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Please predict something for me(Its a challenge)

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Hi All

I am a guy who is having venus mahadasha. My birth details are as follows

DOB : July 9, 1985


Place : New Delhi


Nobody is able to predict something for me. Everyone is saying its a gud time ahead but can somebody predict something concrete for me?

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I am only a learner and don’t claim the following to be completely authentic.

1) You have just started your Venus maha and antar dasha. This seems to be a strong time for marriage to happen. You are mangalik and do go in for a mangalik match only.

2) Also, I would like to say that your Venus is the lord of 7<SUP>th</SUP> and 12<SUP>th</SUP> house- both are houses of kama/passion. At the same time Venus is very well placed in own house in Kendra, hence good. Now I may be wrong in saying the following but I would insist that you should beware of “bad company and going the wrong way”.

3) Your lagna lord is combust in a dusthana- very weak. It would help if you can start praying hanuman ji.

4) You seem to be an emotionally strong person.


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Hi mylilangel


I really appreciate your reply. Yes the things you told me 100% true like im an emotional person and regarding the dasha and all.


But I have a ques to you if you can answer this it will be good for me...

These days im facing several health issues like continous headache and a little pain in my chest which iam facing for the past 2-3 years.


I dont know what is the cause but can it be avoided by any form of pooja?

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Iam a Beginner

If your star is revati and if I calculated this correclty!

You have Jupiter(Rashi Lord) is deblited! You will lack support from people who are close to you!

You have chance to be a saint or higly religious(as your star is revathi) plus sani uccha and ketu(moksha karaka) in 12th house


God Bless you!

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dear sam,


1. your AK saturn is retrograde and exalted not good

2. lagna lord and sixth lord is in 8th house

3. jupiter is debilitated and retrograde but it is in 3rd house mks


now i use dwi-saptati sama dasa (venus is in it's own house),


* currently you are running mars dasa (2003 - 2012)


* mars with sun gives raja yoga in 8th house and the planet in the 6th house rahu gives raja yoga,


* so during this dasa you may experience struggle that is you will give more effort w.r.t to your dharma, creative intelligence, karma and deliberated actions. you may feel more competition in all among these


* since it is the sixth lord it can indicate disease also but since it is in 8th house no need to worry about that ( to indicate the disease we have to look over d-6)


* praying to the lord corresponding to mars will help you a lot, mars is with sun in rasi and navamsa so praying to Lord Hanuman will definitely help


p.s: the above given analysis is only from rasi chart

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Dear Great Pandits

I sincerely request you to answer my question. In understand that great Pandits only reply for knowledge questions, but nobody is answering my questions in any forum. Hence the request.


I have Mars+Saturn in 12th house. What are its implications when it comes to my sex drive. Am I over-sexed??? I do NOT go to any bad company, but I do notice that my passions run high. So far, I have always controlled myself. But now that people are talking about my marriage, I am kind of scared. Please let me know how I can get rid of this over sex drive (if any).


My Birth Details:


Place of Birth: Chennai, TamilNadu

Time of Birth:3 AM

Date of Birth: Dec 8th 1981


Thanx in Advance

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