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mandar madhusudan

CASE STUDY - Kundali looks powerful - but in reality there is something else ...

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Respected Members,


I want to put forward an interesting case about one of my Acquaintance. The kundali when glanced looks strong, but the reality is totally different ..


Birth-date – 23 April 1974

Time – 11:45 AM


Location – Kolhapur (Longitude – 74E13, Latitude – 14N42)


This boy took 8 year time to complete a 3 year diploma course (1989 – 1997). Since then he is sitting at home without doing any constructive work. He got a job 3 to 4 times due to influence of his relatives from maternal side but was not able to pursue the same due to some obstacles (sudden illness in 2000, conflict with peers etc.)


He suffered from a major viral infection in 2000 and was detected for Juvenile Diabetes in 2002.


Recently, he got a job with call centre in May 2008, he did it for 3 months but left the same because he was not paid, he got some small incentive for good work but they did not pay him the salary for 3 months.


He blames his old parents for his own destiny and takes out his entire frustration on them making their life miserable.


His old parents have a big question - When will he get settled down in his life?


Is it advisable to look for an alliance for him (seeing his peers getting married, he is asking his parents to find for a suitable match for him soon).


Is there any chance of him to settle down with a stable source of income?


Finally - is there an element of BLACK MAGIC involved here?


I am putting forward this case for your kind guidance on remedial measures.


Best regards


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Aum Gurubhyo Namah




Dear shri.mandar


Do you find the chart strong, just because sun is exalted in the tenth

joining the lagna lord moon ? or is it because of the vipareeta yoga occuring

because of the sixth lord in eight, eighth lord in twelfth ?


I dont think the charts are so simple to decode. The knowledge we have gained

is only a spoonful of water from the ocean. Otherwise, all astrologers must be

the richest men of today having attained one hundred percent predictive ability.


The tenth lord mars is placed in twelfth with dire malefic saturn for karka lagna.

Tenth lord dispositor mercury, is neecha placed in gandanta and aspected by

rahu and saturn.


Second lord Sun ruling wealth placed well in tenth is pierced by Rahu because

of what is called as vedha from jyeshta nakshtra. Sun is the planet of resources.

Sun is the lord of aruda pada of tenth. Rahu is one which causes grahana to sun.

Sun is also highly uncomfortable in navamsa.


The bhagya lord jupiter is placed in 12 th to bhagya sthana associating with venus,

the bhadaka for karka lagna.


The combo saturn and mars is called unmada yoga.


please ask him to chant " om saambha sadashivaya namah " atleast 324 times daily.

If he does not chant, it clearly shows atma is under stress. Mercury is his atmakaraka ,

placed in gandanta aspected by rahu and saturn. This calls for utmost care.


may mother bless all



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Respected Sir,


Please correctly specify your location. Because the name of city (Kolhapur - AP) have different Longi/Latti than specified.


And the longi/latti given by you is of a city in Haryana (Abdullapur)


In this case Ascendant changes with 2minutes only/a few degrees. The Chart comes out to be entirely different in both considerations.


Please again specify the time of birth and place of birth correctly



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Respected Shri. Sasisekaran


Thank you for your kind guidance. I have just started learning astrology and guidance from veterans like you will help me immensely in fine tuning my approach.

My following observation made me feel that there is some inherent strength in this chart –

~ Exhalted Sun represents a mature soul who always strive for the aatmagati – (Ref. BPHS) placed in 10th with lagnesh (moon) 10 degrees apart

~ Vargottam Ascendant

~ Vargottam Jupiter aspecting Saturn and mars combo will reduce the evil effects of this yuti and may help the soul in aatmagati (aspect on 12th house)

~Aatmakarak is also vargottam in Meena karkamsa {Ref - BPHS under Chapter - Effects of Karakāńś – If the karakamsa is Meena, it will grant the final emancipation to Jataka.}

Best regards,


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Aum Gurubhyo Namah




Dear shri.mandar


Please do not call me a veteran. i am just a learner.


I am happy to note that you are referring to BPHS. The sutras that appear

should never be treated as a stand alone one. Various sutras come into

play when we apply a principle and exactly that is where many of us have

different views.


For example , exalted sun is treated as something very big. Exaltation alone

does not make a graha, the most superior. Exaltation is also a state where

the graha 'forgets' itself and in full mood to enjoy. The other strengths should

also be considered when a graha is seen in a ' totality '. In this case the sun

suffers from the dosha of vedha caused by rahu. Also sun is placed in 12 th in

Navamsa. The sun gets caught in sarpa dosha and also aspected by the terrible

combination of saturn-mars. Assesment of sun does not end here.


Why did he fall sick during Sun's antar (2000)? sun shows vitality of the person.

If the sun is really strong he should not have fallen sick. Did sun try to perform

his duty of 'marakatawa' during this period, since he is lord of 2nd? Having placed

in tenth, where he has the higest digbala, why did he not give him a job then ?

These questions certainly would make us think twice about its real role in life.


varrgotam does not mean that the lagna is turned 'good '. Lagna is 'dhi' sakthi.

Its state is as far as dharma is concerned also falls in karaka. If the lagna has

turned good , why the person should is wanting to marry a lady and make her suffer

too, when he is jobless ?


jupiter placed in kumbha makes him only move towards a fully tamasic state. Sage

Parasara calls kumbha as fully tamasic, where nothing moves. A tamasic person is

the laziest. Rajasic person is active and is always onthe move. Satwic person is a

balanced one. He has rajasic and tamasic in him.


Meena karakamsa should be unafflicted to grant moksha. In his case it is terribly

afflicted by rahu which misleads the person to maya. It becomes even more wors

since it joins mercury ,the atmakaraka and hence afflicting at the atma level too.


may mother bless all



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i would like to give some remedies for the person concerned.

Remedies are as follows:

1. He should never wear blue and black and green clothes

2. Abstain from non-veg and liquor

3. Throw a copper coin for 43 days continously in running water (river or canal)

4. Go to temple everyday

5. Never accept any taweez from any saint or anybody.

6. Offer mushrooms filled in earthern pot at religious place.


Hope it will help the person.


Good Luck :)

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Respected Shri. Sasisekaran



Many thanks for your detailed explaination and your insight for micro level details. His stressed parents always ask me one question - when will he get settled. Since last 8 months, they are observing some change in his behavior towards positivity, he is at least trying now to secure some work.


He is also suggested to perform Katyayani Pooja by one of his well wisher. I have suggested him in past to visit shiva temple daily and chant the holy 'panchakshari mantra' maximum number of times possible sitting in the temple and concentrating on shivlinga.


On and off, he is following my suggesstions and now your kind suggesstions for him almost confimrs the authenticity of my remedial measures suggested.


He is very well verse in sanskit and hence i have also suggested him to recite Siddha Kunjika Stotra.


I sincerely wish and pray for the parents.


Best regards,


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