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Dear webyogi ji- Is there marriage for this horo?

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Aum Gurubhyo Namah




dear sweety_idiv


i think you would not mind my suggestions.


you are running moon dasa since sep 2001. strictly speaking you must have

been married by this time. But not .. Why ?


moon is your atma karaka (the planet which has advanced most in a sign)

moon is aspected by mars and hemmed between two kroora grahas saturn

and rahu. also moon is neecha in navamsa.


This moon is placed in "UL" called the marriage mandapa. worship of mother

of universe is called for. Shriman Narayana is the mother of the universe.

you may go around the inner prahara of Shri Lakshmi narayana daily and

complete 1008 rounds within 25 days.


keep chanting " om namo narayanaya " ..atleast 1008 times a day

also chant " om hamsaya namah " .. atleast 108 times a day


observe fast on sundays from sunrise to sunset and donate a food packet

to a poor on that day.


may mother bless all



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DOB : 9/6/1981

TOB : 8:07 P.M.

Place : chennai, tamilnadu



Dear sweety,


I am also having problems casting your horoscope please aswser the following questions


Is your birth time 8:07 pm ie at night meaning 20:07?

Is your date 9 and month 6 ie June?


Please reply ASAP, thanks



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Dear all,


Here are my birth details


Date : 9th June, 1981

Time : 20:07 (24 Hour format)

Place : Chennai, tamilnadu, India.


And yes. I am running rahu mahadasa since 2004.

When will I be getting married?



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