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Parivartan yog - 5th and 10th lords

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I have Taurus Lagna. Lagna lord venus is exalted in 11th house, Mercury (lord of 2nd and 5th) is in 10th house with ketu. Saturn (Lord of 9th and 10th, yogakaraka for taurus ascendant) is in 5th house-virgo. So, there is a parivartan between 5th lord mercury and 10th lord saturn. What will be the results. I am going through Saturn Mahadasha and Mercury antardasha and facing a tough time with my family members facing many problems.


I have moon in Libra (6th house). This makes saturn yogakarak in my lagna chart and rashi chart. Still, Saturn Mahadasha is being very troublesome, can you please tell me why is it so?


Chart Details: Female, unmarried,

Taurus Lagna; rahu, jupiter and mars in 4th house (leo); Saturn in 5th house(virgo); Moon in 6th(libra); sun in 9th(capricorn); mercury with ketu in 10th (Aquarius) ; Venus exalted in 11th (Pisces)......running dasha Saturn and subdasha mercury

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Things may start improving from mid Nov 2008. Period from mid Sept 2009 to Mid Nov 2014 is very likely to bless you with overall good things in life and give the results of good yogas present in the chart. Period from mid March 2009 to Sept 2010 is very likely to bless you with marriage.

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Could you also tell me about these yogas, e.g. I heard that saturn causes rajyoga for taurus ascendant or libra....I have ascendant taurus and moon sign libra, so saturn should be good for me?,......In this case, what should be the reasons of my problems?................. and there is parivartana between saturn and mercury whioch is 5th and 10th lords parivartan....what should be the effects?

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dear amanavani,


this is exactly the problems faced by us. while saturn is lord of ninth and

tenth, mercury being lord of second and fifth, saturn and mecury have

been chosen as a combo of tenth and fifth lord, resulting in a yoga of

narayana and lakshmi. are we overdoing this or is this allowed is the

first question that strikes my mind . secondly, should vimsottari starting from

moon alone be applied or can we go ahead with sphuta of lagna ? that is to try

and find reasons to suit the effects faced by you ?


since the dissatisfaction of results are from your understanding of your life

during this period, should we see first of all see if your expectations are

reasonable to suit the strength of the chart as a whole ?


many such thoughts are flowing. correct prediction is what is expected

out of astrologers. this is one nice scenario where one finds the analysis

and the final prediction a little tough.


for me the following reasons appear to be disturbing.


saturn rules vaayu tattwa and mercury rules prithiv tattwa. both tattwas

are enemical to each other. hence their placements is not appealing to me

as a parivarthana.


mercury is an afflicted one. it is with ketu in close proximity.

according to sage parashara, mercury is less auspicious and he behaves

like whom he is with. in addition to this, mercury is aspected by two

inauspicious planets jupiter and mars for taurus lagna.

mercury and saturn are in sixth and eigth.


hence i feel mercury and saturn periods cannot be termed as benefic here.


did you face any trouble in the area of profession and finance ?

mercury in tenth is considered for profession. jupiters affliction can

cause financial difficulties.



may mother bless all





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Thanks Sasisekaran,


My problems are related to courts with evidently clear no fault of me or my family. Also, with all money white, its being nearly impossible to manage our corrupt law practitioners who hardly see any case logically.


Regarding profession, although I dont earn very well, its a stable job and is not much problem on that front...


By the way, I have vargottam jupiter and it is the strongest planet for my chart. How will this affect? Should it be a negative effect or positive?

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