is the great mother. Death is her signature and Birth is her gift.
  13. Namaste, If anyone is interested, here are some creatively interesting, spiritual and trippy visual-music vids worth having a watch by well known author/astrologer Prash Trivedi.. http://www.youtube.com/user/lotusocean
  14. Namaste, I have been a Vedic Astrologer for most of my adult life, going on nearly 2 decades now in that field. I have worked in different countries. I am new to a forum thing.Whilst I have some free time on my hands, I am just taking an interest in people and their spiritual quest, astrological interests, that's all.. The Vedic spectrum of knowledge is a vast and enriching subject.. so all of the life has been interesting in that regards. I have more background info on my site. but thankyou for asking, Veno
  15. Namaste, If anyone is interested, here are some creatively interesting, spiritual and trippy visual-music vids worth having a watch by well known author/astrologer Prash Trivedi.. http://www.youtube.com/user/lotusocean
  16. Namaste, If anyone is interested, here are some creatively interesting, spiritual and trippy visual-music vids worth having a watch by well known author/astrologer Prash Trivedi.. http://www.youtube.com/user/lotusocean
  17. Namaste, If anyone is interested, here are some creatively interesting, spiritual and trippy visual-music vids worth having a watch by well known author/astrologer Prash Trivedi.. http://www.youtube.com/user/lotusocean
  18. Namaste, For anyone who is not familiar with jyotish and would like a short introduction.. here is a non academic vid i made recently at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9f3qGMlnso and for anyone who would like to see something creatively unique, far out and centred in spirit please visit the lotus-ocean vids at http://www.youtube.com/user/lotusocean Regards, Veno
  19. is a superficial question, as the chart as a whole should be seen in its entirety.. saturn exalted in 5th house will boost the 8th and 9th house factors, mystical acquirements, luck in life.. whilst harming some of the 5th house factors, limiting potential for offspring and ability to love, self love etc.. love is an area that needs to be mastered.. but after saturn matures 35-40 it can give powerful results as far as advisory teaching abilities, good powers of objective analysis,creative merits, understanding the real nature of love and a real experience in that regard, recognition, surrender to one's destined path in life, but it indicates a slow unfoldment of the destiny which in itself can be hard for one who likes things to happen quickly ...
  20. On cursory examination.. your planets in 10th are very good for spiritual life. You should take up strong spiritual practice to channel the volatile Mars and Ketu in your 12th house , to gain peace of mind. Your material destiny stabilizes after Saturn maturity 36 yrs onwards. As you are running Venus Mercury you should take up some sort of higher education to help develop skills that are useful for worklife. You should also take up spiritual education. Many opportunities in all areas can open up for you when you undertake some sort of educational path.
  21. Diet helps one on all levels, mentally, physically, spiritually..
  22. The only way to transcend the reactions of karma is to surrender one's fruit of actions to the Divine. This applies to everyone, but to achieve it requires many other things as well. Devotion, Humility etc, Krsna explains all in the Gita.. Very few people on the planet can achieve this state of excellence as the Lord's devotee.
  23. Krsna explains in the Gita all the ways in which the Divine is to be served. You should read the Bhagavad Gita. This should be read on a continuous basis to reach understanding. Devotion and Humility towards the Divine and the desire and effort to surrender the ego are the main actions required for any real spiritual progress.
  24. in today's day and age, there is no formal time required to worship kali nor any complicated procedure.. you can keep an image of her or symbols on your altar, and meditate in front of a burning flame, incense.. you should focus on your mantra with great devotion.. and kali in time may give you the internal motivation to please her in various ways.. if your motivation to worship develops out of pure love and a desire to progress spiritually, she can help you very much to aid your spiritual progress and even lead you to other paths of bhakti if they are more suitable for you.. you should read books on the Mahavidyas if you are interested in understanding these goddesses of which Kali is supreme.
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