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  1. Hi Srinivas, a really nice work of analysis and I really appreciate the accuracy which you had maintained. As per your Analysis I see things coming out good in Old age. Rahu Dasha, Jupiter Dasha may appear near to the end of Life. That is also a good sign. As you told that COMBO of Mars+ Venus + Mercury has helped me lot then you are really true and it had happened. Mercury gave me a beautiful Education Yoga which lead me to Doctorate, Let see what leads to Wealth now. I know current transits are not good and may disappear soon. Still thanks g0ld3n.tig3r, I agree that there are various yoga in everyone chart but I was curious of knowing the BEST and BAD of them and understand there play in my life. Thanks
  2. What is the reason and why you want MOKSHA just because everyone says like that How many times in ur Life time did you get a chance to talk to ur AATMA .... If you interact with AATMA more then you can think of getting near PARMATAMA.. Thanks
  3. Hi All The day I see my horoscope in a Software I get so much thrilled because I see so many Yogas in my Chart but in actual life things become different 1. Raj Yoga 2. Vipreet Raj Yoga from Saturn and another from Ju-Moon 3. Mars as Yogkarka 4. Gaj Kesari Yoga by Ju-Moon 5. Raj Sambhadna Yoga Can any one highlight the weakest part/points of chart which should be taken care off and the difficulties it will show in my life Details DOB: 4th August 1976 TOB: 08:55 AM POB: New Delhi Thanks
  4. Hi Rajiv I hope that doesn't happen but if something lies in destiny then it could not be stopped. As you said Raj Yog in the chart are not bad but can you tell the period when they will be visible as i am done with my SAT MAhadasha and didn't see any Raj Yoga or Vipreet Raj Yoga and my life was a simple and moderate currently in Sat Antardasha the situations are still bad and moving a bit negative Can you throw some light on that too Thanks
  5. Hi Rajiv Thanks for the comments So as per comments the Sun-Sat Combination is always not good. I believe in ur words but the respect and honor I had for my Dad and the way I Listen to him doesn't show those effects so much ...But one thing is true and that is now i am living in a Foreign Country far and away from him. In the case above since Vipreet Raj Yoga by Saturn, will it never show its effects or the Raj Yoga formed in the chart is weak as both are placed in 12th house Thanks
  6. Your valuable comments will highly be appreciated Thanks
  7. Hi All I have a Confusion regarding the conjunction of Sun-Sat combination Sun is the Lord of Lagna ( 1st House, Kendra and Trkona ) , Saturn is Lord of 6th ( Lord of Dustana ) and 7th House ( Lord of Kendra ) .. Both of them are situated in the 12th House ( Dushtana ), So how much percent of the following will be felt in the natives life 1. Conjunction of Lord of Trikona and Kendra leads to RAJ YOGA 2. Lord of 6th House in 12th House should yield Vipreet Raj Yoga The Saturn has very less SHADBALA and SUN has more than twice the Shadbala as of Saturn and also it makes SATURN COMBUST in that house Can Some one Throw some light on this Details of Chart DOB: 4th August 1976 TOB: 08:55 AM POB: New Delhi Thanks
  8. Hi Riaz I am currently not in a position to have/buy Diamond and Emerald together now so do you have any alternative for time being so that some amount of effects could be achieved with some other option and later on I can go with your suggestions
  9. Hi ALL I have a BIG Confusion with respect to my Chart as few Astrologer have following to say about my chart 1. Few Say I have Mercury + Venus + Mars in the 12th House and Sun in 11th House with Saturn but when I see it in the Jaganath Hora Software I find something else. 2. Few need to know more about my Life as there would be an ascendant change just 44 seconds earlier to my time of Birth. But I still hope that this time is fine with me as I have discussed this with one of a good Astrologer ( Deepa ji) 3. Few says I have Mercury + Venus in 12th house and Mars and Asc are in 1st house A Lot of Confusion and a Bad time too currently running, so can anyone help me out in this and let me know when will a good time approach with respect to job and financial condition Details TOB: 08:55 AM DOB: 4th August 1976 POB: New Delhi Thanks
  10. Hi Suchandra You are right about the prediction you had made about my Education and that has been really nice. Since you mentioned that these effects which I am seeing are due to Transits of the planets but it will be so great of you if you could provide the detail of these Transits, their End period and the planets involved so that i can take care accordingly I am currenlty wearing Ruby as a Stone.
