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  1. Namaskar: In my opinion, first of all do not loose hope. It is all comes down to play of karma. In your chart, 6th, 8th and 12 th lord are in house of profession and this is the main concern. It causes Viprat Raja yoga, meaning gain due to loss to some one else. Your Sun as a profession lord is in 11th (gains) and is good. Yes, you do have Kal Sarpa yoga but it shows lot of efforts. Jupiter at present is in pisces and when it transists to Aries, it will aspect your profession house and may likey to give job (may not be that is according to education etc. ). Dasa of Sun has started in Dec 2010 for 6 years. Thus, with some efforts you may get a job. I would suggest to wear a good ruby (unheated) in gold to help get a job. Worship God Sun every day at Sun rise may be helpful. Respect of elderely is extremely important as Sun is the indicator. I understand the differrence of opinion with father, but you may have to comprimise a middle ground to deal the present situation. You may be surprised that your father may be very helpful. Also, wear a umblemissed pearl in silver may be more helpful with your luck. Hope it helps. WebYogi
  2. Namaskar: In my opinion, Mars being lord of 8th is aspecting 7th house is a hindrance to marrigae. Besides this, Saturn as a lord of 6th is aspecting spouse house requires more efforts. Jupiter as a spouse lord is in 7th at present and with efforts possibility of remmarige is there till it is in this house. Make some donations to needy people on Saturdays (vegetarian food, non leather shoes, umbrella etc), fasting on Tuesdays may be helpful. Hope it helps. Be vegetatian if you are already not so. WebYogi
  3. Namaskar: In my opinion, just from the information you provided (not enough) possibility of love marriage is slim as lord of 7th, budh is with Surya in 10th house. Also, one has to see the degrees of each planet if Budh is combust or not. What dasa is running etc and Navamsa chart. WebYogi
  4. Namaskar: Mars in neecha in the chart and it is second and 7th lord. In my opinion, it requires lot of efforts to get a high paying job specially when sade sati is running with Sani mahadasa. You may kike to make some donations to needy people on Saturdays (vegetarian food, non leather shoes, umbrella etc), fasting on Tuesdays may be helpful. Hope it helps. Be vegetatian if you are already not so. WebYogi
  5. Namaskar: In my opinion, exact time of birth and birth place is very important to cast a chart. If time is known within few minutes, it may be rectified based on past incidences. Facial features may also guide to ascertain the lagna and thus near time of birth that can be rectified. It requires lot of work but to some extent it may be possible. Hope it helps. WebYogi
  6. Namaskar: in my opinion, With Virgo Lagna the lord of 8th is with lord of 7th (spouse) not only delays the marrigae but it also takes lot of efforts. Secondly, lord of 6th (Saturn), enemies, diseases etc is in Lagna is also not helpful. It indicates, lot of efforts. It is likely that your own (wrong) decisions may also be a factor. At present, Jupiter is is Pisces and is helpful as a spouse lord. Till Jupiter is in this house, it increases the chances of getting marry. Make best use of this situation. Your chart has Mangal dosha. Make some donations to needy people on Saturdays (vegetarian food, non leather shoes, umbrella etc), fasting on Tuesdays may be helpful. Hope it helps. Be vegetatian if you are already not so. WebYogi
  7. Namaskar, It may depend on an individual chart in my opinion. For example, if Suin and saturn are together, a sapphire of round shape is not desirable as round shape may represent circle (Sun). Hope it helps. -WebYogi-
  8. Namaskar, In my opinion, Jupiter is lord of 5th (children) and is also lord of 8th (death, misfortunes etc...) and is aspected by Saturn (as a lord of diseases and spouse) may be contributing to some extent in general the problems concerning these houses. Besides this, Sade sati of Shani is going to over soon for you. You may like to donate food items, shoes, umbrella, clothes to needy people ( no animal associated items) on Saturdays and worship lord Vishnu along with Mata Lakshmi (without flowers). Also, following is a link that may be helpful to you in your marriage problems (from this foreum from sri sandhu Ji) in case it helps you: http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/vedic astrology-jyotisha/453671-astrlogers-says-nothing-can-done-now-experts-please-advice.html Hope it helps, -WebYogi-
  9. Namaskar, I would like to add a simple observation that may be helpful to the person who is asking the question as well as the person who is answering the question by NOT ASKING the question by other person than that who has started the thread. In short, when two or more people ask question (s)in the same thread, it creates confusion. I came across this situation many times. Secondly, it is better if the person who is asking the question may not put his/her same question at several thread that are started by other individuals with other questions, this also creates confusion as it takes time to figure it out who's quesion/answer is what???? Hope it helps every one, -WebYogi-
  10. Namaskar, In my opinion, you do not need any gem for the skin problem. But overall undrilled pearl may be helpful to you in silver. For skin rashes, you may consult dermatologist. You may try home remeday by using pure Ghee to remove toxins from the body in case the cause is due to this. If you are not allergic to ghee and milk you may try the following: take a glass of warm milk and add 2-3 tea spoons of ghee, mix and take at bed time for few days and see if it improves. Also, some one long back told me a simple remedy and that is for rashes in case it works you may try: in the morning take 2-3 spoons of ghee, warm it and add 10-12 black pepper (crushed) and eat it, cover your self and sleep for 2-3 hours and cover your face and body (should not be exposed to A/C or fan etc, do not eat/ drink any thing like water, ice cold or cold things), in 3-4 days rashes will go down. I have not tried it but in case it helps, you may try. Hope it helps, -WebYogi-
