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  1. Maaraka and benefic nature can be independent of each other. Every living being has to die. Philosophically I dont think we are sure that death is a bad thing to hapen! A maaraka planet responsible to carry this out may independently be a benefic or a malefic. According to BPHS a malefic owning a quadrant loses its malefic nature. Ownership of 2nd house is considered neutral. Hence I said it is functionally neutral. CRS
  2. Dear ramakiran3, I said Gemini because your chandra lagna is Gemini (moon sign). In astrological assessment both (ascendant or lagna and chandra lagna/moon sign)have to be considered. Both are supposed to give results independent of each other. Where there is an expectation of contradictory results, wthe stronger of the two would prevail. CRS
  3. I will start with my usual disclaimer that I am a novice. Mars as lord of 2nd and 5th in 12th would probably mean that you will spend money and not get the desired outcome. Since 5th house denotes higher education, it could also be on higher education. Mars is a neutral for your lagna since a malefic owning a quadrant becomes neutral. From chandra lagna he is a yogakaraka since he owns 4th and 9th. Sa as lord of 4 and 5th is a yogakaraka for lagna but a malefic from chandra lagna owning 6th house. Conjunction of Sa with Ma would have actually been a rajayoga from lagna perspective but for this happening in 12th house.Since Ma is also the dispositor for the lagnesh, there may be a tendency to lean towards foreign residence. But because of afflication of 12th house it is unlikely to be a pleasant experience. 12th lord Me being in 8th though supposed to result in vipareeta rajayoga, conjunction with Su another malefic spoils it. This further adds to the weakness of planets in 12th house. From Chandra lagna perspective Ma in 2nd is good. But conjunction with Sa lord of 6th and an enemy will not allow its effect to materialize fully. Currently you are running Mars/Ketu Dasha/Antar. Su antar starting Oct 2010 may be better since Su is placed in 9th from Ma the dasha lord. Though Su as a natural malefic and lord of 11th is not auspicious from lagna he is auspicious from chandra lagna (lagnesh in 10th where he gets max digbala) Ra dasha may also be good since he in 9th from lagna and is considered to be in a good house in Ge. He is in good vargas in as many as 5 (chatra) in shadvarga and hence should give prove to be very beneficial. Overall, your chandra lagna appears to be reasonable good and usually the effects of chandra lagna are expected to give results in later part of life. If foreign residence is a fixation, you may be better of looking towards East/North rather than west. Of-course philosophically it is best to come out of all fixations (I know it is easier said than done!) and take things as they come the best and natural way. Good luck. CRS
  4. Neptune is not cnsidered in Vedic Astrology. Hence Ju is treated as being alone. Retro planets work like exalted planets.
  5. Since Ve is an enemy of Ju, placement of Ju in Li is not ideal. But for Gemini lagna Li is the 5th house. Hence Ju is reasonably well placed. However, since he is also the karaka for the putra bhava he may not give you good results in matters relating to children, specially the male child. This is because a akaraka placed in the house of his karakatwa is supposed to destroy the effects. CRS
  6. Well, since no one else has replied so far, I will attempt though I am a novice. Your Chandra Lagna is stronger than the ascendant based on Bhava bala. Also the mirth that post shows you are slanting more towards a Gemini (the sign of your chandra lagna) born. Su who is aspecting Ge from Sg may be the reason for your baldness. Pray to the almighty Su. Currently you are running Ju mahadasha and Su placed in Sg may be the reason why the problem seems to have started in this dasha. From the scendant Ju is a benefic (lord of 9th) placed in quadrant and from Chandra lagna neutral placed in 5th because of quadrant lordship. He is also in good varga. Hence I do not doubt his intentions for your nativity, baldness included CRS
