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older spouse

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Respected Guruji's

Warm Greetings!

Wht are the various astrological combinations in the birth chart leading to older spouse.Is it only wise to check the rashi chart or the Navamsa chart too has be taken into consideration? and what would be the age bracket to be considered for older spouse, considering the fact that today's generation is more willing to tie the knot after crossing into 30s??

Any insight would be appericiated:)

Best Regards


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Saturn makes the spouse older, Mercury younger.

In a male chart Venus (karaka), VII from the ascendant and the VII from Venus govern the spouse. In a female replace Venus with Jupiter.

When each of these three elements is under influence of Saturn, the spouse would be much older and there would be substantial age differential between the two.

Replace Saturn by mercury. The spouse would be much younger etc.

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