  11. Namaskar, Thanks for your good wishes. In my opinion, your son has Moon as 9th lord in 6th (disease) is of concern. Also, the 9th house is aspected by neecha Jupiter who is with Rahu is also a concern. At present venus dasa is going on till 2012. At present, you may consider to have him wear a pandent that has undrilled pearl in silver or as a bracelet so that it is safe to use it. It might help his luck and his father (you) or wait till he grows up and then it is safe to use it. When he gows up, involve him in worshiping lord Shiva. Hope it helps, -WebYogi-
  12. Namaskar, In my opinion,eriod of Rahu with subperiod of Saturn till March 2011 is running. Saturn is in Lagna as a 6th lord (diseases, enemies...). Thus may require lot of efforts to overcomethe problems. You also have kAL SARPA yoga that may too require lot of efforts on your part to overcome or reduce some of the negative effects. Food industry, import export business may be helpful for you. Wear a good unheated yellow TOPAZ (not yellow sapphire as many may give you as a substitute) in silver may be helpful. Hope it helps, -WebYogi-
  13. Namaskar, You are running period of Rahu with subperiod of Mars since Jan 2009. This may indicate the problems. Mercury as a 6th lord is in neecha position. (for diseases). In my opinion, it may continue atleast till Feb 2010. Then you might get some relief. I am not sure what type of allergy you are having, may consult dermatologist. Rahu may indicate toxication from medicine, alchol etc and if possible, avoiding these may be helpful. Also, indicates food poisioning during this period. Sometimes a simple careful monitoring food intake may be helpful during this dasa. Hope it helps, -WebYogi-
  14. Namaskar, In my opinion, it is not necessary. For example, for pisces lagna, is Jupiter is in Lagna and with Rahu, does not amplify the results of Jupiter. -WebYogi-
  15. Namaskar, In my opinion, your thoughts are not focussed and meditation may be helpful as the life progress and it helps to look at the spiritual aspect of the life. -WebYogi-
  16. Namaskar, In my opinion, yes, before Dec is better time and the Emerald ring may be helpful. After Dec, the Jupiter moves to Kumbha rasi and will be aspecting 7th (spouse) house and it will be there for about a year, this time is also suitable to get marry. -WebYogi-
  17. Namaskar, In my opinion, the house of profession has Kethu as well as exalted Jupiter, indicating problems or hindrance from time to time but also there is a solution. The Jupiter is 6th lord in your chart and if the profession is not disease related (for example medicine) there may be hidden (sweet toungue) enemies that will try to come in your way. Lot of meditation is requird if you have not started yet. Worshiping Padmavati Mata and Lord Parasnath may be very helpful to you. Also, worship lord Shiva with Bhavani Mata (without flowers). A ring of cats eye may reduce some of the negative effects related to profession. Hope it helps, -WebYogi-
  18. Namaskar, In my opinion, in addition to Shani's sade sati, there are other factors in the chart that either delays marriage or no marrige. Aspect of Shani to 7th, spouse house, spouse lord in 6th (disease) along with presence of Kal Amirit Yoga in the chart are some of the combinations. You may like to do the following: Donate food items, umbrella, shoes, clothes to needy people (no animal/leather associated items) on saturdays. Do as much as social service as your time permits. Wear an emerald ring in gold. Wear yellow TOPAZ (not yellow sapphire) in gold. Hope it helps, -WebYogi-
  19. Namaskar, In my opinion, Rahu dasa is running who is in gemini in 11th house with Mars. I do not suggest to wear any of the above gems at this time. Rather worship lord Vishnu (with Mata Lakshmi) and lord Shiva (with mata Bhavani) (without flowers) may be more helpful to you. Be vegetarian if you are already not so. Spouse lord is saturn who is exalted and thus good indicating slow but good progress. Time of birth is necessary to say more about him. Hope it helps, -WebYogi-
  20. Namaskar, In my opinion, the Emerald ring should be made on Wed if possible (the mounting), abhisekh with milk atleast 3 times (keep in the milk for over 5 min) and then similarly with water. One may choose a good muhurata to wear a ring of Emerald (it depends when the ring is ready). many times an auspicious day to wear a particular gem is not even available. also, recite Budha Dev mantra atleast 108 times at that time. The finger suitable is little one. Shiv Mantra: I do not have any doubt in my mind that doing this will harm you in any way. Do as many times as possible, its effects are beyond imagination and personal but the realization of the effects are dependant on the previous Karma too. Hope it helps, -WebYogi-
  21. Namaskar, I may give you contact information so that you can contact for this. You may contact me at E mail on horoveda@gmail.com -WebYogi-
  22. Namaskar, In my opinion, it is not necessary to get marry but it may be helpful for your profession too. It is known to affect the timing events of person's life after marriage or you may say it may modifies the results but still within the part of Karma game. Every one has "free will" to choose although for some it may be more and for some it may be less or very small to make a choice. An Emerald in gold ring may be very helpful for your professional growth. -WebYogi-
  23. Namaskar, I have just replied to your Qns. In my opinion, for professional growth, and higher education Diamond is suggested in silver (not gold, very important for you). Also, offer Surya Dev water at the Sun rise time. -WebYogi-
  24. Namaskar, In my opinion, Venus Dasa till feb 2016 (Makar lagna), either Emerald or neelam or both are not suitable for you. Diamond is helpful. Rather worship lord Shani every saturday and if possible every day. Donate food items, clothes, shoes, umbrella to needy people on saturdays (not animal associated items). Be vegetarin if you are already not so may be very helpful. Hope it helps. -WebYogi-
  25. Namaskar, In my opinion, you do not nedd to wear either coral and diamond and specially when they are together. Mercury is lord of second (finance) and 5th (thinking, learning, children ...) and ill placed in 8th (death, unexpected loss/gains...) and may not give you good results who is with kethu and Sun (happiness). You may go to visit abroad but it may involve expenses rather than happiness. Although Budh anterdasa in Jupiter will end by Sept 2010 but it will be followed by Kethu who is also in 8th. -WebYogi-
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