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  1. I don't understand why we jump into such debate. It is very simple to deny everything. Why taking shelter of religion then? There is only one option to you. Either look at this world materialistically and enjoy your living. That's very simple. But if you want to live spiritually, abandon everything including your all bogus curiosities and completely surrender.Suurender also includes surrender your so-called intelligence. Enjoying this world and once in a while jumping into the domain of spiritual world creating doubts does not fit into each other. Om Shri Radha Krishnabhyam Namoh S.K.Das
  2. In my opinion, time automatically vanishes at the uppermost level of spiritual world as reunion takes place with HIM. As he is beyond KAAL, time does not find its place there. Om Shri Radha Krishnabhyam Namoh S.K.Das
  3. Please read Durga saptasati. It's there. Om Namo Bhagbate Vasudevaya
  4. Respected All, Namaskar Can anyone guide me and teach me the different chhandas (like gayatri, tristup etc. etc. ) to chant vedic mantrs. I will remain ever grateful. S.K.Das
  5. Dear Mr. Mukund When such thought comes, it is very difficult to send you any readymade answer. Plz. let me know whether you believe that you are a creation and whether it is unique or not. Pls. do not reply immediately. Go into minute details of your own body and see how uniquely it is designed. Or else you can go to any other creation in nature. I think I can surely convince you. With regards S.K.Das
  6. Our scriptures say that when you gradually take a dip into the ocean of bhakti, you will reduce talking and finally resort to silence- only silence. The bhakti of the Gopikas towards Krishna is the supreme form of Bhakti which emanates from the purest form of hearts. Om Radha Krishnabhyam Namoh
  7. Dear Aadi You can get all the four vedas from any GAYATRI PARIVAR shop. The Vedas are in Sanskrit with Hindi translation. You can also get them in the website ved puran.com Thanks S.K.Das
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