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Concept of Bharat mata and modern shakta thought

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the latest addition to the phenomenon of worshipping god as mother was in the late nineteenth century . with the growing spirit of nationalism amongst the masses in india the idea of desamata or mother nation sprang forward into existence . it earliest roots can , however be traced back to the vedic era when our planet earth was compared to mother . phrases comparing earth with a feminine force is quite common for that era . but idea of the nation as a female principle is not that old .


this was perhaps because in a vast multicultural country like india each region differed from the other and identified itself as one particular nation . however it would be incorrect to say that there was absolutely no unity among different regions in india , common beliefs , practices , gods , scriptures maintened a definite national character which was properly projected in the colonial era .


the belief of earth as mother which was nourished in the minds of people for ages found its final shape in the personification of mother india . the most popular praise sung to her was composed by the renowned bengali writer vankim chandra chatterjee in the famous novel anandamath . it is the vande matram . it speaks of a sujala suphala ( plentiful ) green country which has the most beautiful moonlit nights abound with choicest flowers . she is ever smiling and has pleasing mannerisms . she herself is the durga of tem arms . it to her that we bow down .


in such a description we can see the way in which the prevalent shakta bhakti thought has merged into nationalistic ideals .


in this very book there is an interesting comparison between the past present and future of india . the past is shown as devi jagadhhatri , sitting on a lion .she is bedecked with every possible jewels and holds weapons in her arms . she is the queen of all nations -- rajrajeshwari . the present (those days) is compared to terrifying kali . she has been robbed of her jewels and stand naked . she is in ignorance and tramples her own good(shiva) under her feet . she resides in the crematorium like condition of colonial india under british subjugation. in the future she would become the durga . she would be at the top of all the nations once more . she has the complexion of molten gold . she has laxmi (wealth ) saraswati(knowledge and excellence) ganesh ( aupiciousness ) and kartik( strentgh ) at her disposal . she tramples all evil(mahishasur) at her feet . the king of beasts is her vahana.


numerous authors poets and politicians also contributed to the growth of this concept of mother india . some songs of rabindranath tagore stand out in particular--


you have come out of the heart of bangladesh(colonial state of bengal) in the form of a loving mother .

i keep on staring at your inexpressible beauty .

the doors have opened to a golden temple .

your right hand shines with a dreadfull scimitar,

but your left hand in raised in gesture of fearlessness (abhaya mudra) ,

your eyes are brimming with love and compassion ,

and yet your forehead is shining with anger .

o mother , what a form i behold before me !!


this expression of durga as mother india enabled the nationalist leaders to stck to their noble cause and ideals . somwhere in 1930's mahatma gandhi founded the bharatmata temple in varanasi . even today this thought remains strong in the country . quite unknowingly a predominantly shakta philosophy has found its way into and secured a firm foundation in the natinalist sentiments of modern india .

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One does not have to believe that the shakti Devi is supreme above all to be a shakta or worshiper of shakti.

Gaudiya Vaishnavas for example are worshipers of shakti in the form of Radha and the gopis.

They do not consider that Radha or the gopis are the creators or masters of the universe and all life, but they still worship shakti with the understanding that Bhagavan is most pleased to award liberation to the devotees of his devotees more than to those who ignore shakti worship and try to worship him without his shakti.


As I posted before, Gaudiya Vaishnavas are suddha-shakta.

They worship the shakti as Radharani, the form of pure devotion.


In the beginning the worship of Vasudeva or Krishna alone is beneficial, but the perfection of devotion can only be realized as shakta of Radha and her gopi expansions.

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Can u explain the last line sonic


First, we must understand the name because the diacritics are missing.

Vasudeva and Vaasudeva can be easily confused.

Vasudeva is Krishna's father.

Vasudeva is also Krishna.

Vasudeva as Krishna's father has a soft (a) and is pronounced like the u in but.

Vasudeva as Krishna has a long (a) and is pronounced as Vaasudeva.


So, Vaasudeva is Krishna in his all pervasive feature as the indwelling spirit of all souls.

Krishna of Bhagavad-gita is Vasudeva because he is not worshiped with his shakti Radha as in Radha-Krishna.

In the beginning we worship Krishna of Bhagavad-gita on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. There he is not with his shakti Radha.


In Vrindavan, Krishna is worshiped along with his shakti Radha.

This is the Gaudiya Vaishnava worship.

Gaudiyas worship Radha-Krishna.

In the Gaudiya temples you always find Krishna being worshiped along with the deity of Radha.


The idea of worshiping Krishna without worshiping his shakti Radha is actually Vasudeva worship.


Gaudiyas do not worship Krishna without simultaneously worshiping Radharani.

So, that is why Gaudiyas are known as suddha-shakta because the worship of Radha is the pure form of shakti worship.

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no wasnt krisna in gita and radha krishn same?



But, on the battlefield of Kurukshetra Krishna is alone. He is not having lila with Radha.

Gaudiyas don't like to worship Krishna without Radha.

Same Krishna, but his names are different according to his lila and the aspect of himself that he is showing.

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Her amsa/expansion,Mahalaxmi,the Supreme Sovereign of Vaikuntha,creates,maintains and dissolves the Innumerable universes as if it were mere play.


This same Radharani is very innocent and by Her wish,remains so hidden from the material scholars as the Origin of All.But in fact,She is the Sould of the Suprme Lord,Who Himself is the Soul of all Souls.


Those who are in Her group,gorify Her over Sri Krsna and those who are in Sri Kanea's group extol Him over Her.


It is,however,offensive to think that Sri Radhika is a menial maid servant of Sri Krsna.


IT is One Brahm: Sri Radhakrishna.


All-Uma,Rama,Sarasvati,Durga,Gayatri,all of Them along with Their consorts worship Srimati Radharani,for She is the epicentre of the Entire manifestation spitual as well as Material.

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