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I am scared...plz advice

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My details


MY DOB:18-8-81 time:7..08 pm

Longitude :75.52 East

Latitude :14.31 North

Place :Harihar,karnataka


Will I too loose my job

I have lots of financial commitments and dependency....

Plz advice

Thanks a lot in advance!

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sorry can't give answer to your specific query but I feel reading hanuman chalisa will be of help. ...and rest as they say is destiny...


best wishes

u cant answer ............is it because its negative?????? :crying2: :crying2:

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:crying2: :crying2: :crying2:




You are having period of Budh who is 8th lord (loss, death...) in 7th house. Sub period of sani is running till Jan 2010. Sani is lord of 12th (loss, travel, epenses...). Thus loosing job is a possibility. But at the same time in my openion, change of place is possible and think in that way also. It is part of our Karma and do not be scared and we all have to pay one day. Also, there are planetary combinations that also tells that some thing will come out to support you even you have a job or not and this is very important to consider but this will also require efforts.


1.Wear coral in gold.


2.Wear yellow Topaz 9not yellow sapphire) in silver.


3. worship Shree Ram and Hanuman ji along with lord Vishnu may be helpful.


4. be vegetarian if you are already not so.



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