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unable to concieve

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I am kalpana pandey married for 4+ yrs , but still i am not able to conceive.

my details


d.o.b 6th june 1978,

place rewa m.p

time 16:10


husband details


d.o.b 7 sep , 1977

place renukoot sonebhardra u.p

time 23:10




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Kal sarp dosh seen in the chart is delaying the issue. As per the chart, before the end of next year (2010), you should have a baby. Mercury is the lord of 5th house. Try to worship, bhagvan Vishnu to speed up the process.

with regards

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Dear sow. Kalpana -


Apart from Kal Sarpa Dosha in your Lagna Kundali, there is Nag Dosha appearing in your Navmansa Kundali {Jupiter with Rahu in Navamansa lagna and fifth lord Moon trapped in Rahu / Ketu Axis}.


Also aspect of Saturn, Mars and Gulika on the fifth house in lagna kundali is not favourable.


You may refer to my thread 'Distinct combinations in kundali for Nag Dosha and Remedial Measures' for more infomration.


Best regards,



II Shubham Bhavatu II

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