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Blue sapphire suggestion!

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Saturn in your chart appears to be good since it is placed in the IX house from the ascendant in a friendly house and it occupies its own navamsha. However we must also see that it occupies Uttar Phalguni nakshatra of the Sun which is in the ascendant and is highly inimical to Saturn. Further Saturn has exchanged signs with Mercury which is the owner of the VI house from the ascendant. Saturn owns the VI house form its own natal position. Therefore Saturn is bound to cause illness whenever it gets a chance. If you wear Blue Sapphire you would be strengthening such a Saturn which in my opinion would not be a wise step.

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Dear sir,


I already have worn a 3 carat (blood)blue sapphire, according to the suggestion of astrologer. I had been suffering from spondylosis(in initial stage) and other physical ailments including nervousness, which has been cured after wearing it. Now I am worried about my carrer.

Please give suggestion whether can I continue wearing the blue sapphire ring?




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