  7. Hi, I can understand the predicament. Before going further, I will mention upfront that I am novice and sincerely hope that my post will not add to your confusion. Your chart shows Me,Su,Ju and Ve in Ari bhava with the lagna lord Me combust. Ve, the yogakaraka is also in a bad house. This house also happens to be the 8th from Chandra lagna. Ra is not badly placed in Ge which many beleive is a friendly house for Ra, though the placement in lagna may lead to a few problems to health and danges from thieves/snakes. But Sa the lord of 9th from lagna and 10th from Chandra lagna is exalted.Your 10th lord is in exaltation sign with Mo in Dashamsa and that too in the 9th house. Hence I feel that you just have to wait for a good time. You are currently running Su Mahadasha who is in papakartari yoga being hemmed in between Sa and Ma. This may be the reason for your current worried mental state. Based on astakavarga points I expect the period after Sep 09 when Sa enters Virgo should be better specailly after Nov since Ju enters Aq where he has a high points for your chart.Moon mahadasha starting Oct 2010 should also be imrpove matters as far as it relates to your mental makeup. As for getting confused with remedies, many people have repeatedly said that satvik (prayer,service to poor...) methods of remedy are safer and are bound to produce beneficial spiritual effect even if not material effect. CRS
  8. Hi To start off I am not an astrologer. Just a curious student and a beginner at that. I will share whatever little I know. According to BPHS benefics lose their benefic nature (i.e they become neutral) if they own quadrants. For Ge ascendant Ju owns the 7th and 10th house. But since in your case it is in the house of its moolatrikona it restores its benefic nature. In any case, Ju is a karaka for many aspects (Dhan,Putra,Bhagya and Labh bhavas) and being placed in a quadrant (even if not own house) will still make it highly beneficial for these aspects provided it is not conjunct with a malefic or in the house of an enemy. Retro planest in general work the same way as an exalted planet. I have read some people saying that Retro planets in their exaltation signs work lke malefics. In your case this is not applicable since Ju is not in Cancer.
  9. Thanks watchthisfree. I have come across many references to KP paddati. Will certainly look at the link that you have given. CRS
  10. Sorry Ravi and vipvats. I am yet to go thru the last few posts. My last post is "dated"
  11. Thanks for the feedback Ravi. I pray that I will continue with the awareness that I am a novice to ensure that my learning does not stop. Feedback, specially negative one are welcome, because that is what helps in understanding where I have erred. Thanks for sharing your take on vipvats questions. As for your question vipvatsji, I will probably say no since lord of 7th who is supposed to help you connect with others and collaborate (this is assumed as essential for success in business) is in 12th Vyaya bhava in an uncomfortable conjunction with Su in an enemy's house. I am not sure whether the 3rd (enterprise) lord being conjunct with 11th (gains) lord in lagna is adequate to overcome the above. The other +ve factor for business is presence of Ju in the 7th from chandra lagna and aspecting the 11th from chandra lagna. The 3rd +ve factor is that based on what you have stated Me has done lot of good to you in the past. Strong Me is seen to promote business. I am sorry if I have not answered your question categorically. Hope Ravi and others will be bale to thorw some light. CRS
  12. Dear members, Will be glad if someone can share their thoughts on this. CRS
  13. Thanks for the compliments. If I have said something sensible it is entirely due to the vast pool of knowledge shared in these fora. I am thankful to the learned who share their knowledge here.
  14. Your wealth house is actually the strongest in terms of Bhava Bala. I would have thought your Me dasha (lord of 2nd) to have given you much wealth. From a philosophical perspective, beyond a point, whether you are wealthy or not is usually a state of mind and you are the best erson to answer that question. As I said Ke dasha should be good since he is in 9th and Ma ord of 9th is in lagna and is a yogakaraka. Ma also owns 4th house. Hence you may expect acquisition of house/plots. Astroogically, I feel the one year period starting around May 2012 should be very good based on transit of Ju in Taurus when you will be running Ve and Su antar, specially the Su antar. But as I said earlier, I am a novice. CRS
  15. Well, Me can give you some good results due its placement in lagna and in own house in Navamsha. Me is also natural karaka for intelligence. In D-24 chart he is in 7th aspecting lagna. Ju the lord of 5th (higher education) from both lagna and Chandra lagna is in a quadrant. You have Gajakesari yoga (Ju and Mo in quadrants from each other) in d-1,d-9,d-3,d-24,d-12. I believe these are have supported your higher education.
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