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The Depression

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Who knows for sure?


Ever since the bailout I have been reading all the conspiracy theorist websites because that bailout was the first time where it it really hit me that these conspiracy theorists might be right about the stuff they say.


What they are saying is that this depression is engineered by the fed and the politicians. They want to completely destroy the middle class and retirees etc. Basically bring the whole nation to its knees. Then they will use the bailout money to buy up all the infrastructure and stocks when they get to ridiculously low levels. In essence the politicians and the fed create the problem then when people are desperate they come back and pose as the saviors and offer up a new system that will be a police state.


They are saying it will be corporate feudalism and your life will be planned out for you by government officials. They say they are going to eventually move to a cashless society and install everyone with microchips and people will have to pay carbon taxes. They say they will use false flag terror attacks to round people up and send them to Fema camps or labor camps.


Times are crazy enough it is hard to say what is gonna happen but at least for me anyway I would say all bets are off and just about anything could happen at this point. Interesting time to be alive.

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Can someone tell me what is going to happen?




It is all about to to relocate things, the show moved on. The super rich decided to leave Europe and United States and start a new live at their newly installed world headquarter, United Arab Emirates. In order to not miss anything they also relocated the cash flow to the Emirat, telling us, sorry folks, depression, your banks are broke, inflation, stock market crash etc.


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the big three will be relocated to PRC (China) where they can be built for cheap, then we can pay for their healthcare. Here in the USA, cannibalism is in the not-so-distant future. He who has the biggest kettle will rule his feifdom. All he has to do is get a few to try, then they are zombies for life fully subserviant to the potmaster.


Fortunately, my potmaster is a vegan:)

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Just heard Gerald Celente say that around February things will get real bad with bank runs and eventually there will be tax revolts and the country could end up breaking into regions or states breaking off. He said we are going the way of Soviet Union.


It looks like the Government is bailing out citigroup so it is another bailout which shows the first bailout didn't work. This cascade of bailouts will continue until people realize there is nothing left. It looks like it is already game over, it is just a matter of time now. People are going to have to band together on the local levels and rebuild from the bottom. All in my opinion only.

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Ron Paul has also predicted a 1989 soviet collapse scenario for this nation.


As for my predictions, (ca 2002 on this forum), I stated then, as the stock market was blossoming in war drum fury at 13,000, that the economic collapse will be evident when the market falls to 6,000. Almost immediately following this collapse will be the collapse of the environment, via pathogens or more apparent things like solar ejecta frying the planet.


So, my economic prediction is almost done, and the environment is shortly following, with the cloud that no one is speaking of that circles the earth many times, born in China and propelled by off-shore winds into the jet stream. This brown cloud is very disturbing, but there are other things on the horizon as well.


I feel bad for obama. He has hope, but it may be too late, despite his selections of very good administrators based on actual experience rather than the cronies and fund raisers that have failed when they got the jobs from the ayatollah of texas.Good job, Brownie, good job, gonzalez, good job, treasury secretary.


Im not cynical, Im just done, and quite ready, actually. Are yall ready? Maybe some Chambers Brothers music will help, or a little quicksilver messenger service. Do you gotta cobra snake for a necktie?


Me, ill do some volcano blues. mahaksadasa

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In actuality it is a good thing this old system is dying. It will be tough times but it is an inherently evil system they have created and I never realized it in full until recently thanks to guys like Ron Paul and Alex Jones.


Unfortunately Obama is a well polished and smooth talking frontman for the Federal Reserve. He probably parties with Bush Sr., Clinton, and W and they all have a good laugh about the con job they have pulled and continue to pull on America. :)


Like you I am done with the whole thing, do not really care anymore but I do find it fascinating to watch it all unfold. Don't care if I get annihilated by coming events. It has been a priviledge to witness this incredible act of criminality and I would like to live long enough to see it come crumbling down but either way I am comfortable with whatever happens.

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