  11. I tried a different Ayanmasa i.e. Yukteshwara then I got MA, Me and Ve in 12th house and Sa and Sun in 11th house and respectively it changes all location of planets Which Ayanmasa should be used for the Analysis and as different astrologer uses different Ayanmasa which one should we rely on ? Do all of them tend to same results If few past events could be predicted from different ayanmasa then we can have more confidence in prediction..I have checked few past events with Lahiri Ayanmasa and was able to match most of the Transits effects Can you predict some points of past for the above chart Thanks
  12. Hi I just wanted to start a thread which could opportunity for everyone to discuss and find solution to the effects of Saturn in their Horoscope DOB: 4th August 1976 TOB: 08:55 AM POB: New Delhi I have Saturn in 12th House with Sun in same house, I have seen tough time always in Saturn Dasha either be MahaDasha or Antardasha...Even though Conjuction of Lords of Trikona and Kendra in any house should lead to RAJYOGA but I don;t see this yoga for me because SUN and SATURN being lord of 1st and 7th house are in 12th house CAN Such Raj Yogas result into better or what is the main reason of not giving positive results Thanks
  13. Thanks again for the recommendation I get so much confusion regarding my chart that sometimes I don;t know what should be done. Can some one highlight these for me 1. Is Ketu going to drag my career in research field in its Mahadasha 2. Is Saturn or Mercury Responsible for the Losses and Struggle in my life related to Money and other issues 3. Jupiter - Rahu Transits have always been -ve in results 4. Will Saturn Antardasha always be stressful 5. Which career line would be best working out for me..I always work in the field in which I have not studied anything and then again the same struggle starts. I do win it but it gives struggle 6. Does RED CORAL is recommended for me, can some one list the good and bad effects of that on me Few lines on each would create some confidence in me , Birth details are shown below DOB: 4th August 1976 TOB: 08:55 AM POB: New Delhi Thanks
  14. Hi everyone I just want to few things to clear my doubts as they effect my life Why is Panna/Emerald not good for me ... I wore it for few months and saw lots of losses Does everyone support for RED CORAL and RUBY in this chart Details 4th August 1976 08:55 AM New Delhi Thanks
  15. The above is regarding my Brother in law and an advice will be really helpful How will be the current 2 years of period Thanks
  16. Hi I was recently told by an astrologer that the period of 2.5 yrs ending in Jun 2010 will be tough and there are chances of some legal action. Can some one help me in this regard Details DOB: 08 July 1985 POB: Liluah , Kolkata, WB TOB: 03:05 AM Thanks
  17. Hi All I have faced a lot of delays in my life but whenever I ask some astrologer they pin point at some planet and I could not get a consistent answer. Some Astrologer say it is due to Saturn, Some say it is Mars, Some Mercury and so on...If I get some consistent results then I can follow the the remedies of those planets easily 1. I have faced a lot of problems in each work and I don;t know what is the major cause or will this continue for ever like this. 2. Which stone or remedy is the best one which should be carried out in order to have good wealthy condition in life Details DOB: 4th August 1976 TOB: 08:55 AM POB: New Delhi Thanks
  18. Hi Anjali I also have the Combination os Sun-Shani in the 12th house with LEO LAGNA. Currently I am also going through the phase of Delays and a bit of Struggle but at the end the work gets done as I am under the Sub Dasha of Shani too. Combustion is the normal procedure whenever a planet comes near SUN and it is calculated based on the degree difference between them. 2 best things for the people with Leo Lagna are : Wearing of Ruby in the RING Finger and Surya Namaskar every morning will surely help you come out of bad situations Hope other GURU's of this website will comment more on your problem but still you can try the above 2 remedies Thanks
  19. Details DOB: 4th August 1976 TOB: 08:55 AM POB: New Delhi Thanks
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