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Mantra ending

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On page 106 of book “Healing Mantras” by “Thomas Ashley Farrand”, it is mentioned

“For general purposes, Swaha is used as a Mantra ending if you are twenty-nine years of age or older”

As an example it says, before 29 years of age you should chant

“Om Sri Shanaishwaraya Namaha”

And after 29 years of age one should chant

“Om Sri Shanaishwaraya Swaha”

I am not sure whether it is relevant only to the above mantra or to all the mantras.

I want to chant these two mantras

“Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha”


“Om Shrim Shriyei Namaha”

Should I chant these two mantras as it is or should I end them with Swaha. I am 29 years and 4 months old.

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Nice query k_ank,I would also like to know about Shri Ganapati Mantra as well,few people say It is Om Gang Ganapataye Namah where other says One should chant Om Gum Ganapataye Namah ,will oblidged if one can clarify this query of mine with yours.

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In general swaha is used when making oblations to the fire. I have never heard of this age injunction on swaha and nahama either from any Guru parampara I have had blessings to be graced by or from any traditional books I have read. This may be so in just the tradition that the author belongs to- if he belongs to any.


As for Gum or Gung, it depends again on the tradition. It is pronounced as Gum in the south and Gung in the north and east. As per rules of sanskrit- it is Gum- and remember the alphabets are supposed to mean something here- think about matruka nyasa.


There is no shortage of siddhas in any region, so it would depend on Guru parampara and most importantly Guru kripa- as they say 'mantra moolam gurur vakyam, moksha moolam guru kripa'.


Jaya Devi Durge

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