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Mars + Saturn in 12th house

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Can someone please tell me about analysis and interpretation about Saturn + Mars

in 12th house? I am afraid about it.


Saturn ® in 12th house – lord of 4th & 5th House is with Mars – lord of 2nd and 7th house.

Saturn is benefic but mars is malefic.


In Navamansha – Mars is in 5th house and Saturn in 9th house. Is this the reason why speculation is not advised because mars in 5th house.


The thing that is creating stress & panic for me is finances. I can’t do any real estate or stock market investment then how am I going to grow my wealth in life. Speculation is also not advised because it will give losses. I am very worried due to finances. I am ready to put much hard work but this is depressing.


Saturn & Mars are in my 12th house so will I have some Finances like to take care of my basic needs of food, clothing and shelter & if married that of wife and kids.


DoB - 30/05/1982

ToB - 3.55 pm

PoB - Indore, M.P.

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I will start with my usual disclaimer that I am a novice.


Mars as lord of 2nd and 5th in 12th would probably mean that you will spend money and not get the desired outcome. Since 5th house denotes higher education, it could also be on higher education.


Mars is a neutral for your lagna since a malefic owning a quadrant becomes neutral. From chandra lagna he is a yogakaraka since he owns 4th and 9th.


Sa as lord of 4 and 5th is a yogakaraka for lagna but a malefic from chandra lagna owning 6th house.


Conjunction of Sa with Ma would have actually been a rajayoga from lagna perspective but for this happening in 12th house.Since Ma is also the dispositor for the lagnesh, there may be a tendency to lean towards foreign residence. But because of afflication of 12th house it is unlikely to be a pleasant experience.


12th lord Me being in 8th though supposed to result in vipareeta rajayoga, conjunction with Su another malefic spoils it. This further adds to the weakness of planets in 12th house.


From Chandra lagna perspective Ma in 2nd is good. But conjunction with Sa lord of 6th and an enemy will not allow its effect to materialize fully.


Currently you are running Mars/Ketu Dasha/Antar. Su antar starting Oct 2010 may be better since Su is placed in 9th from Ma the dasha lord. Though Su as a natural malefic and lord of 11th is not auspicious from lagna he is auspicious from chandra lagna (lagnesh in 10th where he gets max digbala)


Ra dasha may also be good since he in 9th from lagna and is considered to be in a good house in Ge. He is in good vargas in as many as 5 (chatra) in shadvarga and hence should give prove to be very beneficial.


Overall, your chandra lagna appears to be reasonable good and usually the effects of chandra lagna are expected to give results in later part of life.


If foreign residence is a fixation, you may be better of looking towards East/North rather than west. Of-course philosophically it is best to come out of all fixations (I know it is easier said than done!) and take things as they come the best and natural way.


Good luck.



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Mars is markesh for <st1:city><st1:place>Tula</st1:place></st1:city> lagna and he is owner of 2<sup>nd</sup> and 7<sup>th</sup> house. Mars is not ‘neutral’.

I will appreciate if you can please look into it.


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Maaraka and benefic nature can be independent of each other. Every living being has to die. Philosophically I dont think we are sure that death is a bad thing to hapen! A maaraka planet responsible to carry this out may independently be a benefic or a malefic.


According to BPHS a malefic owning a quadrant loses its malefic nature. Ownership of 2nd house is considered neutral. Hence I said it is functionally neutral.



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HI All


Since this thread deals with the Mars + Saturn Combination, can some one throw some light on the following chart where you could find both of them in the 10th house




DOB: 29th May 2006

TOB: 16:30

POB: New Delhi



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