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Pakistan Nuclear Weapons in Danger of Falling into the Hands of Taliban

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Taliban being freedom fighters may just-as-well be Taliban propaganda. The question arises, "Freedom from what?"

Are Taliban persecuted or are they cultivators of persecution. Or are they both?


In case you're wondering, it's US that invaded Af, not the other way around. That makes US terrorist, and the resistance force freedom fighters.

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Taliban are freedom fighters????.

The atheists mask of jinglebells is slowly coming off.The mention of jimmy carter in earlier thread should have alerted me.My bad, i mistook this self proclaimed atheist as a missionary :(.


We are talking about Taliban in pakistan.

So, what kind of freedom the talibs are fighting for?


Freedom to take people to barbaric 7th century?


freedom to kill school going girls?


Freedom to administer sharia? which includes flogging the ladies??


Freedom to bomb girl schools??


what freedom they are fighting for??


remove the mask completely, jinglebells :P

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Here is the video of taliban flogging a girl in public



Here is the pakistani news paper showing the evidence



Here is another report on taliban bombing girls schools-http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-library/dawn/news/pakistan/provinces/09-taliban-violate-deal-in-swat-pakistan-army-szh--05


<b>Is this the freedom you are talking about Jinglebells???</b>

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